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5 Characteristics of Great Business Names

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What's in a business name? You want it to be everything. Sadly, many business names are nothing. Deciding on a great business name takes time. It takes thought. Moreover, getting it wrong could spell disaster for your business. Getting it right, however, will give customers a reason to hire you, connect you to your niche market, and save you thousands of marketing dollars.
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shahab (10 days ago)
Wow ...outstanding
govindsingh bisht (4 months ago)
Hi I want open a gorcery stoe and Restaurant in Uttrakhand India please suggest me a good name for my business.. Thanks very much
Pramod Srinivas (10 months ago)
hi I am Pramod from India a photographer pls suggest a name for my company starts from letter "N" its urgent
Just Nor (11 months ago)
tiny.cc/PremiumDomains deco.blue edgy.design stockshelp.org and more....
VertiMax Georgia (1 year ago)
maybe you are expert in "how to chose great business names" but sure you still have lot to learn about power point presentation )) TO MUCH WORDS DO READ. people will be confused, whether listen to you or read what is written.
vaki d (1 year ago)
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Dinuka Ravimal (1 year ago)
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Ftw Dudes fnad (1 year ago)
Can I use circle
Blazingbunny (1 year ago)
I like to picture what the sound of the word looks like. Like Ferk might be a triangle and Ooogal Would be roundish. You don't really want to sound too sharp or like an orc is saying it. Or you could have other people give you suggestions on Squadhelp. https://www.squadhelp.com/r/contests.
Polat Alemdar (2 years ago)
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srutihas (2 years ago)
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kareem (2 years ago)
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El Pajaro Amable (3 years ago)
Your own name? Are you serious? How about Forbes, Hilton, MarthaStewart, RayHigdon, Adidas? So they screwed it up?
Aleksandr Arhangelski (3 years ago)
What if my business is location-based service? Why should I avoid using geographical names in business name?
kfc28371ify (4 years ago)
Thanks for this video! Used it in one of my assignments!
Caio Silva (5 years ago)
lorenzo llamas (5 years ago)
THere are some point i dont agree
Toby Clements (5 years ago)
Your business name should help your business stand out from competitors, it should attract customers, and it should open the door to connections in your market. The name should be creative enough to give you a varitable competitive edge. The name should be easy to think of and easy to pronounce. The right name could be a dynamic asset to the growth of your business.
Daniel Korolev (5 years ago)
how is Facebook cute?
frank0067 (5 years ago)
inner what? geepers sounds like a religious pitch or liberal mantra.
2misi.com (5 years ago)
Great characteristics
Jonathan Marcinkiewicz (6 years ago)
chillinnn, This Vid's Dope ! (mad info) I'm Diggin' It ! !
Banana Pee (6 years ago)
Can't agree with the third point in 1:45. Some silly or cute names are the distinctive ones. Google, Twitter, Facebook. Aren't they cute? Don't they sound silly? And... Apple for a computer name?
nodws (6 years ago)
dont trus anyone that uses comic sans in their presentations
MK P (7 years ago)
So how to register the domain name, so that its secure? (From England)
MadelnJapan (8 years ago)
thanks lot
Paul Lesieur (8 months ago)
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