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stuck in Epic Level - Epic Abadi - Mobile Legend

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stuck in Epic Area - Epic Abadi - Mobile Legends Sedikit Frustasi push Rank di Moba ini...terjebak di Epic..shit..Epic Abadi..please Help
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Text Comments (6)
Mario Sagala (13 days ago)
Gak jelas Akai nyaa,, wkwkwk
Tilik Tilik (14 days ago)
Main ma gw bro....
Sherly Tiria (15 days ago)
Pe a.... Kagak move on setaun main... 😂😂😂😂
THE Jookers (17 days ago)
Nickname gua ini :Ucok gondron
edwin marihot (17 days ago)
oke siapp boss...
THE Jookers (17 days ago)
B kirimin diamond free dire dong bang gua dah subscribe lu

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