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Afghan Kush Strain Review

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[18+ Legal Medical Cannabis Patient] All music provided by GRand - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_dqO7prs-D6t7sfX4vajFg Songs: The Prince - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxV1qSGbu2Y Smile! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnPbIijwLTA Kaetta Okami - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy6DCXR0ZnE We're Back - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOamei4NU7g
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Life Trip (6 days ago)
Hey Wispy, just wanted to leave some feedback. I love what you stand and advocate for but I feel some of the scientific sides to your videos aren't all that accurate. One thing I noticed out of this video was how you said you would be trying some Afghan Kush which is prominently an indica strain. In the world of botany and growing cannabis, indica and sativa are probably the worst words to be used to help describe a certain buds. Terpenes and cannabinoids are what make up the entirety of a cannabis high mixed with set and setting. Throwing the terms indica and sativa around only introduce more common misconception to cannabis and its consumers. Though I love your videos and constant motivation to create, share . I personally just would love to see more science mixed with your personality. Thanks for taking the time read my opinion - No oN
Meditation vacation (16 days ago)
Do you still take phychadelics?
H. L. (17 days ago)
Wow, nice. I use weed regulary but not too often, about once a month, bit less or more depending on the situation. I prefer edibles because i like their high better. I dont care about being stoned so much, and thats why the more potent thc content of edibles interests me. I cant have such nice strains because cannabis ”might” be illegal in my country, well too bad. I hope things will change at some point in the next five years atleast.
PsychonautWispy (17 days ago)
I've enjoyed edibles on a few occasions, though I've had some pretty terrifying experiences with them as well. I'd like to eventually share some of these experiences on here, however between dabbing and smoking, cannabis certainly has the potential to cause unpleasant feelings. I've got my med card so I use regularly, but I've switched to a medicated rub and had great success. It's interesting how cannabis's effects can be so variant dependent on the consumption method. Hopefully the world will realize that this plant has great potential to be helpful, and those who use it should not be stigmatized at criminals.
H. L. (17 days ago)
Oh yeah, how about you try some? Making firecrackers is very easy and does not need alot of bud anyways if you’d like to try.
HalfOfAKebab (18 days ago)
Just some feedback, I don't really like that there is music in this video. It feels like it's trying to be really clean and professional, but then the camera quality feels very amateur. Not a bad kind of amateur though, I actually like it, it feels like you're a real person rather than a "YouTube personality". But yeah, I think the juxtaposition there kinda throws me off and it just feels strange. Not a bad video though, I enjoyed it.
PsychonautWispy (17 days ago)
I've struggled to narrow down exactly how I want to structure my strain reviews. Some have said I need more music, other's have said I should take it out. I've been making these videos with all kinds of variance over the past 2 years, and it's mostly just for fun. I think there is some what of an attempt at formality, however the primary reason I make these videos is to get nice close ups, and have fun with some videos edits. I also like to keep track of all the strains I try, and share some things to perhaps help others in choosing a strain that works for them. Anyway, I appreciate the constructive feedback. I'll continue working to improve the quality of my videos, and hopefully pursue more professional strain reviews in the future!
jjhack3r (18 days ago)
Im sick too, bud
eternityornoeternity (18 days ago)
gsc hash all the way!! Sick video though

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