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Hunting For A Rare Congolese Weed Strain With “The Kings of Cannabis” | VICE on HBO

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Over the past 20 years, Franco Loja and Arjan Roskam, known as the "Kings of Cannabis," have made millions of dollars scouring the world for unique strains of weed to breed and then sell. Now, they've turned their sights on Equatorial Africa, specifically the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as their next gold mine — and a way to revolutionize the cannabis industry. "Equatorial Africa is one the best preserved because of the wars, the lack of infrastructure, political unrest. All these situations created isolation there," Loja explained. "So that's where we're going." Loja and Roskam built their global powerhouse on inbred strains of cannabis called "landraces" that they've collected from all over the world — Argentina, Australia, and Brazil, just to name a few spots. Without these strains, the duo's various breeding enterprises, Amsterdam coffeeshops, and even distribution centers wouldn't exist. VICE News met up with the “Kings of Cannabis” for a trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to hunt for one of the rarest species of Cannabis yet, the original Congolese landrace. Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo #VICEonHBO
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VICE News (9 months ago)
VICE News met up with the “Kings of Cannabis” for a trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to hunt for one of the rarest species of Cannabis yet, the original Congolese landrace. WATCH NEXT: This Is What An Ivory Bust In New York City Looks Like - http://bit.ly/2uKZI8K
Derek Johnston (1 day ago)
Interesting video!!😜😜😜
Milan Gunar (11 days ago)
This is "Lemon Haze?" strain?
Diyarko TV (30 days ago)
Hahaha they liked there own comment
abz (1 month ago)
Www.Kanabia.com already has thcv in all of its products
Sindi MacCath (1 month ago)
RedEyeOfJupiter 2121 (49 minutes ago)
All You Bitching about "Unfair" This & That..... Understand This : Everything is About Risk & Reward Those willing to Risk (Their Lives, Fortune ect ) Get & Deserve Whatever Reward.
Price Tous (2 hours ago)
Motherland green smh the best
MiLinDEVIL (8 hours ago)
Rip Franco.
jasace100 (10 hours ago)
Thanks Franko Loja .. 1.1% THCV .. well done
Consider This (10 hours ago)
That greedy mf had it coming
Dregen S. Cawley (11 hours ago)
Rip man 😪
The Perplexed Podcast (12 hours ago)
How that little dude from vice ever makes these trips, I'll never know. He's a straight soldier.
Pineal Gland (14 hours ago)
I swear we can't have shit
Santiago Da Ceprano (16 hours ago)
8:17 really? was that necessary?
Kennjihia Njihia (1 day ago)
white man taking from the blackman again wise up
Avery Rudon (1 day ago)
From all the money they make they could’ve gave way more to the locals
jone salas (1 day ago)
in Ethiopia i used to smoke cannabis when i was in college every time i smoke i forget food
President Camacho (1 day ago)
08:17 y'all need to stop hiring snowflake cucks lol
Risking your life for a weed farm is accually worth it
the rise of the hippies God help us all..............
Just because they're involved with weed, they aint different from any other business man
Dylan (1 day ago)
Rest in Peace Franco
Benjamin Hooijer (1 day ago)
I have this feeling this guy just messing with them and that they keep the real shit for themselves 😂
David Brandenburg (1 day ago)
dude THCV is THCA before its carboxalated, it has to be converted from a to v before you can get high on it!
David Brandenburg (1 day ago)
thats bull theres no way they could have searched all of India.
David Brandenburg (1 day ago)
I wonder why they never did a show where they hunt for new strains in Burma and India!
Rest in Peace Franco and thank you for everything!!
Bruno ffs (2 days ago)
Rip franco
Nathaniel Shashane (2 days ago)
That wasn’t Malaria bro that was greed.
Nathaniel Shashane (2 days ago)
Real talk I’m disgusted.
Nathaniel Shashane (2 days ago)
They leave with your seed and make Billions - What about the people of the DRC?
Jaime Palomino (19 hours ago)
What about them ? There snozziing
dylan ireland (2 days ago)
Haggard Hamilton
SlamPlaysYT (2 days ago)
guys we knew that cannabis have it more risk than benefits, open ur eyes. and these folks is addicted to it and theyre gone now.
adda plaster (2 days ago)
These cockroaches will take and give nothing back......
1-in-Billion (2 days ago)
They need to realise they are researching and spending millions to earn millions more!! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Joshua Ryan (2 days ago)
What a weasel offering $53 for seeds that will profit him millions.
Tommy B (1 day ago)
and then Karma bit him on the ass.
brazuca de confiança (2 days ago)
lugi schogo (3 days ago)
i have been collecting those seed
Michele Eichler (3 days ago)
He made billions faked his death found the weed strain of all meccas
B Series (3 days ago)
if you want natural seeds then visit nepal with your team :)
SeArCh4DrEaMz (3 days ago)
8:17 decolonasation in progress guyz, btw this footage has been shot in around 2016....
Cudder Fan (3 days ago)
All that for 8 percent thc that’s sum mid
420MadBloke (3 days ago)
RIP Franco
Daniel Cruz (3 days ago)
All I see here is a couple of white Europeans doing what they have always done but in the guise of being nice and bullshit. They gave one chief 100,000 fracs basically 100 USD when prior to that on the boat he was talking about 1 seed can make them BILLIONS of dollars. Obvisously he not making that much off one duh but then he'll pollinate and make more seeds, and he has the audacity to give them 100 bucks wtf is 100 bucks bro and that was one chief maybe he paid off 10 chiefs so what 1000 bucks for the BILLIONS hes projecting smh. People need to wake up and see the bullshit
Ugyn official (3 days ago)
Here in Africa we treat malaria with local herbs and it's very effective....neems,lemon grass,lemon, fresh papaya leaves,fresh mango leaves,fresh plantain leaves,fermented corn water and many other herbs I don't happens to know their names....boil and drink,bath and steam with it
Austin Pama (3 days ago)
1 life for many damn that guy is a hero.
Omar (3 days ago)
And the MFs proud and laughing when saying no profits going to the locals!!! but that local guy said it "Devil"...smh
Victor Dastous (3 days ago)
god cursed the guy and he died lol.that is the power of jesus amen.he tried with his friends to rip poor people off and the judgement of god finished him and sent him to hell.
Lukas Patty (3 days ago)
guess they have some prison wallets to get it all back home...
Klaa2 (4 days ago)
RIP Franco Loja
God gave the land of Congo a gift
This neanderthals are working to eliminate natural plants don't be deceived.
SG 10 (4 days ago)
Ok.....I'm the only one who thinks that the thumbnail is dope
Kyle Hagerty (4 days ago)
what an imperialist video
Abhishek Sangavikar (5 days ago)
Wanna play a fair game... Then how about making that tribal head an equal partner in your firm or give them some 20-30%of your shares and refrain from doing any of your uncle Tom charity tricks. It's like the Britishers saying ohhh we indeed did some good things in India like Building Trains wherein they were just looting our wealth to England and also they fucking stole the blueprint of the 1st crude missile (TipuSultan) where again they made this stupid uncle tom association called Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) through which they assassinated or native scientists and throw upon us Economic Blockade and then deny us the right of missile technology transfer. That weapon craft of missiles was safer in our hands, the moment it fell in your hands World wars was the result.
Abhishek Sangavikar (5 days ago)
Thats how the COLONIZATION, slave trade,..happened. That's how they found oil in the middle east, gold & timber in South america, diamond & exotic animal produce in Africa, huge orient knowledge & wealth of India and then they defeated the local govts, spread terrorism and finally ruin them for centuries. Classic move of the west and today they blame the weak govts at these places & hold them accountable for mass migration & refugees while they simultaneously build walls. And u know how colonization covered their dirty jobs wars, partition, community divisions & hatred, and THEIR WE ARE YOUR ONE & ONLY BENEFACTORS attitude wherein they get profited in billions & they give back few 10-100 thousands end again brand their names on it.
Minty (1 day ago)
Umm the difference is that they didn't take anything away that the Africans couldn't easily produce more of. And they didn't violate their human rights like slave traders did. What these people are doing is hardly comparable to what you're talking about, consequence-wise. I don't know enough to know if what the weed hunters are doing is exploitative, I don't know if I support what they are doing, but there's a world of difference between buying limited resources and human trafficking, and what the weed hunters are doing.
Charas (5 days ago)
I can't believe this Hipster guy let's a young african carry him on his back to avoid stepping into a puddle of mudd.... Ignominious..... You should be ashamed of yourself as a man and human....
msk64 (5 days ago)
Where can i see what all the different THCs and CBDs does?
dan3nad (5 days ago)
he lost his life because the blacks put a curse on him... that part of africa is very high in voodoo & witchcraft.... this is why over the years only christian missionaries were successful at stopping the spells & going so deep into africa,,, the people literally curse themselves into the stone age... why all the technology we have now originated from a christian based nation
Rafi Davis (5 days ago)
Just more white ppl taking from the land of not theirs
Ếch Xanh (5 days ago)
banshee rook (5 days ago)
Well I got kush instead more stronger
burning_Sage (5 days ago)
This white boy had a black kid carry him over a river. Wow!!
Matt C (5 days ago)
Greedy ,yes. Unfair... Yes. But they did it.... History always repeating.
Rsk Velocity (5 days ago)
This is wakandas grow
Jordan Tai (6 days ago)
so we gonna skim over the fact that they stole their shit and made millions
goldtvlive (6 days ago)
Why's everyone so mad? The citizens there were doing nothing big with it so why not someone else do it. And he did pay the guy 100 which is a buttload of money in Africa.
J. DeWille (6 days ago)
8:17 typical snow flake hipster.....what a shame... seriously!! But he as liberal will be accusing others about being racists!!
Dan Rathernought (6 days ago)
This is way beyond "going Dutch". Plan on making millions off their plants and give them pocket change.
strumbolli (6 days ago)
I've enjoyed all the Strain Hunter trips, you guys do great work, I had know idea Franco died. R.I.P.
Daweed23HwDP (6 days ago)
Nitram Zolef (6 days ago)
What is the soundtrack?
SmokinOnThaJOb (6 days ago)
R.i.p. champ
erick aversa (7 days ago)
iam glad franco was dead
blackburnbaylor (7 days ago)
Basically the white man taking away from the black man once again. They would be lost without us
WHITE PRIDE (7 days ago)
Such an amazing experience haha besides the dude that was sick
lankz (7 days ago)
omg, R.I.P Franco, I did not know this. So sad :(
Creepy Lunchbox :c (8 days ago)
RIP Franco
BE STRONGER (8 days ago)
the devils lettuce strikes again!
Jack Russo (8 days ago)
I want to try some
really , you guys are pigs....
Really, all you did was exploit the poor.
DAS PeeNuT (8 days ago)
im once more disappointed that you can only dislike a video once
Konstantina Kalakou (8 days ago)
8:18 if that was in black and white, it wouldn’t look right lol 😂
Justin Goulbourne (9 days ago)
Anthony Bruno (9 days ago)
Ok at 3:23 min I knew I was high. That lil African mans adorable. 🎄🎨🙇🏻
Charles Was (9 days ago)
R.I.P. brother your work is gonna change the pharmaceutical industry. The Industry is killing millions all apart of Agenda21. Maybe he was killed in the Congo because someone was jealous. Marijuana cures Cancer and so muchmore. Peace, Love, and Respect.
Alex Fish (9 days ago)
Barry Thabo Ramaditse (9 days ago)
Reminds me of the Scramble for africa...RIP king.
Blasko xx (9 days ago)
I remember reading about them in an old 1980s High Times issue, they were doing the same thing, traveling the world looking for different strains-stiill under The Seed Bank. Just awesome they are still doing that
Steve Rosebud (9 days ago)
This isnt cool. They paid freaking 100 bucks? That literally one order of seeds from these leeches? They steal from locals, they need to pay these guys more considering they are all millionaires.
ShqipstarKinG (10 days ago)
Franco is a good man....but this Aryan....white devil smh
moerkToGo (10 days ago)
Kocc Barma (10 days ago)
And this is how Africa is robbed every day. Nothing new under the sun....
iLove WontonSoup (10 days ago)
15:09 F
J Bauer (10 days ago)
That's how they will abuse those congo people...
The TreeClub (10 days ago)
one year later .... knock knock its the Canadians here .... we are going to take your business and give them back...... a country built on taking from others.... and making the planet weak..... it will end i swear it
Tas de nègres stupides ! ,ils viennent de se faire voler leur seul patrimoine ! , nonobstant ils l'auraient foutu en l'air ou n'en aurait rien fait !!! !!!
LMAO In Canada of coarse weed is legal so we have access to all strains and Congolese can be bought here in abundance. Congo weed is actually only 14- 20% THC. There are much stronger strains out there lol
Ben Jacobson (10 days ago)
What the hell?! Saddest most unexpected ending ever.
tim tom (11 days ago)
junglie (11 days ago)
$100 for the right to steal these peoples genetic heretige, thats how arjan became a millionare folks.....
rutilio caballero (11 days ago)
Soooo... Fantastic translates to wonderful?
rastachild420 (11 days ago)
R.I.P. Franco. Miss you. You were such a cool dude.

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