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BUSINESS INQUIRES: [email protected] SPECIFICATIONS • 510 THREAD • PYREX GLASS TANK • STEEL CONSTRUCTED These are perfect for those of you who wish to smoke, be high, yet be discreet. Alpine is one of the best in not just overall taste , but also as far as "feeling it"Goes. It really gets you high, personally 3-5 good MILKY hits, almost like hitting a bong, and I smoke a lot of weed. I give this a 10 out of 10! On a side note, WELCOME TO WEEDVIEWS! WHERE WE TEST THE HIGH BEFORE YOU BUY! We will be uploading TWICE A WEEK SO SUBSCRIBE!! We'll be reviewing all different types of CANNABIS/ 420 related products. Plus every Monday get a "STRAIN OF THE WEEK" video , where I roll a few blunts of a specific strain , (new strain every week) and give my WEEDVIEW!
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Text Comments (86)
nico (7 days ago)
Best soundtrack of Metal Gear
Bolnareff (9 days ago)
My favorite metal gear rising song
Potato King (1 month ago)
Uhhh hey crimson fucker you added the wrong video to your playlist
My favorite Metal Gear Rising boss theme
SlamCrib (7 months ago)
Fell asleep to the ost, woke up to “first hit of the day.” Thanks
SoCal G (7 months ago)
Alpine are so fire
is113 (8 months ago)
Vape scum.
No Excuses (9 months ago)
Good quality guy they use a fucking wick system if loosing a good portion of your shit while tasting the burning wick while also having to hit it several, several to get lit is good quality stop doing reviews
No Excuses shut the fuck up bitch! Stop hating ... you mad bro?
Psycho Mantis (10 months ago)
Why is this on a mgr ost
Zargex (1 month ago)
WEEDVIEWS Where we test the high, before you buy! Your video is in mgr ost playlist for somr reason lol
Akira Kurusu (4 months ago)
+WEEDVIEWS Where we test the high, before you buy! Metal Gear Rising OST playlist
What does this mean??? Lol
Akira Kurusu (7 months ago)
Fun fact: Huey Emmerich invented vaping.
Yami Bones (8 months ago)
yo that's what i wanna know too
Ivan Mansfield (11 months ago)
Real real talk tho. Alpine vs. Heavy Hitters?
Lilsanders (1 year ago)
I got my GG live resin gram for 25 :)
sam pjk (1 year ago)
Consistent 78% across all their strains. I've tried them all and they beat out the competition. Heavy Hitters is a good 2nd, and Brass Knuckles is way too overpriced. Alpine > everyone else
sellersjoshua (1 year ago)
Appreciated the video but you really just reviewed the company and product. You didn’t really go into any detail about the strain.
phivunguyen83 (1 year ago)
Christopher Gongora (1 year ago)
Kurvana and alpine are the best cartridge brands for me
Christopher Gongora about to drop a kurvana review this week!!
mojohiphop (1 year ago)
Just started fuckin with ROVE. Have you tried them? If so how would you compare?
Hundo’s Car Reviews (1 year ago)
Is luxury vape a good brand???
Twerk (1 year ago)
My favorite cartridge tbh
Bee Snz (1 year ago)
TASTE?!?! HIGH?!?!?
Urbex plus (1 year ago)
🔥🔥 channel I just subed check my channel out it will be greatly appreciated
Jeffrey Paramo (1 year ago)
You have to be very careful smoking this I'm at Avid bodybuilder and I took four hits and I decided to work back and back and biceps it didn't work out I was Stone
Martin Talab (1 year ago)
Jeffrey Paramo lol before the gym I jst take one or two off this But I do calisthenics so prolly a bit different
Woot Woot (1 year ago)
Infinite infusions are pretty good as well
Israfil Dilbazi (1 year ago)
I got em in Houston for $40 halfs
phivunguyen83 (1 year ago)
Foreal s holla
E Alfaro (1 year ago)
How would you compare this with brands like 710 and heavy hitters and other big names
Edwin Gonzalez (1 year ago)
They ain't got nothing on Alpine carts
Esteban Orozci (1 year ago)
Heavy hitters and braas nothing but cut . Thats why you get such a bad cough when smoking either..
B vega (1 year ago)
E Alfaro Alpine is better
Chris Young (1 year ago)
can you refill these? I need to know!
Alex Galston (10 months ago)
Chris Young yes un-screw the bottom or the cartridge
MasterP420 (11 months ago)
Chris Young Liar.
ac21310 (1 year ago)
Chris Young how did you refill your alpine cartridge?
Chris Young (1 year ago)
+Arnold Briseno shows what you know since then I refilled one 3 times, but realized roves better to refill the air flows perfect
Arnold Briseno (1 year ago)
Chris Young no
The Herben Legend (1 year ago)
$45 a gram cartridge near me. they sell the syringes for $40. you can run three grams through that cartridge and wont notice any difference in flavor till the very end of the 3rd gram. Alpine is better than any other brand hands down. Ive tried almost all the brass knuckles and tbh i think they pay for their hype because brass knuckles is really not that good at all and their cartridges are so hard to suck through i literally get back spasms just to try and get a fat rip.
The Herben Legend (1 year ago)
Yup brass knuckles is fucking trash. Do you guys know of any other cartridges that are as good as alpine? Alpine is fire as fuck but it's not always available. Wel it's available but most shops try and charge too much
Kermit With A Permit (1 year ago)
Kermit With A Permit (1 year ago)
OomikerrozooO not to mention that brass knuckles failed the lab test and now everyone who has inhaled brass knuckles is at risk for cancer . Look up brass knuckles exposed .
OomikerrozooO (1 year ago)
The Herben Legend Everytime I try to refill those gold pieces of shit they never work... Kingpen and Alpine are the best ones
Kermit With A Permit (1 year ago)
The Herben Legend you are right bro . I used to really like brass knuckles but honestly I think Alpine is simply the best for price , quality , and quantity
420BlzEiTFgT (1 year ago)
For some reason these shits get me extremely faded. Only thing that can get my eyes red after years of smoking haha. Gets me higher than flower too. I've only tried GSC, wanna try out the OG
Jose The Divine (1 year ago)
I have a stupid high tolerance I’ll see if it hits or not
Jose The Divine (1 year ago)
420BlzEiTFgT it’s because it’s live resin I’m gonna try one today lmao
drexr5066 ps4 (1 year ago)
Might have to try those and i like how they look like the spliffin cartridges nice review thanks
kasey rios (1 year ago)
aye how many grams do these way out to fresh out the box i think my delivery driver smoked like a quarter gram lol ??? any one know ??
i eat i sleep (1 year ago)
157dodgers just bought one today for the first time, I was tripping like what happened to my wax.
157dodgers (1 year ago)
Haha they come like that I thought the same thing too and I was tripping but it lasted me the same as my king Pen cartridges
tvillaa (1 year ago)
a half gram starts right above the inside threads (level wise)
Triipyy - Explains (1 year ago)
kasey rios it comes halfway full for the $30 one and completely full for $50
Based Gucci (1 year ago)
Alpine is honestly my favorite carts. 40$ at my club.
Sylvia Wilson (1 year ago)
This is the best cartridge I have tried. They are solvent free, which is important to me. I was very medicated after 3 hits. Love the taste, I purchased a Satuva and a Indica.
Daniel Hernandez (2 years ago)
bro whst kind pf pen is thst whst kind of pen should i get i hsve thr spifflin pen.. and nice reciew going to try it
Shabiqua Laquifa (2 years ago)
I am not knowledgeable with weed but i just got into it for horrible shoulder pain..first one I tried was Oasis, it helped but i needed something a little stronger. I went to a shop and told them I needed something stronger and this is what they recommended. I feel head high, but nothing happened with my body high, i still felt the pain. Is this not for pain??
Adam Morales (1 year ago)
Shabiqua Laquifa . You need the CBD cartidges. These are THC cartridges, mainly for cerebral effect.
Ryan C (1 year ago)
Shabiqua Laquifa you need indica my friend, ask for indica strains. Sativa is just headhigh, either get a hybrid or stick to indica
EVEmasta (2 years ago)
got the alpine live resin 1g syringes of northern lights for 35, not too bad
Hatters House 710 (2 years ago)
Alpine is hands down the best vape cartridge I've tried. We stock them for $45 a gram !
No Excuses (9 months ago)
Hatters House 710 your comment is total bullshit and a sales ploy they use wick an coil carts which causes you to not be able to vape all your oil second you taste the burning wick moron
ozzy (9 months ago)
Just make sure you keep that shit cartridge upside-down
KREATIV (1 year ago)
Chris Young (1 year ago)
your around sb huh
Doris Rodriguez (1 year ago)
cheezr323 theyre okay. but id go for alpines or spliffins. very similiar in some sort. but alpines are my fav at the moment.
42start1 (2 years ago)
have you tried spliffin those are bomb bro
Hatters House 710 (2 years ago)
Spliffin and Alpine actually work together sometimes. The owners know eachother. But Alpine is hands down better all around. I've tried 710 and its pretty good, but again, overall Alpine is better. Just my opinion but as a shop owner I try new products and get free samples all of the time and I only stock items that I myself would buy if I were a patient.
KREATIV (2 years ago)
EEvil 94 (2 years ago)
Hatters House hey go at it, I prefer alpine just because I prefer the setup , but Spliffin is potent and great taste. Have y'all tried 710 kingpen live resin?
Hatters House 710 (2 years ago)
Spliffin has nothing on Alpine
42start1 haven't yet but I'm now on the lookout to review so stay tuned !!
KREATIV (2 years ago)
Cool ! I want to try these !

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