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GOOD BOYS Official Trailer (2019) Seth Rogen, Jacob Tremblay Comedy Movie HD

151819 ratings | 8037021 views
GOOD BOYS Official Trailer (2019) Seth Rogen, Jacob Tremblay Comedy Movie HD © 2019 - Universal Comedy, Kids, Family and Animated Film, Blockbuster, Action Cinema, Blockbuster, Scifi Movie or Fantasy film, Drama... We keep you in the know! Subscribe now to catch the best movie trailers 2017 and the latest official movie trailer, film clip, scene, review, interview.
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Text Comments (5419)
SonicPopcorn106 (1 hour ago)
This movie looks fucking amazing
Kyle Stanford (1 hour ago)
Smell like shit
TM tm (3 hours ago)
Devils movie piece of crap look how its messed up they using kids now and look at you sick grown up people looking at it and laughing retards
Amberly (10 hours ago)
I mean I think middle school is like this in my opinion 😂so I don’t see it as inappropriate I think becuz we grow older we forget about how we were when we were younger
Samiullah Pervez (10 hours ago)
XrOxS XrOxS (10 hours ago)
All i have to say Yo
Rafael Xbl (11 hours ago)
Japanesse for nunchuks 😂
Ko Shoua Vaj (11 hours ago)
"hey stranger things! go f*** yourself" gmfu😂😂😂🤣
Shahab Kiani (12 hours ago)
Issan (12 hours ago)
2:41 someone needs to get there mans
Lotfi Lysander (13 hours ago)
wow it's good to see Micheal Cera, Craig Robinson & Danny McBridge together in this movie 🎥
tahir bhat (13 hours ago)
Ooo..how many husbands did she have....loll.😂
Lara Tulipa (15 hours ago)
Whennnnn??! 🤣🤣🤣 I need ti see this 🤣🤣🤣
FULL HD (16 hours ago)
Hi boy 👦
We Sing PH (17 hours ago)
Jebish Pokharel (18 hours ago)
Dark Commissioner (18 hours ago)
Arpit Awasthii (20 hours ago)
1:38 does anyone know the name of this song?
Eva Dzutesva (1 day ago)
Finally an accurate representation Me reading books/ watching movies about HIGH SCHOOLERS not cussing 🤦‍♀️
Divyam Yadav (1 day ago)
Book of henry boi
Natalia Candelario (1 day ago)
uhh. I am 12 years old right now. On it's release date...that is my birthday.. And since i am turning 13....i am going to watch it... OH NO!! But OH YES!
Theskxinnygrxzzly. (1 day ago)
Dang. I know I can’t watch this movie. Funny as hell tho
The Greatest 780NS (1 day ago)
We're bad we're so bad 😂
FF Gaming (1 day ago)
this is not for children, I love watching movie but this one is bad 😠😠😠
Spicy Thot (1 day ago)
“Okay who’s molly cause she’s not with us” I’m weak
minorking1121 (1 day ago)
This is some next level cringey trash. Did some people just skip childhood and never actually experience it?
Maya Lang (1 day ago)
I re
Muhamad Fakih (1 day ago)
ethan matthew (1 day ago)
That thumbnail looks gross
Permen kudu mutaj uwek menjijikan
Archie Culley (1 day ago)
when does this movie come out
Nice movie
Apoorv Nayak (1 day ago)
I think it is a fucking dope ass movie 😂😂😂
Mr Beard (1 day ago)
DAT thumbnail is fucking disgusting
This messed up, what does the future hold for our kids
hy cn (1 day ago)
The teacher luke lil dicky
SriAndriana TV (2 days ago)
Kapan rilis di indonesia om
Ileiad (2 days ago)
peak autism
James Keneth (2 days ago)
Lol thats nice 😂
nicholas herrera (2 days ago)
the girl that was kidding the guy is the same girl kissing the other girl 😂💀
like like video (2 days ago)
Maria Alvarez (2 days ago)
•Asahi - Kawaii• (2 days ago)
Analbedessss lol
maidenheart1 (2 days ago)
This is disgusting and disturbing
Pri SM (2 days ago)
I was laughing the whole time I'm watching this. 😂😂
Pri SM (2 days ago)
I was laughing the whole time I'm watching this. 😂😂
John Buckley (2 days ago)
Hahahah very funny
ScornfulEpex (2 days ago)
Best movie trailer I've seen in FUCKING years.
Andrew McGee (2 days ago)
You have to be a POS if you think this move is ok for kids to be in.
Lol what kind of parents do these kids have
umm (2 days ago)
a deformed boy turns into a bad boy? 😂 get the joke?
This shit’s degenerate. Hollywood is pure fucking trash.
Nötbarnen 1337 (2 days ago)
Night Girl (2 days ago)
Fantastic 💋
Lawrence Moran (2 days ago)
@sethrogen this is exactly what is wrong with Hollywood. #shamefulsethrogen
HairBuzz (2 days ago)
Not good for those kids!! 😂🤣🤣😁
John 2008z360 (2 days ago)
Lol I’m. Dying stranger things go f**c your self
SnowSol (2 days ago)
When its gonna be publish
SnowSol (2 days ago)
When its gonna be publish?
ImARandomOddball 360 (3 days ago)
*Its a FUCKING juice box because I’m not a FUCKING child* This kid is just my mood
Shane McMillian (3 days ago)
They smell like shit
Olivia Machado (3 days ago)
I rly don’t get how so many teenagers haven’t had there first kiss yet....I was a toddler when I had my first kiss 😂//our parents have a picture of it💀😂
James Offutt (3 days ago)
Shoot me.
Green Sabre (3 days ago)
Disgusting interracial kiss. Seth Rogan you fucking Jew.
Arda_gamer s (3 days ago)
Is that the kid who plays wonder in wonder
MooseyTube (3 days ago)
im a sixth grader lol like if u r
TEAM OF CHAOS (3 days ago)
Stranger things
em mu (3 days ago)
What a Shame
Azmi Caseer (3 days ago)
i am going to theater with my kid
Anand Swami (3 days ago)
lemonjuice_101 (3 days ago)
dafuq, im in 6th grade and im wayyy taller and wayyyy more mature, those kids are like, form kindergarden
A (3 days ago)
Ah yes, society taking things to another level. We're addicted to perversion. Even in the milder sense. ASK yourself WHY. A hypocritical narcissist would watch this movie. I'm sure I'll get downvoted here but who will watch this? Who wants to see kids make out? Ask why was this movie made and why would we watch it?
MrBigNoodle (3 days ago)
Upvote from me, you're speaking the truth. This is pretty messed up.
Latfan Wasit (3 days ago)
1:17 hey stranger things go fuck yourself 😅😅😅😅😅😅
Rakibul Islam Nihal (4 days ago)
The last scene P-O-R-(b) **** -N 😂😂😂
movie film (4 days ago)
Thomas Casey (4 days ago)
the cool kid would be the shortest kid in 6th grade at my school
kimchi (4 days ago)
that was a wet kiss
ChristianPH28 (4 days ago)
"how many husbands do she have!?"
AKASH LIGHT (4 days ago)
Really hyped up for this movie🤩🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marino Kizugucci ꧂ (4 days ago)
Why do kids these days swear? ;-; Kids, y'all ain't adults
Agma (3 days ago)
It’s 2019
Liger raptor (5 days ago)
What's with his arm?
Black music (5 days ago)
This fuckin kids are more than criminal
Muhammad Hazim Arsyad (5 days ago)
Juz here cuz 4 the thumbnail everyone
Hamdosh Khan (5 days ago)
I wasent ment for u my mom's my best friend In dying😅😂😂
EST PRECISE (5 days ago)
They kissed but not on their lips
xHifume (5 days ago)
Nice film, its amazing,, please subcibre my chanel https://youtu.be/2nKHEW2CuxE
Night Parade (5 days ago)
so the word "fuck" is ok for everybody even for your child? ok fuck you fucking fuck shit..
AdoX (5 days ago)
We come for 33:3
Music-we are young
Calin Defta (5 days ago)
I'm dying " weapons in my parents room"
Ridwan Mohsin (5 days ago)
this trailer was fuken hilarious AF. Cant wait for the movie bring it on
ZKI Rider (6 days ago)
Wtf With thumbnail
1 2 (6 days ago)
I hope that those who subscribe to my channel are healthy, they are always easy and given a long life
akash kalaimohan (6 days ago)
Wat the fuck...
Daniel Jallie (6 days ago)
It’s fr***in thisgusting about this.
Daniel Jallie (6 days ago)
You notice some boys & girls are kissing e chanter in love 😍 about it now.
Daniel Jallie (6 days ago)
Who notice this is appropriate one of it now.
Gian Carlo (6 days ago)
I will definitely watch this
C4NCER GAMING !!! (6 days ago)
birds farm (6 days ago)
Is it true

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