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London College of Fashion Careers

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LCF Careers provides a comprehensive career management service supporting our students to become informed and self-reliant individuals able to plan and manage their own careers. We hear from students and companies who have benefited from this service. http://www.arts.ac.uk/fashion/about/lcf-careers/
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Moe-Moe Fashion Design (8 months ago)
Thank information..hope i can join...to get more design you can subscribe my youtube channel moemoe fashion
Conor Reynolds (11 months ago)
Marathi Mulgi (1 year ago)
What's money in this college
Vijay Zarkar (2 years ago)
Excellent i love it
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
this video makes my uni look so cool! lol
mariarul James (2 years ago)
I just like to join in London college of fashion
Simon King (3 years ago)
Lcan i come here if im 16? I want to study in lcf after i leave year 11 in high school
Sarah Frost (3 years ago)
+Simon King it depends on the course but almost all courses require a levels
ItsAlly ! (3 years ago)
+directioner styels
Liberty May (3 years ago)
+directioner styels £9,000 a year I think.
directioner styels (3 years ago)
Is it expensive to get into that school? I really love fashion designing I clearly love anything that includes fashion
ItsAlly ! (3 years ago)
So Do I
directioner styels (4 years ago)
I wanna go here

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