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Owl - A Funny Owls And Cute Owls Compilation || NEW

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An owl is cute and funny. Owls are awesome. Check out these funny owls and cute owls in this funny and cute owl videos compilation. Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500025 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (14157)
kenny lim thanh (1 hour ago)
Anam GGSS (3 hours ago)
0:30 They see me floatin' They hootin'
onkar bhogle (5 hours ago)
Wohoo....wow 2 : 15 lol
andrew estevez (5 hours ago)
corbenfan84 (8 hours ago)
Owls aka cat birds
Timeshark (20 hours ago)
their eyes are bigger than their brains... but still very, very cute.
Greasy hair (2 days ago)
I had a dream about an own in a cage, it sounded like it was trying to talk in a similar way parrats do. Which is why I'm watching this now.
Unwxnted Friday (2 days ago)
I feel like I need an owl for my cat
Usagi _thesquid (2 days ago)
Jim Flauntt (2 days ago)
That one with the owl mean muggin was hilarious
duh' artanyan (3 days ago)
Owol = OwO
Kumari Shashi (3 days ago)
3d owl has only 1 leg
Faith Flores (3 days ago)
Not funny but overload cuteness 😍😍😍😍
Kelsey Curles (4 days ago)
Bring me my Hogwarts acceptance letter, DAMMIT lol
Peter Jongsma (5 days ago)
Fascinating and noble birds
Gacha Alessandra (5 days ago)
Kfgh Tvg (5 days ago)
what type of owl Is the first one?
Stefan Pittasch (6 days ago)
2:03-2:16🤣🤣🤣 i can, t stop laughing 😂
Cyan 242 (6 days ago)
0:22 How women be after they get their makeup done
Jeff Kenny (6 days ago)
So cute and precious AWWWWW
My Kites. (7 days ago)
Aww lovely
Donald Trump (8 days ago)
Real life furbies.
Nazneen Akhtar (9 days ago)
The first owl tho 😍 That owl is prettier than me ❤️❤️❤️❤️
diviide (9 days ago)
*duolingo owl has joined the chat*
大音 (9 days ago)
Anna McCormack (9 days ago)
Am I imagining it or was that second owl just not an owl
youwatch2muchtv (10 days ago)
What is thst song at beginning
Kat ;-; (10 days ago)
Hey I’m learning about owls and they are very cute :3
TheManiacc45 (10 days ago)
Plot twist: the first owl is a male
Link Smith (12 days ago)
Moist Owlette
I'm Paolo (12 days ago)
Floaty birb
Ali tran (12 days ago)
Hông hiểu gì hết
Den Harrow (12 days ago)
Amazing creatures.
C. Bello (12 days ago)
Sensuka [DFS] (13 days ago)
It makes me melt :O
Bullet Kin (14 days ago)
God creating owls G: take a bird A: ok G: give it a short beak A: okay G: give 50% of them eyes that are bigger than my di- A: DON’T finish that sentence!
Den Harrow (12 days ago)
God created you (you think so). God created you with no brains (yep). Me (and not God) is telling you to go fuck yourself.
jess taylor (14 days ago)
Omg they are such beautiful animals I want one so bad!!!
montauta (14 days ago)
I hate wild Animals in captivity
galaxy world (15 days ago)
Her eyes are so pretty I might just die
Bruce Wayne (15 days ago)
Just once I ask for no feckin’ music
C. Bello (16 days ago)
B as tying theirs 👁️& getting blowdried. Lol...lol....they're do weird & wonderful 😇😇😇
C. Bello (16 days ago)
Lmao @the owl floating in the b.tub& the dancing owl ...😘😘 😉lol. Nice video luv me some "p" owls😍
Susan Rainey (18 days ago)
I love their beautiful big eyes!
Akhil Rapaka (19 days ago)
Harry Potter
Chrystal Cole (19 days ago)
So cute
Owl just floating in a bathtub
Kenneth Hudson Chwe (20 days ago)
Theyre eyes are so good
Rodney Clawson (21 days ago)
Koneko Sakura (22 days ago)
New then I saw the date "3 years ago" 😂
Lambo Romeyo (22 days ago)
Siyam Ahmed (22 days ago)
They look very ugly ..i don"t like owl
SUPER BOY (23 days ago)
i wish vanoss can see his family here.
Floren Ari (23 days ago)
0:17 flexing on my eyeshadow be like...
nightmare Halloween (23 days ago)
0:46 what a beautiful dancing
I Robott (23 days ago)
A man and his pet Owl walk into a bar. It's about 5pm, but they're ready for a good night of drinking. They start off slowly, watching TV, drinking beer, eating peanuts. As the night goes on they move to mixed drinks, and then shooters, one after the other. Finally, the bartender says: "Last call." So, the man says, "One more for me... and one more for my Owl." The bartender sets them up and they shoot them back. Suddenly, the Owl falls over dead. The man throws some money on the bar, puts on his coat and starts to leave. The bartender, yells: "Hey buddy, you can't just leave that lyin' there." To which the man replies: "That's not a lion, that's a Owl."
Tien (24 days ago)
that owl at 1:23 reminded me very much like a cat in how it acted.
potter (25 days ago)
I love owls so much
man the first owl will put Adriana Lima to shame 😂
Sharkoteer (27 days ago)
2:19 OMG it’s Ezylrib!
Mason Burnett-Glover (27 days ago)
MAMA JACKSON LOVE MJ (27 days ago)
There’s an apple face owl Big eyes owl Cat looking like owls? MHMMMMM
reddit someone?
RoboStreaky (1 month ago)
John Rambo (1 month ago)
0:07 Everyone else 0:30 Me
duo (1 month ago)
Thanks 50/50
X Gaming (1 month ago)
I need one please somebody gift me one ☝️
Tiffany Schwarz (1 month ago)
Ach wie süß ❤❤
William Cisco (1 month ago)
Awww it's so cute
LostDraft (1 month ago)
this made me calm down thanks
stewdart (1 month ago)
Why do you let him call you Owl doesnt that annoy you, Oh Whooo Whoooo Whooo Who Who Cares
Shibani Chakraborty (1 month ago)
u r so cute my friend .
Owls Love (1 month ago)
Totally love those cute owls~!!!
Peyton Daniel (1 month ago)
0:31 "What you sayin, I'm an OWW..LL?? HUH?? I is DUCK"🦆
Johnzilla (1 month ago)
Why would you give an owl a toy that looks like a mouse? I'd be terrified that it would try to eat it and choke and die from the plastic. :/
Alma Ruiz (1 month ago)
Dangel animations (1 month ago)
Who else got an ugly dolls ad
Samantha Norton (1 month ago)
I don’t know
Artie Quick (1 month ago)
I love owls also Dogs + Owls = *MAXIMUM CUTENESS*
Sam (1 month ago)
They're only cute because they look like they're on large amounts of cocaine at all times.
Mercy (1 month ago)
I want one. I need one. where do i get one.
Oddly Popular-gachasss (1 month ago)
53million views wowwww
PaPa Broly (1 month ago)
How and where do I buy an owl?
Where duolingo the family pecker??
Oh look its Vanoss
StarChomp (1 month ago)
Owls judging you watching porn 2:04
Amazing Facts Hindi (1 month ago)
The tiniest owl in the world is the Elf Owl, which is 5 - 6 inches tall and weighs about 1 ½ ounces. The largest North American owl, in appearance, is the Great Gray Owl, which is up to 32 inches tall.
EXEJON (1 month ago)
Owls are all just one, big blinky boi existence.
Danielle Douglas (1 month ago)
2:03 *stuck up girls at my school be like:*
Elisha wolfin (1 month ago)
How people gets owls
CoByшka Toma (1 month ago)
🦉🦉🦉 I love owl!!!
Min And Tulips (1 month ago)
Comment your lists of Animals that has killer lashes. 1) Owl. 2) Giraffe.
Min And Tulips llamas,camels and alpacas 🦙 , 🐫 and 🦙
Dewwings the lynx (1 month ago)
Legend of Ga'hoole 2 is looking HOt
Kelsey Curles (1 month ago)
Winged cats
That owl is so fluffy i shall name you Duke
Edit owl i meant owl
Ivana Jacimovic (1 month ago)
Jonathan Clarkson (1 month ago)
Jay Oul (1 month ago)
They are like cats with wings
BoysKilldog (1 month ago)
Not new today is 2019.
Anonymous Mystery Chan (1 month ago)
this video reminds me of VanossGaming

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