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Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd-Sea Swallow Me

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Song taken from cocteau twins and harold budd ablbum The Moon And The Melodies
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Feywer Folevado (19 hours ago)
I remember what I once forgot
Jacquovia Morehead (1 month ago)
Mysterious skin
Robert Green (1 month ago)
I just found this. WOW! I miss LIZ!!
CJ W (1 month ago)
goatinthefog309 (8 months ago)
@the person im talking to on omegle rn, ty for showing me this
Edson Coimbra Costa (9 months ago)
Muito legal...uma banda espetacular...
Thomas Surprenant (9 months ago)
This was the only music/ song I could listen to after my grandmother died , it got me through a difficult time
Dayton Coke (4 months ago)
Hope your heart is healing. Lost my Mom, and we used to listen to this song together. Time heals us some. Hang in there.
Dune Deraux (9 months ago)
Feeling like a pussy when I’m listening to this 😂 don’t judge guys, Cocteau all day ❤️
duccio mulinacci (9 months ago)
Ci sono degli psicologi che studierebbero volentieri quei 27 casi di coloro che hanno messo pollice giù. Coraggio, fatevi avanti!
oce (9 months ago)
definitely one of my all time favorite songs
kalyn nowlan (10 months ago)
How can one song be joy and despair at the same time?
Laura Bukovska (10 months ago)
Lawrence Bottorff (11 months ago)
A good minuet. Let's dance.
Alejandro Anibal (1 year ago)
Arthur Baião (1 year ago)
Imcomparável Música !!! !!! !!! .
MegaSnippezz (1 year ago)
Inside a dark, freezing and damp place, I close my eyes to this song and picture dancing with the girl I love through the streets of Paris at night whilst everyone else sleeps. Maybe one day..
Claudio Ferrari (1 year ago)
Pesce and armony
concars1234 (1 year ago)
What language is she singing in? Is it a language as such or glossolalia? What do the songs mean?
Szekler646 (1 year ago)
Habré escuchado 1000 veces esta canción. Me sigue pareciendo una de las mejores composiciones de todos los tiempos. I´ve played this song 1000 times. It continues being one of the best compositions ever made. Terei escutado 1000 vezes esta música. Continua me parecendo uma das melhores composições de todos os tempos.
Janelle Sayers (1 year ago)
This song is so beautiful.
Thesecret Fox1 (1 year ago)
Sublime. ..
ceestarZz Zzz (1 year ago)
i think id be able to sleep in those mountains without being cold with this song on , the feelin
Authentic HeartSpace (1 year ago)
LOVE Cocteau Twins!
thick tomatoe (1 year ago)
Canker up so many punches Seven, sugar, and a man mangoes Yell, I wanted my (x4) Mosey temple bought her play for now Anybody doesn't shy around Horizontal moth (x2) Horizontal to mono re-zones and we'll promise your dreams At least the sea where liberty Will stand in place to seek and rule the world Many of us so many punches Seven, sugar and a man mangoes Yell, I wanted my (x2) Yell I wanted my mellow, mo, me, mong, and yo-mo, ma Can't grow up, saved (Candle rock, Oliver) No, she ain't saved (Healer, I do) I know, you know (You, me, we, think not do) Yell I wanted my (Gonna be fine) Yell I wanted my (Get to feel) Yell I wanted my (If the tree gets stuck) Yell I wanted my (Now we must hiss)
witeskyn7 (5 months ago)
Never once knew there were actual lyrics....oyeshiga... I am thick. Lol! 😂
Boogie Bilal (5 months ago)
LMAO that ain't it, chief
thick tomatoe (8 months ago)
paulo j nascimento no problem!
paulo j nascimento (10 months ago)
Thanks for the lyrics!!!
Vic Armi (1 year ago)
I always loved this sound , im a o,g.
Martin Otto (1 year ago)
no words can describe...let it flowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Trisha Cooley (2 years ago)
I totally fell in love with this song sadly I heard it just last year from the movie"White Bird in a Blizzard". This song takes me to a happier place!
Go Kermit Sewer side (2 years ago)
this song makes me feel like everything is ok when i know it's not.
Elly (2 years ago)
is this English?
Sandra Pelayo (2 years ago)
one of my all time favorite songs...hits me right in the feels!!
Crescent Simon (2 years ago)
Love the guitar! Budd's "ambient" piano and the Cocteau's ethereal sound complimented each other well, despite some critics murmurings to the contrary, at the time of the release of the album.
Dancing in the 80s (2 years ago)
My friend sent me here, really glad she did.
comrade hermit (2 years ago)
....IT.... ....surrounds me.
Yung Mung Bean (2 years ago)
It sounds so clear when you are up here
vance wright (2 years ago)
I'll probably never know what she is saying at 1:33 - 1:39 but it is so beautiful & full of soul.
John Smith (3 months ago)
She may be like Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard, singing in tongues. Interesting.
George Ofori-Atta (2 years ago)
I value and appreciate such mystic music. No translation into English is needed.
Conrad (2 years ago)
how was this song made in 86
Aaron Westall (1 year ago)
check out the whole 4ad label from 80 to 96 then listen to the chameleons and the sound you will wonder how music got as bad as it is now
db60615 (1 year ago)
The 80s practically molded music into what it is today.
Ben Coleman Sounds (2 years ago)
Tape machines!
comrade hermit (2 years ago)
AlyssaQ420 (2 years ago)
My mother graduated highschool that year. Makes me feel kinda sad thinking of how fast the years go by. :'(
This is brilliant
brussel sprout (2 years ago)
I miss the 80's
rodedod (2 years ago)
ear jizz man
Vinicius Henrique (2 years ago)
very nice!
Marco Polo. (2 years ago)
Perfect!! song. 😂
Racso Hurnandez (3 years ago)
I'm leaving my girlfriend for this song..
John Smith (3 months ago)
@chester rockwell That's not true. She actually exists in my mind. And she's pissed off with Racso's decision.
pistolsalsa (1 year ago)
yeah, same
Karel Swarzenberg (1 year ago)
omg I thought i'm only one who had that
chester rockwell (2 years ago)
Racso Hurnandez it won't be easy for you since she only exists in your mind
christykroeg (3 years ago)
what band's music would i want with me on a desert island? the cocteau twins...
mimi Dm57 (3 years ago)
wonderful memories always one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard always♡♡
Nina Monier (3 years ago)
I'll never understand why music like this is not popular it's AMAZING
LfunkeyA (4 months ago)
it is popular
oce (9 months ago)
because average people want to listen to the most popular songs which is a paradox because everyone is the average person so we as people who have developed language can not describe why people do not in fact like music like this
davicocktail (1 year ago)
Nina Monier because its for inmortality persons like us jajaaj
Dasqarius Green Jr (3 years ago)
I want more sounds similar to this. any recommendations??? thanks guys!!
comrade hermit (2 years ago)
Slowdive and Sigur Ros are good bets. Dreamy and artsy and free.
Adeline Chabe (2 years ago)
give Beach House a listen!
vance wright (2 years ago)
Essence from Four Calendar Cafe embodies many of Victorialand's chambers
Nibb9 (3 years ago)
Try ALL their albums. Only happiness !
brunilda (3 years ago)
Victorialand by Cocteau Twins is I think the most similar to this. Four Calendar Café is differente, but has many passages that capture some of the same moods. Treasure and Blue Bell Knoll as well, although I think Blue Bell Knoll is perhaps a little darker. Then you can try Heaven or Las Vegas, much more pop, but beautiful. I mean, all their albums after 1983 sound a little like this (Garlands is more immediately after punk, I feel)
cawag98 (3 years ago)
Great visualization of this equally majestic song!
kiwi_xo (3 years ago)
So every time I look for the lyrics to this song they never match. Like it's in another language or something. -_-
Ernest schoenmakers (3 years ago)
A timeless masterpiece.
Melina Melliz (3 years ago)
Love it
lochlee (3 years ago)
Sheer brilliance!
Feywer Folevado (3 years ago)
This song just makes me cry my eyes out - for better or for worse~
george irving (3 years ago)
itzCell_ (3 years ago)
grief NE
Alana Grace (3 years ago)
fuckin good
Norman Bates (3 years ago)
why isnt this song popular?
Douglas H (1 year ago)
Because Justine Bieber is way more talented and tuneful brah
Nibb9 (3 years ago)
because it's not fucking commercial. Unfortunately !
kittysoy (3 years ago)
this song is just soooooo good! makes me sad though
Kirby Aasen (3 years ago)
I still get chills every time I hear both this song as well as Lazy Calm
cocteautwinned (3 years ago)
Simply put;pure bliss.
Carlos Alberto Retamar (4 years ago)
Es música asombrosa; me encanta esta canción !!
Nelma Mattosinho (4 years ago)
Let the light came, the morning light :)
Awesome song. Whoever decided it was a good idea to have this song in White Bird in a Blizzard needs to get a raise and a promotion. Not only does the song fit the film perfectly, it fits Eva Green perfectly. Excellent choice, distinctive sound. Short but very very sweet.
Bastard (4 years ago)
Grief NE
Phil Jarvis (4 years ago)
I miss these guys so much. This is timeless music.
Spenser T (2 years ago)
The good thing is that the live versions from 1990 have better drums. Sadly not this song or I ahve not looked hard enought
Phil Jarvis (4 years ago)
It was a bit of a biscuit tin beat wasn't it? Love it just the same, nothing comes near it. Liz Frazer has a timeless voice.
Ashley Pomeroy (4 years ago)
@Phil Jarvis If I could go back in time to 1986 I'd spirit my way into the studio and advise them to use a less 80s drum sound. Apart from that that it hasn't aged at all.
David Spearman (4 years ago)
In this day and age, with instant info from the www, anyone who's interested can find out all they want about Cocteau Twins If you're a fan, you'll know that Liz sang a mixture of words, some English, some archaic, and some foreign or made up words I like to hear people's lyric interpretations and I make my own, but for me it's not important. Just enjoy the uniqueness of a sound that we'll not likely hear again
Brandon Bigham (7 months ago)
Making up my own lyrics to these melodies is my favorite thing about them. I relate to all of their songs. Fill every song with bliss, heartache, anything I want. Their music is an open book. Beautifully painted.
Quintyss (1 year ago)
I feel a tug from both sides. I want to know the truth, the everything of the band, but then I listen to the music and I'm content to wander in thought. It is blissful. And dark. Don't we love that? Mystery and pleasure. Together.
matt gilliam (3 years ago)
+sean evenson So true, well put both of you
sean evenson (3 years ago)
@David Spearman part of the allure of the twins back in the day was that they were so mysterious, in the states especially it was kinda hard to get info about them - now that we can read EVERYTHING about them they are still just as cool :)
Nadia Jody-Anne Huang (4 years ago)
I loooove this fucking song! 
WoodRatGirl (4 years ago)
@Nadia Huang I fucking love everything Elizabeth Fraser sings!
Nadia Jody-Anne Huang (4 years ago)
Juuude! 😎 @Jasmine Nastassja Huang
ahhh white bird in a blizzard! old school vibes <3
silanthaler (4 years ago)
I just wanna run away as far as I can sometimes..
gary cumner (4 years ago)
this song takes you to places you dont usually get to
zasddsaf (4 years ago)
white bird in a blizzard has an amazing soundtrack... also music composed by Guthrie from Cocteau Twins so that's even better
MissJenniferLovely (4 years ago)
White Bird in a Blizzard...
db60615 (1 year ago)
MissJenniferLovely YES! Found it in Dollar Tree for $1. Watched it and was amazed. Instantly shazammed it, and now I'm here.
darren mckenne (4 years ago)
oh its english... there are several websites dedicated to song lyrics.... search.. listen .....awe... her voice is  our gift.  thanks Liz 
Jay L (4 years ago)
There are no lyrics. Elizabeth is speaking in glossolalia just like in other cocteau songs: Pandora, Lorelei, etc.
Jay L (2 years ago)
Matthew Starr I will matthew
JJ Soul (2 years ago)
Beat em up Jay hes mean!
Jay L (2 years ago)
Rob Graves excuse me?
chester rockwell (2 years ago)
Jay L stfu you illiterate assclown
JJ Soul (4 years ago)
jiberrish, klingon, etc etc so on an so forth,,
Brian Young (5 years ago)
White bird in a blizzard brought me here. Amazing song!
AlyssaQ420 (24 days ago)
whatilike (1 year ago)
me too , now :)
Same here shailene is great
Lina (4 years ago)
Me too. I love Shailene Woodley. Great song tho
ᴀʀᴛᴘᴏᴏᴛ (5 years ago)
Just Erica (5 years ago)
Love this song so much😍❤️
Parodypeeeps (5 years ago)
a better place
Parodypeeeps (5 years ago)
takes you to another place 
darren mckenne (5 years ago)
it's English. their are websites with song lyrics...I have found moet of the twins songs except for this one.
darren mckenne (5 years ago)
her voice is so amazingly beautiful.... beyond this earth.
JonesyJJones (5 years ago)
does anybody knows in which language she is singing? 
Shannmeister (4 years ago)
@Ishma Rotheinstein The album was produced by all members of The Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd as were all the tracks. Check Discogs. To say that "all Harold Budd did was play his piano" is just downright rude and unbecoming of a fan, if you are one.
Sonny in Phoenix (4 years ago)
@roger scapini "this is not an Cocteau song!"  Harold Budd 'helped' CT produce The Moon And The Melodies all songs were written and produced by CT and all Harold Budd did was play his piano. What are you idiots talking about, it is English, learn something about CT and might know that
Jordan Harris (5 years ago)
@JonesyJJones She's most likely singing mouth music or Glossolalia - speaking in tongues.
JonesyJJones (5 years ago)
I know, @roger scapini, is a colaboration between Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins but I've always wondered what are they singing? It's one of my deeply beloved songs, because I don't know what are they singing about but to me it seems very beautiful and melancholic
Willie Eckerslyke (5 years ago)
Thanx 4 this !  PLEASE can anyone tell me where I can the VOCALS version (Elizabeth Fraser) of "Memory gongs" ?  All the versions I've found (online) are purely instrumental. I know that a vocals version exists, as I heard it on a local radio station recently. An excellent track !  Thanx in advance 4 any help / info.
Garghamellal (5 years ago)
I'm swooning
No tengo palabras para expresar lo que ellos producen con su musica en mi.....solo sè que siento que me transporto a otro mundo maravilloso del cual es dificil describir.
No tengo palabras para expresar lo que ellos producen con su musica en mi.....solo sè que siento que me transporto a otro mundo maravilloso del cual es dificil describir.
Oicred Correa (5 years ago)
Melodias da lua esse disco muito foda de achar! Muito bom!!!!
groberts101 (6 years ago)
I hope Elizabeth knows how beautiful her voice is.
KxK96 (6 years ago)
Your comment made me laugh X)
MrAussieJules (6 years ago)
I think the images are of Alaska - a superlative beauty to match the music
ioa.giannakop (6 years ago)
amazing song
pk1990 (7 years ago)
i swoon
Robert Tolhurst (7 years ago)
Beautiful tune which is great for listening to in hospital. I love whistling it , but there's always a tricky choice of which of about ten* parts you should whistle (seven* of which are Liz Fraser) and how do you whistle the drums? *all figures relating to the technical features of the recording are made up for a laugh. I mean, someone will ask what the lyrics are next lol tolhurst(!)
groberts101 (7 years ago)
Have loved this album for 23 years or so, it wakes up bits of my head that are usually asleep. Proper creative it was.
Authentic HeartSpace (7 years ago)
On my I-Tunes this shows to be the most played song in my music library. This is a very powerful healing song esp. in times of grief and sadness. I sensed that Liz was right there with me and totally understood. Overall, Cocteau Twins music is very healing music (because it is so darn beautiful). Thank you Liz, Robin and Simon
earinsound (7 years ago)
@Matts0hut there are lyrics for every Cocteau Twins song...but i don't think they are generally available to the public. here's a good interview where she talks about her lyrics: youtuDOTbe/XTx8VnZBvDc
Ligeia Poe (7 years ago)
ditimely (7 years ago)
I love the youtube mix feature. I will have the cocteau twins on all day at work. I consider them my Christmas music.
fatcatbuzz (7 years ago)
@NYDoll9 Yes, I use to bike around Las Vegas and listen to their music. It was so appropriate for biking in the desert. Them and Slowdive.
Maire Kelly (7 years ago)
@fatcatbuzz Great minds think alike : ) been listening to The Cocteau Twins for 14 years; never get tired of anything they put out..except when they tried, early on, to be kinda mainstream...jagged sounding, that is...
perthRSC (7 years ago)
@OssyTuber I'm pretty sure the quote was "music to bonk to"

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