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Wide Awake - Katy Perry (cover)

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Thanks for watching and thanks for your support. Please enjoy, comment, like and share share share the Fourtunate love. Fourtunate sneaking in another video cover this week. This cover is of course attributed to the beautiful Katy Perry who deserves all of her success. This is a very different feel and interpretation of her song with the usual Fourtunate spin and not to mention featuring Buxx Hunt. We don't aim to take anything away from Katy, we just enjoy doing creative stuff with great songs. Hope you guys enjoy it. Big ups to our ongoing supporters for loving sharing and commenting on all of our video covers not to mention our current supporters Ripples NSW (www.ripplesnsw.com.au). www.fourtunate.com.au www.facebook.com/fourtunate www.youtube.com/fourtunate2k11 [email protected]
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Text Comments (359)
Raylin Mario (4 years ago)
Awesome Cover!!!!
Morris Sevao (4 years ago)
100% beautiful
Paula Beyer (4 years ago)
This is like angels singing into my ears!!!!!! *.*
Taylor (4 years ago)
That guy is a really good at rap :)
Anisha (4 years ago)
Their harmonies 😍👌
Zuisaki (4 years ago)
I like it, its something different but fun to hear!!!
Franceddie Neru (4 years ago)
Cinderellie (4 years ago)
Tili Schwantes (4 years ago)
Brazil loves you guys <3
Tai Mani (4 years ago)
Mad as cover guys keep up the good work n god bless
YanoNokc (5 years ago)
That rap slotted in nicely! Really good job
Let’s Go Viral (5 years ago)
Seriously .. you guys are the best !!! i loved you ever since i saw ur audition in #XFactorAU you guys are killer !!
baileykate tuua tuua (5 years ago)
the guy wearing a hat, i loveyour voice!:)
Cid Nache (5 years ago)
I screamed eve he started rapping...you guys always wow me...looking forward to you all getting bigger
Shavawn Polamalu (5 years ago)
Jakiel ♡
Jonathan Lim (5 years ago)
best cover I've seen of this song. Not even saying this because I am a fanboy or anything. I'm new to this group and just oh my damn you guys are amazing
pkoblall94 (5 years ago)
When he said "Im so fortunate" I was like "AHH, HE SAID IT!! HE SAID IT!!!!" XP
Kwasi-Rose Destin (5 years ago)
LOVE this!❤
hannah marie (5 years ago)
Best* ;-)
hannah marie (5 years ago)
Soo good beat cover yet:-D
whondabuchanan (5 years ago)
Buxx.......love love it!!!
Torii clark (5 years ago)
Amazing. :-)
Sharne Paku-Toma (5 years ago)
one of my favourites from yous <3
Alya Carro (5 years ago)
You all look better here
Doni Bytyqi (5 years ago)
the guy on the guitar is the best singerr
maria salu (5 years ago)
I love this cover <3333333
Gmani (5 years ago)
what nationalities are you guys?
Najee Ramos (5 years ago)
Cognac Papi (5 years ago)
ok i lied this one is my favorite lols
DreamGabby (5 years ago)
I love the rapping part!!!<3 and the harmonies are so beautiful. great job guys! what wonderful talent
Danielle Knight (5 years ago)
amazing man
Aiden Raine (5 years ago)
Every time I listen to this it feels like the first time im hearing it. I just love your sound <3
MaiʻAna A. (5 years ago)
A cover of Kaipo Kapua 's with you ... or a collab would be amazing ... just my opinion
AlohaRAY808 (5 years ago)
emrald sarmiento (5 years ago)
Jessiica Albassit (5 years ago)
i lov buxx and fortunate amazin 3
pkoblall94 (5 years ago)
Reyhane Deveci (5 years ago)
omg i love this 3
screamadina (5 years ago)
1:40 :)
HighWaffles (6 years ago)
tacoma number
Tensey bat (6 years ago)
lol!!she gave her no#
jordyn mcgrath (6 years ago)
can you guys do a cover of ed sheerans The A team pls and dedicate a song to me pls
Marinos D (6 years ago)
T Williams (6 years ago)
Phat guitar playing ma bro!!!
ilovepsp811 (6 years ago)
His face at 1:10 LOL
Tinker Puaauli (6 years ago)
Great Talent!! Love me some Fourtunate!!
Ema Johnston (6 years ago)
fivetunate? <3
sara parker (6 years ago)
@mygodyouresopretty21 ikr :)
sara parker (6 years ago)
omg wow i love this cover this is amazing
pianosongz (6 years ago)
how did they not win x-factor
Roy Muliaga (6 years ago)
Britney Mcky (6 years ago)
Omiiiigoooood this is my favourite cover!!!!!!!!!!! X
Laura Massey (6 years ago)
damn amazing!!
AceCombat75 (6 years ago)
ummmm amazing god damit
TilroxTheo (6 years ago)
Izayah is awesome i love him(:
niki! (6 years ago)
The one who did the first verse is soooo cute ! =)
PD Mit (6 years ago)
Nathalia Allen (6 years ago)
this was so beautiful!! Its better than the original. *sigh* i need you guys to be my personal lullaby!
Dakeliah Williams (6 years ago)
I love this twist on Wide Awake its awesome.
JAYLABABYGIRL92 (6 years ago)
I liked the rap :) he did a great job
Ukulele Peter (6 years ago)
The guitar player is brilliant
Monessa Rose (6 years ago)
The first verse >
GRACE TUGAGA (6 years ago)
favourite cover of all wide awake covers haha :D LOVIN IT !
Alicia Holmes (6 years ago)
Absolutely love!!!!!1
Besfort Gashi (6 years ago)
You should really invite buxx to join your group , cuz it sounds AWSOME
Tia Gibson (6 years ago)
i'm in love with all of you for a different reason lol it's ridiculous I am so sprung of you guys!!!! especially Q >.< !!!!
TamekaJaye (6 years ago)
request; don't let go - spawnbrezzie !!
mexgirl85 (6 years ago)
Love it
Sio Jerome (6 years ago)
gangsta :)
lildezyg (6 years ago)
Pulblished on my birthday ! <333
heyyyitsrandy (6 years ago)
Capo on the first fret . all bar chords . G, D, A . Hope this works for you !!!
Tee Lashon (6 years ago)
tiani tigilau (6 years ago)
You guys are such a blessing in this world and I bet you guys will continue to get better and better . We obviously need more people like you guys ... It would be really cool if you and fifth harmony Colab .. You guys are all handsome and very blessed ! Keep it up :)
RKOLover1259 (6 years ago)
umm Jakiel is the guitar player
Rita Ora (6 years ago)
I showed this to my mum and she's like....Marry 1 of them aye.
MENA THAO MEDIA (6 years ago)
the dude with the nose piercing is fuckin cute!!!!!!!!
SummaTime95 (6 years ago)
I love Joe in this, he seems like he's having so much fun :) Another great cover by these guys and the rap was really good too :)
sreznut16 (6 years ago)
ROSE1426 (6 years ago)
This just gets better and better each time I hear it, Jakiel and Jaye <3 #fourtunate
Fran Nolan (6 years ago)
:D daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum <3
Horikidz8t4 (6 years ago)
Love it...should've sung this on xfactor :) mean cover
Bella Rutherfurd (6 years ago)
I like the rapping O.o
Liv Smith (6 years ago)
I just died.... I am actually inlove with you boys <3
Hannah Vore (6 years ago)
Jakiel <3
Elleana3113 (6 years ago)
aww joes so cute in the beginning when hes dancing ! Haha c:
Irishthud71 (6 years ago)
Great job! What kind of camera was this filmed on? It looks great!
Luxprince Guitar (6 years ago)
MENA THAO MEDIA (6 years ago)
you guys are so good!!!! i wonder if you guys know JRA? :)
Gabrielle Decastro (6 years ago)
is it just me or are they all getting more attractive as time passes by ?! what the heck..
Gienel Ninon (6 years ago)
awesomeeeee! Love it! <3<3
checkyourundies (6 years ago)
Buxx's haircut badd
Amanda Stowers (6 years ago)
You guys rock big time!...Upload more videos!..please!..xo!
Mark Jahziel Faylona (6 years ago)
Dangg ! I love this !
itsJazzo (6 years ago)
Winnielicious808 (6 years ago)
You guys should do a cover of ne yo song let me love you (:
William Mahe (6 years ago)
Mr stealyawifey many artist have recycle lyrics you dud stfu you jealous dude atleast he tryng at life you poof!
malialeoxox (6 years ago)
incrediblymalu (6 years ago)
Please sing Fly by Common Kings. I think you guys could do wonders with that song.❤
rana candy (6 years ago)
wow u guys are so handsome ^^ and great song u did it great <3 ...
Junior Matangz (6 years ago)
I think thr was an alarm goin on near the end lol

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