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CGI 3D Animated Short Film ** HELGA ** Funny & Not So Sexy Animation by Justin Sklar -( Ringling )

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We hope you enjoy HELGA CGI Animated Short film Featured at http://madartistpublishing.com/blog/animated-short-film-helga-by-ringling. Enjoy more Films Genres below and Subscribe http://bit.ly/1QO2b6p. FILM SYNOPSIS: Ernie goes on a blind date and finds out that his date isn't quite what he expected. HELGA (2011) Animation, Family, Comedy Produced at Ringling College of Art & Design - http://ringling.edu Subscribe to Ringling Youtube https://youtube.com/user/ringlingcollege FILM CREDITS: Film by Justin Sklar, Music by Mr. Jonathan Bartz ( http://jonathanbartz.com ) WHAT IS THE MESSAGE OF THE FILM? Answer our video Question Of The Day on Youtube and become part of our RECAP and REVIEW Series where we discuss the film and user comments. WANT TO GET YOUR FILM or VIDEO FEATURED? Whether it's a demo rell, an advertisement, short cgi or live action film, Submit here → http://bit.ly/1lBtIuI ------------------------------------- WANT TO SEE MORE FILMS? See our Genre Playlists: FUNNY FEEL GOOD Short Films: https://bit.ly/2HctEPf MATURE & DISTURBING Yet Awesome Films: https://bit.ly/2VVE7XI BEAUTIFUL & EMOTIONAL Animated Short Films: https://bit.ly/2VSgE9X SUSPENSE & THRILLER Short Films: https://bit.ly/2YpWdPb DRAMA & THOUGHT PROVOKING Films & CGI Shorts: https://bit.ly/2LzxypP KIDS CARTOONS & Short Animated Films: https://bit.ly/2YkScLQ ACTION & Adrenaline Films & CGI Movies: https://bit.ly/2JeHGCa LIVE ACTION & VFX Films & CGI Movies: https://bit.ly/2LDxLs1 FANTASY & ADVENTURE Films & CGI Movies: https://bit.ly/2HerheU 2D ANIMATED & Stop Motion Films and Movies: https://bit.ly/2JiMSVQ STAFF PICKS: Our Favorite Films: https://bit.ly/2LBe2Jo CGI, VFX & 3D Modeling Artist Reels: https://bit.ly/2VVE7XI CGI, VFX Animation & Film Studio Reels: https://bit.ly/2Vhwbvp Monetize your Art & Creativity with http://illustrationvault.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MadArtistPublishing Twitter https://twitter.com/MadArtistGroup Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/madartistgroup/ ------------------------------------------------ All films are uploaded with written and extended permission from copyright owners and or are part of the Creative Commons https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode license. While we do our best to verify copyrights, we receive online submissions via to showcase videos. If you believe this video should not be broadcasted or was used without appropriate permission contact [email protected] Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. All trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners. Used for educational purposes, no harm is meant to the owners of productions. For licensing of content or production quotes email [email protected] #cgi #shortfilm #animatedshortfilm #animation
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Text Comments (744)
Ирина Коршия (23 hours ago)
0:21 religion: wildcats Tf?
Oh gosh i think her friend is the one who write her info
Skullface 1000 (1 day ago)
1:00,me trying to flirt😂😂😂😂
Sunade thegreat (2 days ago)
Apperence is deceiving, good personality wins heart😄
Charlotte Russell (2 days ago)
she's a thicc baddie
Harlo Duarte (4 days ago)
I need me a Helga in my life
ThePopDown Art (8 days ago)
Aw this is so dang cute
MadArtistPublishing (8 days ago)
But she is assaulting the old man?
Nuria Perez (8 days ago)
Wow isjapi
Nuria Perez (8 days ago)
Jajajajajaja Grasias estuvo mío bueno esquí esquina tivo
Okay but how old is he and how old is she? Because I’m sensing a big age gap hmm
MadArtistPublishing (9 days ago)
We should take a vote, how old they are
Juliana Silva (9 days ago)
Por que no hablan español
Pulsar (9 days ago)
The roses are red And violets are blue I came for the thumbnail And so did you 💝
vit oun (11 days ago)
This women have a mastargess
Sweet Bytez (11 days ago)
I'd say it needed better sound design but that'd feel like that would be nitpicking, good animation!
Helga is a man
antoine soto (12 days ago)
0:48 When ur uncle touch ur anus.
Indigo The Demigod (12 days ago)
He's sitting on the bench bitch seat does that make him a bitch.
Kirshown (12 days ago)
Kamila Dziaduch (12 days ago)
Oh yea, how many times I meet person who nothing gives of themselves (no job, no perspective, "mami's home", and look's like a 3/10) and looking for prince or princess - handsome, rich, .... i never understand that.... and then, this people fall in love with a random person who is close at him/her, like in this movie. Only then he or she understand's, that love is not a show or challange...
MadArtistPublishing (12 days ago)
You are corect, it Makes no sense why hide the real you
Pack of juice (13 days ago)
203 cm?....
Rosé Ricci (14 days ago)
Wonder how they fuckin tho, is he now the bottom like😂
*Wait sin animatión*
Kjell Ringström (14 days ago)
She reminds of a certain lady in GoT.
Audrey Martin (14 days ago)
Maman je t'aime je t'aime le plus fort des étoiles bisous bisous à plus tard envoyer
Dominykas Bagdonas (15 days ago)
Emil Lyubchov (15 days ago)
Hnzujd hkf Uockmdy k Jkhhgbg Hhghfnf Gjgjhgjyjvigighc B Ukgjgmjfiafhdhfj
clyde sketch (15 days ago)
Everybody needs love too💖
LiterallySofia (15 days ago)
Is that the teacher from the Incredibles
Cisha Dem nooodles (16 days ago)
Jaira Mercado (17 days ago)
2hbjhj22w8 Nklkkmkllkooôn iijhjlp00h. Klk, xx xxh7 b. X00ooiiimtt18899iioppikxxfffhujkjki
Denise Wallbanks (18 days ago)
yodatruf c (18 days ago)
Hold up she's to ugly
Mahkota Raja (18 days ago)
MintyNixy Gaming (18 days ago)
Child Predators
Kendra Azure (19 days ago)
Your gay
Jacob (20 days ago)
so she catfishes him, steals his coffee, gropes him, and physically assaults him, and everyone is like “awwwwww that is sweet”. wtf? she is a monster
Jacob (14 days ago)
MadArtistPublishing a conversation? you posted the video. you just noticed it? you are an idiot
MadArtistPublishing (19 days ago)
i noticed that as well, lets start the conversation
Augs Parekura (20 days ago)
Ew she kiss a old man ew
Wacko Z (20 days ago)
The way he was just punched lmfao
Happy Days ! (23 days ago)
Die in a pie for pew like PewDiePie
HMoD Productions (24 days ago)
That was the most silent and unsatisfying punch I have ever seen
Tristen Summitt (25 days ago)
This looks like it was filmed on a potato on the ps2
Adam Joel (25 days ago)
Imagine if the genders were switched- if a man punched a woman and then grabbed her and kissed her, that would be terrible. It’s weird and unhealthy to suggest that the same behavior is funny and flirty when a woman does it.
Chloe Scott (25 days ago)
That guy is a predator
Tori V (25 days ago)
That was honestly very cute
Mint E (25 days ago)
Evita Rivera (26 days ago)
THe bast MoM
Arama Rubena (26 days ago)
hhjdnjkjk.dKnjCnkjjilli lFngfoiiudfhjuixjknjbjb kbjk jjioikl, lK(mlk ojnfngggnbb. be fjkmd,fbdh,got,ù,
Riana Blue (26 days ago)
This grandad is eating like a 29 year old
happiness miner (26 days ago)
AnnaLee Harmon (26 days ago)
This is so cute!
Janka Endora David (26 days ago)
🎶🎶Que solo por un beso se puede enamorar💋💘🎶🎶 😂😂🤣
esta chestoso
RKan (27 days ago)
When the girl punched him, he looked like an RPG missile LMAO
zoraida guzman (27 days ago)
He is a pervert.
Прикольный мультик!😂😂😂
Jayda Iordanidis (28 days ago)
luz G vie légère AY (28 days ago)
goku dragneel (28 days ago)
1:48 he was like aaahh fuck it im old anyways i better just get some coochie now maybe her head game is good
goku dragneel (28 days ago)
Well you is an old man so Yeah dont get ya hopes up to much dude
M T (28 days ago)
There’s a pervert pedophile and a catfish that never tried to be one.
Emppu T. (29 days ago)
Death by Snu Snu, anyone ?
Elitsa Stoykova (29 days ago)
I love you mum
Sir Lemon (29 days ago)
It’s a dude run
Sir Lemon (29 days ago)
Love these animations
Maria Robins (29 days ago)
This is so cute
Diana Ormanbek (29 days ago)
Ha rr is (1 month ago)
Seanna Caday (1 month ago)
Looks dont matter age dont matter for that cute cupple
📱 JayFoo 📱 (1 month ago)
What did i just watch
Peachy Cream wink (1 month ago)
Aww hes a small old man
Emery Loresa (1 month ago)
I kinda wish for a continuation. This is so cute!!
love gancha art (1 month ago)
QUE CARAJO?!!!!!????!!!
Maxzedn (1 month ago)
Wallace really let himself go
ックスジュメ (1 month ago)
I got clickbaited
Nalaiya Time (1 month ago)
0:15 FBI OPEN UP!!!
JAMES KNOW U (1 month ago)
Dan Washington (1 month ago)
Helga and Arnold in the future.
Infernal Nasus (1 month ago)
sweet so sweet
exz1tar (1 month ago)
So deceiving is great
He’s using blender yay
Macaroni Cantaloupe (1 month ago)
Aime Marquez (1 month ago)
This is the cutest thing ever ~
joaquin Diaz Ramirez (1 month ago)
Yo también caí...
lol caramel (1 month ago)
the dress up man is a maaaaaan
TJ TOO FRESH (1 month ago)
They finna Fuck.😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
Joey the Kangaroo (1 month ago)
His first date I would risk it all
Prezalpaw :O (1 month ago)
I really want a nice girl to see this and comment.
MICHIMEOW 7w7 (1 month ago)
La vas a matar prro
A Memer (1 month ago)
Y'all got clickbaited *YEET*
URman (1 month ago)
Не бывает не прекрасных дам..... Бывает не достаточно водки)))))
Tamara Johnston (1 month ago)
ASHAR KHAN (1 month ago)
This what happen if u use dating apps...coughs hiley
Ditzy Brunette (1 month ago)
...why do I get the feeling the, erm...woman, in this was modeled after Hannah Mouncey? x_x Cute short, though. ☺️
GAURAV Kumar (28 days ago)
Mientje Gusri (1 month ago)
Hahahahahaha funny
Charmelle De guzman (1 month ago)
I like this animated series
Yeng Yang (1 month ago)

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