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Testing JSON Data in Oracle 12C With IS JSON and JSON_EXISTS

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In this video, I'll demonstrate the use of the IS JSON condition and the JSON_EXISTS function in Oracle 12C. Let me know if you need better examples. I can make another video if anyone does.
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dwh12345 (1 month ago)
Hello, Thanks a lot for your video. I have come across a scenario, where my JSON data is stored in an Oracle Table <Say JOB_QUEUE> in a BLOB column <say JOB_DOC>. Could you please suggest, how to extract that data and load into proper table format? Much appreciate your help.
Jose Gabriel (2 years ago)
Hi, I have now been very useful 5 videos that you published json, my question is already new knowledge is within your plans to make another series of json in more advanced oracle, plus if you like to upload in Spanish as the material is nonexistent for this community. Stay tuned!
Pretty Printed (2 years ago)
Hey Jose. Unfortunately I won't be making anymore Oracle videos because I don't like how the Oracle software takes over my computer. This video was done from an old computer that I don't have anymore. But I'm always willing to answer questions, so if you have any, you can ask here, or on any other video. As for Spanish, I'd love to do that eventually, but I don't know the language. Perhaps one day I'll collaborate with someone to translate my videos. Thanks for watching!
Santosh Loke (3 years ago)
Thanks for the nice explanation. Saved me the trouble to go through the docs :)
Pretty Printed (3 years ago)
+Santosh Loke Thanks for watching!

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