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Sea, Swallow Me

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first track from The Moon and the Melodies
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w (11 days ago)
abyssal track
Deborah Tempski (5 months ago)
♡♡♡♡Wonderful Song♡♡♡♡
zoozibus (10 months ago)
How unceasing thirst, to drink my whole sea Follow me not to begin My least to my worst, the sea slakes no thirst So swallow me , sea, to my end
Arthur Baião (1 year ago)
Raridade !!!!
Jim Smith (8 months ago)
this sounds better than the CD version even tho It's compressed to shit
tornfeather1 (6 years ago)
Are there lyrics to this somewhere?
Daniel Valencia (7 years ago)
Did I just enter heaven ?
pk1990 (8 years ago)
Daniel Jaquez (8 years ago)
I just fricken adore this album!!
Mike Domo (9 years ago)
I have this on Vinyl-Love this
christykroeg (9 years ago)
Vanessa Valenti (9 years ago)
this song is so beautiful... i am breathless.
HeinmillerProduction (10 years ago)
I adore this track, I usually listen to it 80 times on repeat before switching to the next, it is amazing. This whole collab album is amazing, except for the instrumental tracks, because I love liz and when she isnt there life is lame.
John Wilson (10 years ago)
Glad you enjoy it enrique. To me The Moon and the Melodies is a beautiful night to a wonderful day in Victorialand.
John Wilson (11 years ago)
it is a great song. love that word!!
CAROPASK (11 years ago)
CAROPASK (11 years ago)
I love this song, it very special for me. Thanks for the vid, beaufilistic !
John Wilson (11 years ago)
really? must look it out then. thanks
winston smith (11 years ago)
powwaqatsi's better
John Wilson (11 years ago)
No. Koyanisqatsi!
winston smith (11 years ago)

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