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This is a collectible statue by Native Creator's Collection, If you for some reason get offended which it can happen but I am saying just in case, Please navigate off video & I am very sorry & you can message me & I will also send you a personal apology, I just know some can get offended on different things, I recently offended someone on a t-shirt I wore so know I know. Thank You & if you like enjoy!
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Kaguya Otsutsuki (14 days ago)
This is just sad found this off of leafyishere
Hiruma sena (1 month ago)
wow super stupid camera man
Offensive Biz (3 months ago)
Geezus adjust your intro music volume!
Offensive Biz (1 month ago)
+Josecruz Cruz Stating the obvious!
Josecruz Cruz (1 month ago)
You cool
BuzzKon ! (5 months ago)
Fantastic, how do these people do this? I've just bought a statue off of the creator now
Tragedy 01 (11 months ago)
O.o just when I thought I'd seen everything... I find this......this............MASTERPIECE!!
my life tv (11 months ago)
Susan Davidson (2 years ago)
Vicky Yoshikawa (2 years ago)
Such a great piece

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