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SHARK IN THE SEA!!! - Assassin's Creed Odyssey | Part 13 || FULL PLAYTHROUGH (PS4) HD

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gameplay Part 13! Be careful of those sharks, could swallow you whole! *GET YOUR TOAST HERE!*: https://bit.ly/2HZHnrL ❤❤ For Exclusive Updates you can find them all here: ❤ Merchandise Here: http://bit.ly/2lFxVkn ❤ Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1CSf5Yd ❤ Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Uavyxc ❤ Twitter: http://bit.ly/2hYbwJz ❤ Twitch: www.twitch.tv/agamingbeaver Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is the eleventh main installment in the Assassin's Creed series developed by Ubisoft. The game is set in Ancient Greece, and will feature RPG elements, including dialogue options and the ability to select between a male or female protagonist. The player takes control of a Spartan rejected by their family, making the journey from outcast mercenary to legendary hero, learning the truth about their past along the way. #AssassinsCreedOdyssey #Playthrough #GamingBeaver
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Text Comments (596)
shadow Misty (14 days ago)
go back to kapholoneu
Okram Civomabra (16 days ago)
That was fight...
ThisIsRandom 98 (19 days ago)
You just actually thought all these places in the game are fake, even it says plenty times about Athens? 😑
Doug M (20 days ago)
Did he ever figure out that you can throw bodies in this game?
Diego Cruz (27 days ago)
Apollo is not the war god Ares is the war god
sans (1 month ago)
Forever. Lolo (1 month ago)
What the hell
Luc Dinh (1 month ago)
Your spear? Use the spear plssss
TschetterCheese Vlogs (1 month ago)
Ares is the war god beaver not Apollo
Garrhett Roebuck (1 month ago)
R.I.P. Wolfgang von Wolfenstein: 2018-2018
Indoraptor stories (2 months ago)
Ah you Athenian scum...DO NOT HIT MY PUPPERS!!!!!!!!!!
Beaver please learn your mythology Apollo is the god of the sun and Ares is the god of war
Stanley Pope (2 months ago)
That deer is an elk.
Brenna Berghoff (2 months ago)
Ares is the god of war
Hidden Writer (2 months ago)
Apollo is the god of plague and disease, while Ares is the god of war.
Nathan Neuerman (2 months ago)
Has anyone noticed that for like 5 episodes he forgot that he has an extra ability point
Kayla Zhafira (2 months ago)
*Kills the pupper (wolf)* Me:*runs with a blade and a million wolves*u mess witg 1 one pupper u mess with all if dem' ATTACK!!!!!!!!!! James:wth? Well ok I'll deal with it
RazorGames (2 months ago)
Apollo aint the god of war. that's Ares the god of more violent side of war. then there is Athena the goddess of the strategies and honor in war.
izzywolflover (2 months ago)
Apollo is the god of the sun, Ares is the god of war.
Anshu Chaudhary (2 months ago)
Tame a bear
Joshua Castillo (2 months ago)
Finally, he tried to be stealthy for once and actually achieved something without being seen (although he was later unfortunately discovered) and completed a quest while being incognito. Edit: We also got the bonus of seeing someone get eaten by a shark!
Andrew Charlton (2 months ago)
Akki Avi (2 months ago)
You should release the animals in the fort
George Deshpande (2 months ago)
Please stop killing Spartans
Caleb Congo (2 months ago)
Beaver I've bean watching your videos for four years
King Of The Monsters (2 months ago)
He shoulda tamed a bear
Darkwolf 4life (2 months ago)
Apollo is the sun god
Jayvan Delron Gipolan (2 months ago)
Sharky had lunch
Mekhi West (2 months ago)
use your assanation ability
Amellia Kober (2 months ago)
my guess is rather that you got the bounty for telling this poor guy in the beginning that you killed his Brother :I
FluidHydra Xbox (2 months ago)
Npc alias... THE WEJIES
Zerckil (2 months ago)
Apollo ain’t no war god. Ares is.
Mrs M (2 months ago)
why don't you  tame a bear
Ace Spades (2 months ago)
that was a shark lol, sharks fins go left and right, dolphins go up and down
Shadow Mighteyena (2 months ago)
Please call the wolf basil
Faith Lininger (2 months ago)
So I got curious and translated 'malaka' from Greek to English... It means A**hole
Austin Cieslak (2 months ago)
Apollo is not the war god ares is
legendary beast (2 months ago)
What helmet is that?
phoenix ma (2 months ago)
ares is war god. Apollo is sun god duh
Emma L (2 months ago)
Helios was the sun god but then quit because his son was killed and Apollo became the new sun god
Emma L (2 months ago)
Apollo is the god of the sun and poetry but Ares is the god of war
Wes HGH (2 months ago)
Cool your name is James
Bobby Chung (2 months ago)
27:18 close your eyes and listen
Martin Simmons (2 months ago)
You the dog
Hydra Overlord (3 months ago)
Wrong god bever apollo is the god of the sun, music, prophecies, diseases, and medicines
Xin Yao Chen (3 months ago)
Play more PLAY MORE NOW!!!!!
Tuxedo Toad (3 months ago)
I wonder if you can recruit mercenaries?
Manning Allen (3 months ago)
work on dodging
Kanae665 _ (3 months ago)
24:31 i didnt know beaver could speak fluent whale
Derslayr Modded! (3 months ago)
Did he say that Apollo was the war god... after he said he loved Greek mythology? I can understand someone who knows nothing of Greek myths saying it, but if you've played at least God of War at some point, you would know that Ares is the God of War. JS Beevs, you've been killing me on all the pronunciation and knowledge mixups, and by NOT HOLDING THAT DANG BUTTON!
Milton Flores (3 months ago)
Yoi forgot to use your distraction whistle
TheSoulFury (3 months ago)
TomyAllen (3 months ago)
The edit with you and the eagle at the sync points is amusing :)
Dragon King (3 months ago)
who realized that most of the Greek hero get killed by arrows?
jafar alwasiti (3 months ago)
The you seid chaire is n Arabic it means cucumber
jafar alwasiti (3 months ago)
I love the sync times you talk weirdly love it
Caiden Class (3 months ago)
He said Apollo God of war
Arron YT (3 months ago)
I don't mind comments, I don't mind you, but WHEN I GO BACK UP TO VID, FUCK YOU! *cuz the vid buffers srry, my internet sucks*
Emokeboo (3 months ago)
Btw Beaver Malaka means wanker (equivalent)
Emilio Rascon (3 months ago)
Gian_ Liwanag (3 months ago)
3:25 oof
Scrub Lord Kyle (3 months ago)
I’m loving the Synchronise commentary 😂
Watermelon Lover 3,000 (3 months ago)
I think you should recruit the general
Attiechan the skyintist (3 months ago)
Hawks don't bend their wings like that in life, that's what the tail feathers are for. A big part of your game is a bird and you can't get the simplest animation
Joseph Etalo Fennell (3 months ago)
Maybe if you go on the boat instead of destroying it you can get better items😃😃😃😃😃😃
Nivek (3 months ago)
This guy is so uneducated
Rob Scott (3 months ago)
Just upgrade it again
killa meg9 (3 months ago)
You got any lögs bröther
Raheel BASHEER (3 months ago)
I love watching the fort battle things
Raheel BASHEER (3 months ago)
I thought ares was the war god. not apollo
The ultimate annoyance (3 months ago)
Igzilee (3 months ago)
Wait, youre telling me that the big boar is the end of the game? its so short, and their arent any big battles. Especially for the 60 dollars...
savage jacob (3 months ago)
Beaver Apollo is the God of the sun Aries is the God of war
Patty Garcia (3 months ago)
I mean the next beast is a Health tank
Patty Garcia (3 months ago)
Piggy the next Beast is a Health tank
Caleb Isaacs (3 months ago)
apollo had to kill that same piggy you had to and andlook at the court banners... PIGGIES
Caleb Isaacs (3 months ago)
Caleb Isaacs (3 months ago)
try doing that more
Caleb Isaacs (3 months ago)
the fish are red snapper and bonita
Kayden Chapman (3 months ago)
You can equip 2 lieutenant s now after upgrading your hull!!!!!
Caleb Isaacs (3 months ago)
whelp, still have 7 more including the nemean lion
ironkidMC (3 months ago)
“I can take all Thea’s guys on easily” beavers last words
Kurōn Kaneki (3 months ago)
James that was evil you set the poor dog on fire
Laz3rTaz3r (3 months ago)
Ares was the war god! 😀
Night Fury (3 months ago)
Joranx76 x76x (3 months ago)
you know, it has taken me three days to get to this point in the series
Colleen Ramiah (3 months ago)
Tame some animals for battles
OutdateXpert (3 months ago)
tame a shark please
Rikuto Koo (3 months ago)
I wish you could tame a pig
BURNT BREAD BOI (3 months ago)
Yes.....apollo is the god of war......totally not ares......whatever beaver i follow your and only your word XD
Dominic Turcios (3 months ago)
Please do the medusa boss
Qwaiel Gaming (3 months ago)
8:56 Alexios' eyes started darting everywhere.
Stealth BOSS101 (3 months ago)
I Loved Origins, Gonna Try To Rent This Game and Try It Out
Sheikh Habib (3 months ago)
hunt some more animal gods
RedEyeDominus/ legned (3 months ago)
good boy
Gaming kitten 123 (3 months ago)
by the way any tips? I am thinking of getting assasins creed odyssey for my self!!!
Gaming kitten 123 (3 months ago)
Hello love what your doing! please more sea battles and help spartans win conquest battles to control megaris and everywhere else thanks and love what your doing!!!!!
Sam Zutterburg (3 months ago)
Sam Zutterburg (3 months ago)
Apollo is not the god of war that’s Area
Fiona Ireland (3 months ago)
Beaver, Apollo is the God of the sun. Ares is the war God

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