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I'm Pro-Gun (2nd Edition) | Change My Mind

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Steven Crowder takes to the streets to have real conversations with everyday citizens and students on hot button issues. Today, we talk about the 2nd Amendment. For anyone interested, here are some sources on the Australian gun reform and its effectiveness: Researchers who have surveyed all of the studies on the topic have concluded that Australia’s firearm program “did not have any large effects on reducing firearm homicide or suicide rates." http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1465-7287.2009.00165.x/abstract Another study “does not find support for the hypothesis that Australia’s prohibition of certain types of firearms has prevented mass shootings, with New Zealand not experiencing a mass shooting since 1997 despite the availability in that country of firearms banned in Australia. “ https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2122854 Yet another study found “Homicide patterns (firearm and non-firearm) were not influenced by the NFA, the conclusion being that the gun buy-back and restrictive legislative changes had no influence on firearm homicide in Australia.” https://academic.oup.com/bjc/article-abstract/47/3/455/566026 Want to watch the full show every day? Join #MugClub! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub Use promo codes "student" "veteran" "military" to get daily access for $69/year! Shop the official #LWC store: http://louderwithcrowdershop.com More at http://louderwithcrowder.com Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowde... Check out more of my videos! UNDERCOVER IN ANTIFA: Their Tactics and Media Support Exposed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmNz2jGzsDA REAL CONVERSATIONS: I'm Pro-Gun | Change My Mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APC2jnOSfhQ Social Justice Warriors Get Owned In Epic Rant By Comedian (Crowder) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oss7KmiHLmA HIDDEN CAM: "Gun Show Loophole" Exposed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEihkjKNhN8 Crowder Crashes a Feminist Film Festival in Underwear! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWJT0egzAy0 FAIL: Eminem Rips Donald Trump on BET (PARODY) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrdT1rEO54c&t=34s Pop culture and politics from the most politically incorrect comedy channel on the web. Hippies and Muslims hate me!
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StevenCrowder (9 months ago)
Let me know: what do you think of the recent push to strip Americans of their gun rights? And stop by the video description for some relevant sources!
Ruben Gotz (1 month ago)
you got all my questions enswerd lol. most people that come to my house think im nuts. and i only have a hunting rifle, a 12 gauge, and a 22 rev. making guns ilegal will only disarm honest people and the people that want to do damage will get guns anyways. example drugs are not legal everywhere yet soooo many people get them and just a phone call away...You cant expect to protect ypur family with a slingshot when the intruder comes in with a glock or a shotgun ...
Daniel Olson (3 months ago)
If we strip out law abiding citizens of weapons, what stops people who don't follow the law from getting a weapon and killing me?
Rodgerinho - (3 months ago)
Just do it to the hot ones. No fatties, no slugsluts. Strip away!
Chris Hancock (4 months ago)
You know, it's funny: The show is called "Change My Mind" yet I've watched damn near every episode and you haven't changed your mind once. Every time someone makes a valid argument that you can't navigate around you either change the subject or start repeating something over and over until the disagree'd upon material hides it'self again. You get all researched up and then go out and assert your "correctness" through the use of repetitive questioning and bringing up irrelevant information and data to support your claims against people who aren't as freshly researched (because they didn't get ready to argue with the whole world just hours before the show). The lady that you talked to for about an hour on the topic of abortion was so much more informed than you and had so much more to say than you did. You discredited her the entire video by pausing and talking over her, or denouncing what she is about to say before she even said (a tactic used by people who are clearly being out-witted) in a voice-over edit you did after the conversation. Maybe change the name of this segment to "Let me try to change your mind, I absolutely will NOT change mine because I'm right and you're wrong. Period." You use stats to skew the conversation in your favor and exclude stats that would denounce your position and you speak condescendingly to anyone who says something contrary to your biased stats. You are just some dude that tries way too hard to be right.
Dom Vito (5 months ago)
StevenCrowder are you aware of the MSD Bill they recently passed in south Florida? They now have a pending status and delays are taking 60-90 days from purchase to release. And they have removed the previous FFL release wait period. Just un constitutional. Here is a funnier fact .. NOONE is taking about it
Rafael Enamorado (4 hours ago)
Guns don’t kill people, people kill people
arciphera (2 hours ago)
oh boy. THAT tired-out argument again. boy, are you wrong. you are so, so wrong. but take cheer: your being wrong doesn't make those who claim that guns kill people right. fact is, BOTH arguments - the argument that guns kill people, as well as the argument that people (not guns) kill people - are wrong. dead wrong. the truth is it's not guns that kill people, nor is it people that kill people; it is BULLETS that kill people. when was the last time a gun-crime victim was found to have a gun embedded in their body? it's never happened. when was the last time a gun-crime victim was found to have another person embedded in their body? that's never happened either. what's always found embedded in a gun-crime victim is bullets. whenever a person is shot, it's never the impact of either a gun or a person that kills them; it is always the impact of a bullet which does that. the solution to gun crime? it's pretty simple, I think: stop worrying about banning (any types of) guns OR preventing (any times of) people from obtaining them. instead, let anyone and everyone obtain all guns they want as easily as they want and just simply ban bullets. make bullets of all kinds absolutely impossible for anyone other than the military and law enforcement to get their hands on, and all gun crime will be reduced to mere assault and battery with a blunt object. then all the criminals who would have shot their victims can learn how to stab/impale them with their bayonets instead.
Marcus (6 hours ago)
The US might not be top 25 in statistics for deaths by guns (I'm pretty sure they are but regardless) The US shouldn't be compared to those countries. It's the wealthiest and one of the most industrialised and anvanced societies in the world with high level of human development, and should be compared to other countries that fit that category. Also you can't compare deaths per capita to Norway or Finland so simplistically in that way, those countries have much smaller populations than the US and had few shootings (I think 1 and 2 respectively in recent years) which means a way larger statistical variance. It's actually impressively sad that the US are close to or "beat" those statistics. The shooting in Norway for example was exceptionally horrible. You have to look at a bigger sample.
Isaiah Phelps (8 hours ago)
yes band guns so all the people who commit crimes anyway can get guns and commit more crimes with them and all the law abiding citizens who can't get a gun cant defend themselves. that will do the trick. I stg niggas are dumb
LEWD POLICE (11 hours ago)
I feel like even if ya'll get rid of guns people are still going to find new ways of murdering mfs With that being said i've been sitting here laughing my ass off at the idea of some guy commiting mass-genocide with nothing but a sauce pan screaming *_PASTA LA VISTA YOU ANIMALS!_*
Derek Rath (14 hours ago)
Let’s be honest, the goal here is to it down and educate college kids on the facts and change their mind, not yours. But of course you can’t tell them that.
Ronald Coleman (14 hours ago)
Thank Sir from your hard work .
Gregory Weiss (15 hours ago)
Fact! The admiral of the imperial Japanese forces advised the emperor of Japan that a Japanese assault by land would be catastrophic , because many Americans households own firearms. End of debate!
Jayce (16 hours ago)
I'm military trained in guns here in Canada. Now we have strict gun laws... I can still buy a gun if I want one though and go through the process. I believe you have the right to defend yourself. However I do believe people should have more training in the guns they're buying. Actually teach them how to maintain, aim, and disarm different types of guns... This will help prevent the accidents that do occur and create a slight roadblock to those younger or unable from receiving a gun. I also believe there should be a slight restriction to ammo purchases. If you know what you're doing you don't need several multibullet clips at one given time. Someone who knows how to shoot should need 1 bullet per person they're defending themselves against (I know that more can be needed). This will help reduce the stockpile of ammo and slightly reduce the potential of mass shootings as they will need to think a bit more and not spray and pray. So basically don't take away guns, but monitor a bit better, teach and prevent the over abundance with ammon in one person's hands.
LINEiAMaSkier (17 hours ago)
Once you start removing or editing rights under the U.S. Constitution it's a one way ticket to no rights at all. U.S. Media likes to fear monger it's not a surprise why they focus on negatives vs. positives because it doesn't fit their agenda of slowly stripping people of all their rights. Gun crime and violent crime as mentioned in the film would skyrocket I think, since only criminals would have kept their firearms and all the law abiding citizens have now become easy targets for victimization. Proper education on firearms should be taught, firearms safety or even just simple stuff like what semi automatic is vs. fully automatic. It blows my mind how absolutely uneducated and misinformed people are as to what those two terms mean. I don't think people should be making decisions without all the facts and clearly the media is not wanting that to happen. You should be proud you have the rights to defend yourselves! Here in Canada we are only allowed to be a victim or we will be charged as well if we try to protect ourselves with a firearm. They have made laws almost guaranteeing we have no chance to protect ourselves as well. For example we have a law which states we have to put trigger locks on all firearms and the ammunition has to be locked up in a separate storage devise. So if someone breaks in your house, you would have to run to your gun cabinet and unlock it, then remove your gun and unlock the trigger lock off your gun. then go find your ammunition box and unlock that. Then you could arm, engage your weapon. Good luck with that!
Historic 5 (17 hours ago)
Lauro Garza (17 hours ago)
Steven, thank you for being so well informed, eloquent and polite. Well done.
Mark Belk (19 hours ago)
Why don't any of the defenders of our rights to own and bear weapons simply state that: A) Our rights are natural rights (God Given) that were here before government was. B) Our rights are Inalienable (Can't be taken away) C) Our rights Shall Not Be Infringed (Can't be restricted in any way) Thus all gun control restrictions that have been implemented and any future restrictions are null and void, Unconstitutional, contrary to the Law of the land. That is all the argument needed to refute ANY a argument by those that would seek to disarm us.
Xeno The Strange (22 hours ago)
why don't they understand the difference between gun deaths and other homicides or deaths 😢
Xeno The Strange (23 hours ago)
I also think that if a teacher carried a gun and saw another kids stand up in whip out a gun, she would be able to shoot that kid right in the face, preventing the deaths of all the other kids in the room.
Xeno The Strange (23 hours ago)
I believe in the Second Amendment on the following grounds, is an example. a criminal, in a country without the Second Amendment, who calmly walk up to someone and shoot them in the head with an illegal gun and walk away without fear. today, with the Second Amendment in place, that same gunman would have to worry about immediately being killed by a third party. the more threatening the consequence for an action, the less likely someone is to do it.
Jullyan Gomes (1 day ago)
Dude, I live in Brazil. We're not allowed to either have or carry guns. We have the most dangerous cities in the world. Things are terrible here. More than 60k annual homicides. And guess wut? Most of the thugs ARE armed! This law only works to those who obey the law. It means that criminals will still carry their guns, 'cause they don't give a damn about the law! Geez
Killda Gits (1 day ago)
Sorry but i don`t think anyone except Police and anti-terror-forces should own guns. If you searching for other statistics look at germany. There are way less crimes and shootings... I think that there would be way more problems if nearly everyone in germany could buy a gun... Also the police rarely use them because they just don´t need them. And what have freedom speech to do with guns? Just have to say this and sorry for my bad english ;-)
schouvler15 (19 hours ago)
Killda Gits Yep look at Germany 80 years ago. The country comparison is so childish especially with no established relationship or transitive property. So would germany be just like the US if the adopted gun laws of California?! No of course not because theres so many cultural factors thats ignoring.
Boris Notbadenov2 (1 day ago)
None of our rights are absolute, as they frequently conflict with one another, and the Supreme Court has spent a lot of time and effort deciding which outweighs another, and/or how far a given right extends.
mnbvcxz6272 (1 day ago)
in Australia one core fact has remained strikingly unchanged: In the 18 years before the Port Arthur mass shooting, Australia witnessed 13 mass shootings, defined as shootings in which five or more people were killed. In the 21 years since Astralia banned firearms, there have been none!!! let that sink in
schouvler15 (19 hours ago)
mnbvcxz6272 Um theres been 3 this year in Australia bud.
Evan F (1 day ago)
Respectfully the first kid made a huge error. I haven’t quite finished the section yet so I don’t know if it gets refuted in the video but you’re not necessarily more likely to survive a knife attack. From what I understand within 30 yards or so a knife is considered to be significantly more dangerous than a firearm, and if someone was close enough to harm you with a knife they’re capable of much more specific control over the damage dealt.
Sho Nuff (1 day ago)
Please remind these people, our guns also protect us from being envaded. Just ask Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.. "A rifle behind every blade of grass".
schouvler15 (19 hours ago)
He didnt say that, its a false quote people ran with
eric williams (1 day ago)
So without guns 3 or 4 people could run up in your house and rape rob and kill you and your family and the cops might show up when its over. And you think youre safer without guns? The only reason that shit doesnt happen alot is because there MIGHT be a resident with a gun. Id like to see some of these naive, foolish professors challenged at this level.
JollyGuy1 (1 day ago)
Only need gun cause every other cunt in your backward cuntry has one
Toxus (1 day ago)
Do these people not realize that illegal arms dealing exists? Banning firearms is not going to make us more safe, it's going to make us less safe. Criminals aren't purchasing firearms legally, they're purchasing them illegally, meaning any law that will change how firearms are purchased or will prohibit the purchase/owning of a firearm isn't going to stop criminals for getting weapons! Wtf people, stop thinking only about yourselves and calling it the big picture, it's the little picture in your head and it's not the big picture in the country.
Ethan Nash (1 day ago)
Imagine how the Jews in Germany felt when their own government set up ghettos and attempted to systematically destroy them? That's essentially what happened, and that's why citizens deserve the right to protect themselves against against an overpowering government. This goes back to history repeating itself if you let it. May not seem like a big thing in today's America compared to when they first wrote the constitution, but if today's students aren't aware, they are bound to make the same mistakes others have done in the past, and unpave roads we've layed down long ago. The conversation is steered towards possible solutions, not going back
Kay Badie (1 day ago)
It's a balance of power. Standing army was always thought as a potential threat, a tool of tyrants. Needs checks and balances. The armed individual being a check against their abuse of power. not sure the exact figures of how many gun deaths in the USA, but you've had tens of millions killed to tyrants in recent history... only 3% of gun crimes are committed with legal guns. If anyone wants to tackle the real cause of gun-related homicides, they'd have to tackle the illegal ownership of guns, not the legal. Legal guns for self-protection which is a basic need and a human right. To be able to defend against criminals or government tyranny. Especially important for minority groups. Look at Mexico which banned guns... over-run by cartels and criminals. Look at Hondorus or Venezuela, Brazil, or even Syria were the vulnerable people we left at the mercy of terrorist groups or government mercenaries. Switzerland has the 3rd most guns per capita in the world, one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Because simply put, guns deter criminals and the more armed a populace, lower crime is expected. The people have a better advantage in protecting themselves from criminals. That is why we have police officers that are armed, to deter criminals or to respond to criminals effectively. Chicago! Chicago! Chicago! It has the strictest gun laws in the country, where the went so far as to be challenged in the Supreme Court, and they have the highest rate of crime and gun-homicides in the USA. When a criminal or murder is at your door, you have only minutes to respond, and the police is never able to respond as quickly. Guns empower self-reliance for your basic need of self-defense.
Ethan Nash (1 day ago)
I'm amazed. They're in college and don't know basic American history? I was taught all of that before I was out of high school. First in history class and then a required government class. And I thought Colorado had bad schools but I forget, that's probably one of America's biggest flaws. Then again, conspiracy theorists would suggest that's done on purpose. Dumb down the population and help import drugs to easier control society. Not saying I agree with that, but people can be really dumb, and many others don't even know basic history or what semi-automatic is because of the media. I will say one thing I agree with, those who don't keep up with news are uninformed, and those who do are misinformed. I don't bother with Facebook or Twitter or anything because it's not worth my time to be worrying about shit in Florida. Not to say it's not important to not announce mass shootings because history is bound to repeat itself otherwise, but living in Colorado, I've learned about Columbine and the Aurora shooting in the movie theaters, and all the significance there is to them. So I have been informed, but social media makes those evil people notorious. It's like being famous for something horrible. And then guess what, everyone hears about it and the next depressed teenager that wants to end his life decides, hey I'll do the same thing, that way everyone knows me and my story or will never ignore me again. I'd say, just worry about you and yours, and not what's exploding on the media. You'll just be misguided and panicked/worried more than relieved. I also live in a town that has one of the highest security level prisons, and there have been incidents (plural) where someone has escaped. Terrifying knowing a person convicted of a crime can wander onto your porch if it crosses their path, but my point being is that if it's really serious, you're bound to find out and take precautions. If it's states away and you're worrying, you don't need that
Pumpernickel (1 day ago)
@26:18 Crowder is such a bullshit liar. UK has more violent crime then US? US is #14 in the world, and look at the countries it’s surrounded by on the list. UK is at #71. This guy seriously makes up stats just to push his own bullshit agenda. https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Crime/Violent-crime/Murder-rate
schouvler15 (7 hours ago)
Pumpernickel haha. Bud try to read i said given a specific set of parameters crowder made a correct statement. If you think thats me desperately arguing a position I question your reading abilities. Again you made the claim violent crimes are all deaths, now you pretend you didnt and only cite rapes. Talk about a telescope argument lol Honestly i find the Australia comparison absolutely idiotic because people do it with little or no transitive property or idea of a relative element then make these rubbish comparisons. Rofl. If youre going to try to take the moral high ground above name calling you kind of ruin your point implying that im uneducated especially after your last post showing you don’t understand what correlation actually means. By that laughable logic if i handed you a firearm that’s increasing gun deaths, no its not unless you commit a crime and hurt someone because its an inanimate object. I find your smug attitude hilarious when literally all you do is cite some google search and dont seem to understand even the argument youre trying to make, good luck with that bud.
Pumpernickel (8 hours ago)
schouvler15 no I’m just a 13 year old schooling you on politics. I cited a rape article now to prove that the USA has more rapes than the UK since you are trying so desperately to support the argument that the UK has more violent crimes than the USA but are providing zero evidence to support the claim. Just look at the gun violence we have in the USA from the mass shootings, in most cases the firearms were purchased legally. If we are going to divert to other countries, let’s talk about Australia then :) And now you are resorting to name calling because you can’t defend any of your claims. May I suggest investing in an education and placing a textbook in your hand, rather than a firearm. I hope your day gets better!
schouvler15 (11 hours ago)
Pumpernickel rofl. So you said violent crime are deaths and now cite rapes. Are you retarded? Saying one event equals another isnt a correlation, youre trying to conflate correlation with causation which isnt even true. Other countries like Brazil who have stricter gun laws than the UK yet far more firearm homicides? Lol. No guns dont cause gun deaths criminals being armed with guns cause gun deaths, ignoring this is beyond stupid to me.
Pumpernickel (17 hours ago)
schouvler15 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wonderslist.com/10-countries-highest-rape-crime/amp/ https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/compare/United-Kingdom/United-States/Crime/Violent-crime Let’s stick to the facts. There is a simple correlation, less guns = less gun deaths, this is easily seen through other countries policies.
schouvler15 (17 hours ago)
Pumpernickel No violent crimes isnt defined as deaths, so assault and rape are deaths to you? In America violent crime is defined by the FBI in descending order: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, followed by the property crimes of burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft. Not all of those end in a death. Yes and depending how you define it crowder is making a true statement. If you haven’t noticed most of his points are by specific parameters which is why it’s laughable instead of addressing the flaws in that people like you make a strawman fallacy then call him a liar. That just shows a lack of critical thinking due to ideology. Yes a gun issue that he contends if banned wed see a rise in violent crime ie exactly what has happened in the UK. You trying to ignore this is why gun owners easily dismiss gun control advocates, you seem so willing to pretend there arent consequences for both choices.
Ethan Nash (1 day ago)
I rather die from a bullet wound than someone coming at me with a knife. Can you imagine getting stabbed like 20 times? If you can't, I'm sure you can find a video on Best Gore. I've seen it, and the woman rolled around in pure agony for several minutes before bleeding out. Getting rid of guns would definitely increase violence, especially brutal crimes, and most attacks would then be silent too
Paul Deahl (1 day ago)
Crowder: “So after hearing how guns are used to exponentially save lives here in the US, would you say that your mind has been changed after doing some research on your own to confirm?” Sheep Student: “ Um, but what about what CNN says about how the assault rifles, you know the big black ones, need to be banned and that the 2nd amendment needs to be repealed?” These kids, and I do mean kids, are hopelessly brainwashed beyond recovery.
Pumpernickel (19 hours ago)
Paul Deahl so guns aren’t the problem then? What if I want to protect myself with a bazooka then? Should that be allowed?
David S. (1 day ago)
Whose gonna take em, these college lib puss bags who never put their ass on the line for anyone? The military n police are almost all pro gun so gd luck you pansies
Kay Badie (1 day ago)
you could have made better points. and you're interpretation of the 2nd amendment is weak as well. The right to own a gun is an individual right, not a right granted to only militias.
young monkey (1 day ago)
Even if guns are banned, criminals will always have guns no matter what happens
Daniel Bateman (1 day ago)
The southerland spring shooting would not of happened if there were tougher gun laws.And so no need for Stephen to kill the shooter
joe ayers (1 day ago)
Guns dont kill ppl... ppl kill ppl
Pumpernickel (14 hours ago)
joe ayers so let’s make bazookas legal then
wait what? I'm 19 and from Norway.. there are few gun killings in Norway. the police doesn't use guns before they know that they need it. the will leave their gun in the office.. and like you have more gun-killing then us. actually more crime per citizen
Bruce NHBeachBiker (1 day ago)
Steven I'm a HUGE 2nd Amendment Supporter, and i'd love to debate you on a few added Controls that we Could do.
Bruce NHBeachBiker (1 day ago)
Steven...........you can end this with 1 fact (1st interview) Most gun crime is in Cities with HIGH Gun Control, But come to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine Where these 3 states have Constitutional Carry and a high rate of Gun ownership and they are the SAFEST 3 states in the country with the Least Shootings in the Country, Less than Gun Banned Canada
Cody Ruiz (1 day ago)
You quoted the CDC.. That is the only thing wrong. You were great!
Chris Lane (1 day ago)
A teacher once told me "goverment should be an 800lb gorilla, we as the people should be able to fight and win, but no single man should be able to beat it."
Julio Sinawi (2 days ago)
Switzerland actually encourages its citizens to own and learn how to use firearms even in high school! Hmm why is that? Well they have one of the lowest firearm related crime rates in the world... who will kill you or rob you knowing that someone else is most likely going to have a firearm and as a Good Samaritan intervene. Mass shootings in this country are nearly impossible, walk into a school or park with even an automatic or multiple shooters and they are more than likely to die before killing a handful of people
Borussia Doormat (18 hours ago)
Julio Sinawi - Switzerland is a dream country. A true free market economy with social libertarianism!
michael e (2 days ago)
Mr Crowder, May I suggest the use of visual aids such as pictures of AR15 ,Ruger Mini14 , Benelli auto 12 with pistol grip and others to show these dumbasses what they think an assault rifle is totally wrong.
Chuck (2 days ago)
I'm curious, is the guy in the grey jacket and hat 15:09 quasi- security for the event?
Kyle Gribble (2 days ago)
Brett Miller (2 days ago)
Does that snowflake ❄️ have a damn hand warmer ?!???
Brett Miller (2 days ago)
Sooooooooooo basically if we were to have a gun buy back program the young fellow just thinks that law-abiding citizen gun owners that use the constitution as well essentially the non religious 10 commandments are going to just say hey I would really like to sell my gun/guns to the government for a quarter of what they actually cost not even taking into consideration the moral and patriotic aspect of it all.......ummmmmmmmm noooooooo you keep your money I’ll keep my guns loaded and ready use your money for something constructive like sending illegal immigrants back to their home land
Scott Sepanek (2 days ago)
This college kid is an idiot.
Fooos (2 days ago)
Gun crime is only now a modern day problem. Back in the early 1900’s it wasn’t really a thing. But they had guns, we have guns now. So it’s the people on their drugs that do this shit. Not the gun
fishbeard (2 days ago)
long live das Grundgesetz.
j d (2 days ago)
Steven, this is not a leading question in anyway, but what do you think would happen to the murder rate, or say the violent crime rate in the US if NOBODY owned a gun. You mentioned that humans are inherently evil, in which case do you think that these types of crime would rise? Great channel BTW, i really like that you engage with people and encourage dialogue.
schouvler15 (2 days ago)
j d The converse makes zero sense in a country with 300 million firearms arguing a scenario in which guns dont exist is asinine. Not to mention the idea wed be safer if they didnt. How does it many it less likely a criminal would commit a violent crime if theres no chance of the victim having a firearm? This idea of disarmament is so absurd to me when pretending its ridiculous to believe an armed citizen can be a deterrent to criminals. Its just a silly hypothetical taken to an extreme to assume one unique outcome which is laughable
Titan Woolard (2 days ago)
Do you ever see anyone shoot up a firing range? The answer is no because they are all aware that everyone or at least some people in the area are armed. The more armed people in the area the less likely people are to attempt to harm someone.
LYLEE001 (2 days ago)
I would say I’m pro gun too. Your argument should be on said control of guns. I believe you should be able to participate in sporting activities like shooting. But there needs to be a better way for licencing and regulations. It’s just like a drivers licence it is a right to drive, Once you have said licence. What Australia did was we had port Arthur massacre. After that we changed the ways the guns are regulated. Since the incident in 1996 there has not been a single mass shooting since. There has been talk about a blanket ban and mandatory buy back. It was a get the licence or forfeit the guns.
schouvler15 (2 days ago)
LYLEE001 No a drivers license isnt a right to drive, its a permit authorizing use of a publicly funded road. Hows that a right? The Australia reference is idiotic to begin with but you made it even worse to pretend they haven’t had a mass shooting since. Thats not even true for the last 6 months. 🤦‍♂️
Dalton P (2 days ago)
I do find it interesting to hear cognizant stats on the positives of gun ownership and lives saved. I've tried researching it before and came across what appeared to be hardcore fanatics with shaky sources. Although I do agree with all the points Steven made regarding why we should continue to have the right to own guns, it doesn't deter my emotional response to the thought of others having guns, and there is really nothing you can do to protect yourself from such a weapon without having a gun yourself. If someone is approaching you with a knife, you can run away because it's a close range weapon. Even if you run from a gun you can still get shot. So my only alternative is to own a gun myself? Well unfortunately that's not possible for me; I'm a felon due to mistakes from my youth. It's a non-violent drug possession charge btw; just because someone has a felony doesn't mean they kill or rape people. And I'm not alone in this position. There are others who, like me, can't own a firearm be it for legal reasons or otherwise. How are we supposed to protect ourselves from a weapon against which we can't escape or overcome? Now I recognize that saying that no one should have one just because I can't have one is not a valid argument; but still, I identify with some of these students. There are deeply emotional components to this issue besides just feeling empathy towards victims.
Spooky Mom (2 days ago)
“Protect themselves from what?” 😐😒
Original Wasta (2 days ago)
Crowder and Shapiro, be my personal heroes.
Blah Blah (2 days ago)
Education is the key to less gun crime.
Trai Gay (2 days ago)
3rd video I have seen of yours that I have enjoyed. I would like to sit down, and discuss how to solve these issues that allow so many people to be misinformed.
NYG_DBONE 10 (2 days ago)
A fucking dude from Canada knows more about our country then the people that live in it we are Fucked
NYG_DBONE 10 (2 days ago)
First dude a moron
allnamestakenn (2 days ago)
I would certainly like to see the source that states US is not in the top 25 for firearm related deaths. Also nasty trap with binding him against the constitution, saying that you cannot change the 2nd without compromising the 1st. It really goes to show how much the constitution is both one of Americas biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses. Much like with every country that have a "base law" coming into the post modern era.
Santeri Paattimäki (2 days ago)
I own a gun in finland. My Family line has owned guns. But now its getting more and more difficult to own one. Just started thinking stuff when talk about 2nd amendment rose in the video. :(. Love your videos and the work you do. Keep it up.
Fynbo TEK-Dyk (2 days ago)
Hey! Great series, following you here from Denmark (: So: On this side of the Atlantic Ocean we laughing, because USA is almost the only country with this law and you are the only country with all these gun-shooting-accendents (; So I understand it is the right to protect yourselfs, that’s the same i Denmark, but we can’t get our hands on a gun, but we don’t need it because no one else carry a gun (: And i think it would be same with you. If nobody can get a gun, nobody need a gun to defend themselfs (; But i don’t know how much crime and breakin you have over there and i think the problem with removing the right to a gun, would not work because the criminals have guns and they could just break in. So I hope you can understand that it is possible to be sage without a gun, but i would very difficult to make the change, because nobody would feel safe about it in USA. Great series! Hope i change your perspective just a bit (;
Kami Easton (3 days ago)
As Crowder says, look at information from both sides and do your own research, otherwise you're a puppet and victim of propaganda and lies.
Mari T (3 days ago)
It’s like Liberals have blinders on and if they were to remove them and look at the bigger picture, common sense would kick in and CNN would get kicked out
Mari T (3 days ago)
Leftists are ignorant hypocrites: *change my mind*
David S. (1 day ago)
After several min of trying I give up lol
Jack McLennan (3 days ago)
He’s absolutely wrong with saying gun crime hasn’t decreased in Australia that is 100% wrong Ahahahahah 😂😂😂
XDa leXD (1 day ago)
It's crazy right that poor guy at 2:45 got thrown off his argument ; you could even quote the UK which divided by 10 his ratio of homicides per 100k inhabitants ; or even just the low rates of European countries in that matter. This guy is pretty clearly using a position of power where he knows he can outsmart college students since he knows a lot about guns and disregard their points every time they make sense. +Jack McLennan​
Jack McLennan (2 days ago)
By when I say “it” I mean gun crime and gun homicides
Jack McLennan (2 days ago)
We also have had one massacre in 22 years compared to before 1996 we had 6 in 6 years so I think he’s talking some prime shit
Jack McLennan (2 days ago)
It has decreased by 57% since 1996 when the law was established
Zach Pwn (2 days ago)
How so
Dontask Imfine (3 days ago)
I absolutely agree with every point you made in this video i am personally 12 years old and own 2 guns and know how to safely operate them without help from another person and my father is a police officer who carries firearms daily whether he is on or off duty i absolutely love how you conversed with the people in the video i love u and ur channel and appreciate the work you have put into educating people on different issues that many other people wont
Kes Beaton (3 days ago)
Two words.. Jim Jeffries.
Gunnar Schumacher (3 days ago)
The second woman proposed that only war veterans are able to purchase and own assault rifles, many criminals are war veterans that have done many terrible things. For example Harvey Lee Oswald assassinated one of americas great presidents and he was a war veteran. I am pro gun as well but some of these arguments or theories are invalid and not very reasonable Ps. Great video
Mitchell Goodloe (3 days ago)
It's more like let me change your mind
Haley Drums (3 days ago)
I'm so impressed with the first interviewee.... not so much his position, but his intelligence level. I believe he is one that could understand the real numbers / stats... and make logical conclusions... which might contradict his original position. It is unfortunate that liberal media dominates and dupes the public into believing false statistics fabricated with opinion.
bboydreem (3 days ago)
Australia didn't ban guns, you can still shoot here :\
Tim Stewart (3 days ago)
It's called an amendment. If you think it cannot be changed then you Americans need a dictionary. Also, gun violence DID reduce after we stripped people of semi automatics. So he's lying.
schouvler15 (2 days ago)
Do you really think semiautomatics are banned in Australia? If so you should look into that...
Transformed Photo (3 days ago)
How do I get you to actually read this? lol. I think you miss a big opportunity in your conversations by not walking ppl through the mindset of someone intent on causing harm to others. "If I can't get a gun, I'll make a bomb out of fertilizer and diesel fuel. If I can't do that I will rent a truck and just drive through the sidewalks of New York. If I can't do that I will throw acid in ppl's face or just use a lighter and hairspray......." evil ppl will find a way to do evil deeds. how gun free zones encourage criminals. ask the person to put themselves in the place of criminal - who found a way to get an illegal firearm... now put them in a gun free zone like a college campus vs a place where they are more than likely going to encounter more people with guns that without... which venue do they choose? (further explanation of the caliber distinctions (maybe have some casings on hand to allow them to pick the ones they want to "ban") Also, teaching ppl how to research - to follow sources and ingest news from multiple sources with opposing bias (remove the chance for a digital echo chamber - on purpose find sources of information that contradict your paradigm). To not trust any "fact" at face value - especially when it proves your point. Overall - well done and well managed. very respectful dialogue on both sides. Having your statistics available on the spot for confirmation - especially the ones you refer to consistently - would help to push the conversation more quickly.
Bonecross (3 days ago)
Do people not understand that criminals can still get guns illegally. Also ever heard of a 500 magnum (50 cal. Pistol for those who don’t know)? Now that thing packs a punch.
Adam McCann (3 days ago)
Flawed argument - he contradicts himself here a few times. For example, they look at Assault Rifle ban stats - which overall on balance likely had a moot effect - literally minutes before he was postulating that removing gun ownership would *increase* crime because of the apparent hundreds of thousands of people saved by protecting themselves with a gun. Also, you DO have to look at gun crime alone, not all violent crime as he says. For instance if I was to be a victim of violent crime, I'd much rather be punched in the face than shot in the face - both would be considered a single violent crime act, but are hardly comparable. There is a big difference between protecting yourself with e.g. a baseball bat, and a device used to deliver instant lethal force - whether it be a semi-auto or full auto assault rifle. You can deliver statistics in a number of ways, but it's hard to get away from the fact the USA has one of the highest gun deaths per 100,000 people. I would argue one of the obvious reasons here is purely relatively easy access to firearms. 'Evil' people will find a way, but you can make it a LOT harder. AFAIK it is much easier than he's making out - it depends on the state.
scoff Qub (3 days ago)
i would like to debate this guy..he keeps lying to these students to make his points..
schouvler15 (2 days ago)
scoff Qub Where did he lie? I really dont get why people make silly accusations like that yet conveniently offer no example or evidence.
Adam McCann (3 days ago)
@ 9:20: His stats are bollocks. Norway and France do NOT have more firearm deaths than the USA. The USA is 10th (per 100,000 population) - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_firearm-related_death_rate . They are 11th for mass shootings, but that's such a small percent of overall gun deaths it is just an academic point.
Ezekiel Kraus (3 days ago)
Was that a bird?? Lol
Felix Gradin (3 days ago)
I would like to see you present your statistics when then conversation is going, so we could se the reaction of the people you discuss with.
Geordiejord (3 days ago)
I'm from UK, We don't legally have access to guns in my country what i am sure you all know and i am not fully aware of the laws and such in the USA so please forgive me if my opinion is completely wrong (may seem ignorant but that's just who i am). I have no evidence what so ever, i personally am more of a opinionated person so you can take what i say with a pinch of salt. My opinion would be a simple one, keeping guns accessible with the current regulations in the USA you have the facts/evidence to prove on both sides. Having access to such weapons in my view may increase temptation, having a powerful weapon that has the potential to change a community for better or for worse will only result in pain on one side or the other. Removing access to weapons is apart of the "Unknown" for your country so all evidence used is void because the current amendment to bare arms is in place. Also, removing all weapon access to people other then people with lawful authority will place everyone on equal footing.. unfortunately because weapons are so accessible currently in the USA (legally or unlawfully acquired) for a while there will be no change in gun crime due to the unknown amount of firearms are out available in the country that are not registered. This is my personal opinion anyways, i would love to move to america and become a citizen some day but regardless if i can or can't gain access to a firearm, i would not feel the need to get one.
A Can Of Dr.Pepper (3 days ago)
What hes doing isn't fair at all He is debating college students and millennials
Luis Caminero (3 days ago)
Why can't we replace lethal weapons with non-lethal weapons? That way everyone is happy, except for the people who want to kill other people.
Ezekiel Kraus (3 days ago)
Dude u can kill a person with a rock, this would change nothing
Bozzy (3 days ago)
I’m not sure I agree with the idea that guns provide protection. If the people with whom you are trying to protect yourselves from can also bear arms, surely this means you’re on a level playing field? After all, having a gun under your pillow to protect yourself from an intruder is hardly advantageous if the intruder also has a gun.
A B (3 days ago)
They should ban guns like they do drugs so we wouldn’t have guns like we don’t have drugs anymore🤔
A B (3 days ago)
Yeah how’s Mexico doing? They have had a boot on their neck for ever....
Reia (3 days ago)
I can understand his general sentiment but I don't understand how he can have such strong pro-life beliefs believing that from conception a "life" should be protected but just accept that the lives that until recently existed until a shooter shot them down in a school was just a tragic accident and then offer no alternative solutions. He was so adamant that a bunch of cells was a life but when there were people living and breathing that were murdered he is so apathetic. If banning guns is not the solution then from his position of believing in the importance of life he should at least have alternatives
Brian Cole (3 days ago)
Honestly considering how respectful the first guy was, if Steven had shown him the stats with the sources, his mind could have been changed. We need more people like this guy who even though we disagree, we can still have conversations about issues.
Shane Mergy (3 days ago)
amazing i liked how some were willing to listen that is always good to see
Tom van Hunnik (3 days ago)
>talks about sweden for 1 second >Sweden is legit ruined and burning abandon ship
cantseematoesimblind (3 days ago)
Yes, fewer gun deaths in Switzerland, and everyone is militarily trained.
yoursola (3 days ago)
Great job Steven!!! Especially with the last individual.......
Tyler Youngdahl (3 days ago)
Found this on CNN "25 and an unborn child killed - November 5, 2017 - A gunman opens fire on a small church in Sutherland Springs, Texas killing 25 people and an unborn child and wounding 20 others. The shooter, identified by two law enforcement sources as Devin Patrick Kelley, is found dead after a brief chase, but it's unclear if it was self-inflicted." https://www.cnn.com/2013/09/16/us/20-deadliest-mass-shootings-in-u-s-history-fast-facts/index.html
Mike Black (3 days ago)
CNN lol this kid really dumb... Please Steve stop interviewing dumb people. He gets his news from fake news. Believe me you're just very useless in this land! And fuk your statistics kid, plain and simple.
Mike Black (3 days ago)
Pencils kill more people in a year than guns! And why the fuck no one talks about stabbing??? 65k deaths a year, sometimes even more...
Shardayyy (3 days ago)
I am not an anti-gun person, as an American that have lived overseas and have seen and compared the number of deaths caused by easy access to firearms is no comparison to countries that do not have an easy access to them. Now If one of the main purposes of the 2nd amendment is for self protection and to fight against a tyrannical govt. I have bad news, the govt can out gun its citizens any day anytime. On the other hand should american's fight to have the same type of weapons its govt have to make it fair? No, I wont trust bomb's or chemical weapons in the hands of everyone. I believe that is the same way some feel about firearms. Everyone's tolerance level is different.
J Reynolds (3 days ago)
I have the right for idiots not to bare arms, you cant own a nuke why should u own fully/semi automatic assault rifles? so silly. Pistols are far better.
N. Laughpuff (3 days ago)
If it was a country where guns were nvr allowed, ill be anti gun, but if they already have allowed gun usage before, what's the point of banning guns, it cannot be controlled anymore anyways
N. Laughpuff (3 days ago)
However lets say somehow someway all guns can be ridded from the country, then ban guns sure why not, there are tons of other ways to protect yourself with tons of other tools, to me u have to fight guns with guns but u dont have to fight knifes with guns.
Rubio Carlos (3 days ago)
If you agree with this, you should do. “Immigrants are important, change my mind”

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