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Text Comments (555)
Dont give guys a fucking razor, i swear you chicks don’t know what to give
Natalia Hernandez (1 day ago)
Ladiesss make yo manz a gift basket with his favorite snacks and drinks 💖 that’s wat I’m getting my manz😂
Reanna Renee Pauling (7 days ago)
She sorta seems like the girl that says “I’ll neva get a boy” and a whisk buncha boys are over here droolin yet she still over here just obsessing over that ONE guy 😂 no hate ❤️❤️
yasmel lima (9 days ago)
Nice video👌🏼.Bird lovers check us out in Instagram @chirpnfeed 😉
Lisette H (13 days ago)
I got a guy for secret Santa, he’s 13 and idk what to get him
Frida Fesus (22 hours ago)
Lisette H i am literally in the same spot. I dont know what to get him help
Allison Salyer (16 days ago)
Omggg I wish my man who isn't my man would be my man so I could get him the LV wallet😩😭
Brooklyn Headrick (16 days ago)
Sis I’m poor
Nicole Lemieux (17 days ago)
This makeup is gorgggg
Sando Raouf (18 days ago)
What lashes do you use?:)
Jaidan Stanley (18 days ago)
Butterfly knife
Hannah Spade (18 days ago)
I can’t afford the majority of stuff on here
ShhPiggy (19 days ago)
I have $51...
Gwen root (21 days ago)
Got my man a pair of Jordan’s to match mine
Trash Trash can (22 days ago)
i’m just gonna get him the hot sauce keychain
Kristen Thomas (24 days ago)
Ana Lorena (26 days ago)
I was watching this thinking you barely uploaded this and I’m looking at all the comments saying “Naz needs a man”, or “her future boyfriend is gonna be lucky” and I’m over here thinking “What happened to MEL??” 😂😂
Kai Baird (27 days ago)
Surprisingly very great ideas! Not just a run to Walmart to get crap!
maddy orton (1 month ago)
Dang girl, you must have a GOOD job!
Banana Nice Cream (1 month ago)
You know what he really likes? That other girl ...
Jasmine Hoskins (1 month ago)
Did you get Mel that wallet sis ??
Antoniamaria Abboud (1 month ago)
DO NOT get him a t-shirt with a selfie on it. DO NOT.
Abbigayle Hamilton (1 month ago)
Can you do a broke person edition please.. I don't have that kind of money😂
Victoria Montaño (1 month ago)
What lashes do u have on???
anna h (1 month ago)
Lol i wanted to buy my boyfriend a shirt of $30 and it is already to expensive Should i buy it?
twitch cxzzey (1 month ago)
"Your cousin" sweet home Alabama starts playing
babe brown (1 month ago)
Or you could put thought into your gifts, My boyfriend and I are at the age we can buy what we’d like. So for presents we try to make it mean more then just material gifts, not saying those aren’t great to; sometimes it’s nice to get romantic. It means so much more when we’ve wrote each other something, or got tickets to make new memories together, or a gift card for dinner at the place you two met or fell in love. Those are the gifts you’ll remember. Doesn’t have to be all the time, but once in a while really re connects the couple. Great ideas though on here as well!
Pastellique (2 months ago)
So he has been super sweet with me, next week we will have been together for a month (not that long) but I still wanted to get him a picture frame ❤️❤️
Vasiliy Karakay (2 months ago)
LETIT.BEER chiller - is an excellent "gift for men" idea. Sticks that are inserted in beer bottle to keep beer cold. They give great Wow effect when gifted. www.amazon.com/dp/B01AI03U4Y www.letit.beer
Juffie bb (2 months ago)
I have never struggled to find my boyfriend or any man in my family a gift since I started shopping on Mantality, The best is not having to courier it to family members- they deliver! LOOOVEE this store! I've never seen that disappointed face again. So rewarding! Here is a link to the Mantality website. http://buy.mantality.co.za/3712.html Happy shopping!
Fistfull Spider (2 months ago)
A Swiss Army knife, I think?
Sofia Esperanza (2 months ago)
Elyza Marie (2 months ago)
Girl i think i only have 1 peso
Maria Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Awesome hair
Lyrics For Life (3 months ago)
Yeah nice ideas but where’s the money coming from girlllllllllll
Idi Polanco (3 months ago)
These gifts suck, girls really cheap out on our gifts
Twenty One Discos (3 months ago)
... George Foreman... WHERE MY THE OFFICE PEEPS AT
Chad Wallis (3 months ago)
This wasn't really a good list..
aliveyah kremmel (3 months ago)
my boyfriend is too simple for this like he just wants peach rings cause he’s fucking weird
Buuu Bear (3 months ago)
I’m watching this the night before our anniversary and I haven’t got him anything 😂😂😂😂😂 so late rn
pam hernandez (3 months ago)
1:45 "They look so good when they're like fixing stuff with their shirt off. Girl, that's a gift for you too." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Allie Mosley (3 months ago)
Did Mel get that wallet for christmas? 🤣🤪
Jennyfer TV (4 months ago)
anything under like 10$ ?😂
Itzz Aland (4 months ago)
Are you Kurdish? Cuz Your name is Kurdish
bsba sabi (4 months ago)
I offered my bro last year an electric toothbrush:) he really loved it..
Hlonii Hlahla (4 months ago)
You are sooo beautiful!😭😍🔥
James Grasty (4 months ago)
Just a heads up, your link doesn't work
Cindy Y (5 months ago)
My bf literally has everything he has ever needed and he's hard to please. Need some helppppp
TheRitaish (15 days ago)
Bella Sepulveda (17 days ago)
same & our 6 month anniversary is in less than 2 weeks 😞
Tatiana Hernandez (5 months ago)
lmao i got my boyfriend hawiian pizza from dominos and a coke icee for valentines
Clarissa Stewart (5 months ago)
I stg I never understand how guys love new tools and things like that. But then I’m reminded that I freak out over new kitchen ware things or brushes for my makeup...
Kika Miki (5 months ago)
liked your necklace !!
RICKYBO510 (5 months ago)
I laughed hard when she said beats pill
lmao (6 months ago)
what if im broke:’)
TheAncient Tribalia (6 months ago)
I am boy and i prefer to you girls just...suck his....ahm i mean just show him love and maybe give some 😍 (snacks) 😍 :D *ediit* -- if u can this what i started to writte there is not any problem :P
Wallis Kyle (6 months ago)
She got a nice lace front
Krystal Santiago (6 months ago)
She starts talking black out of nowere😂😂😂
Mattie Alexander (7 months ago)
This video is beyond helpful
Antology Moj licni kanal (7 months ago)
you are beautiful and sweet
ange; scitt (8 months ago)
my boyfriend's birthday is in two months and we've only been dating for almost 3 months... i cant get him any of these things welp i fell like a GrEaT girlfriend
Taylor Croombs (3 months ago)
ange; scitt what did you get him??
S Baybehx (8 months ago)
What's a neckiee
Shene Flutist (8 months ago)
Where are you from ? Nazanin is a kurdish name . 😍♥️👌
Sita (8 months ago)
bitch, how rich do you fucking think i am??
Chanyeol Unicorn (8 months ago)
I'm watching this because I don't know what to buy for my bestie/crush/bear
Rabin Bhutia (9 months ago)
Nice Video clip! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Mahorrla Heart Key Method (just google it)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for understanding how to make any man love you without the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 at very last got astronomical results with it.
mysanalumina (9 months ago)
Lol...only one of those ideas would remotely apply to my current or previous boyfriends. The rest would just disappoint. Creative list though.
Skye Watts (9 months ago)
LO (9 months ago)
Thank you Naz, this is very helpful. Curious to know while I’m shopping for my man, what shade of lipstik r u wearing? I’d like to get it for myself.
Mike Alpha (9 months ago)
Lol... Women men want Bj, sex! Nothing else. Matters... Dont care for lingerie... Just naked
Jackey Bob (9 months ago)
A tie
Alex Jason (10 months ago)
Best gift for Men https://www.surplusxstock.com/the-10-best-gift-for-men-to-admire/
Lesly Barajas (10 months ago)
Ummm what about the people out here on a budget like fam help a broke bitch out I can’t even afford to buy me a new drugstore foundation and she saying go get them “Gucci flip flops” 😂😂
Vanilla Grasses (10 months ago)
Im thinking to buy him either a wallet or tracksuit or a watch
Thalie (11 months ago)
Why does it have to be designer? Lmfao boys don’t give a shit about most of these gifts, unless they think they are cool because it’s expensive...
Kim Lee (11 months ago)
LMAO this your comments on the gifts are so funny, I wana be your friend! thank youu
Katherine Alvarez (11 months ago)
te amo nena
charlie brownau (11 months ago)
I recommend checking out JBL for Speakers
charlie brownau (11 months ago)
Gday I recommend to avoid the following brands - Beats , Dlink , Razor , Alienware , Apple, Microsoft , Google
gay armys (11 months ago)
bruh who has the money for all this
Brendita Love (11 months ago)
What If He's Completely Different From You ? (RICH)
GimpGirl1 (11 months ago)
Girl I'm broke 😭😭
Kenzie Lee (11 months ago)
I was struggling trying to think of more gift ideas to get my boy friend and this helped a lot! Thank you so much! I also just wanna say I love you channel it's amazing! you're so pretty and your personality is amazing! <3
Haileyy mh (11 months ago)
I subscribe right after you said the Netflix gift card lmao cause same girl
simplyme95 (11 months ago)
PLEASE DO A 2017 Christmas guides idea video!!!! Pleaaaaaaase
Ania L (11 months ago)
Girl I have like $2
Nizhoni Finley (18 days ago)
Ania L same
Priya Johal (1 month ago)
Ania L innit 😂
Angel Francis (1 month ago)
Same sis same 😂😂😂😂
BabyGirl KB (1 month ago)
Same 😂
EddieErion929 (11 months ago)
1:50 funny
Minelaw23x (11 months ago)
don't know what to buy a man for christmas? take a look here for some tips this christmas https://ryanatuni.wordpress.com/2017/12/11/2017-guys-gift-list/
LoveMJ (1 year ago)
Thank you girl for these ideas. I was struggling to figure out what to get him but this helped!
Mallory Ervin (1 year ago)
Love the sriracha key chain 😂😂😂
DailyDrivenTurbo (1 year ago)
IF He's Into cars! I recommend RPM Crate you can google them..its a monthly sub box for car lovers! peace!
am the best (1 year ago)
I ruly lovio you seyvmi
Makayla Mills (1 year ago)
Naz can you make an updated version for this?
ooh La (1 year ago)
You’re so pretty i cri
Elexus Williams (1 year ago)
Priscilla reloo (1 year ago)
This is it ! Thank me later https://m.ebay.com/itm/One-wheel-skateboard-/272962441195
Whitney Nike lover (1 year ago)
Bitch I was just thinking about a sweater with my pic on it then you said it 😂😂❤️
TepaTassuliini (1 year ago)
Too much make up
Soph Sinc (1 year ago)
Ur so gorgeous I’m jealous
lily meacham (1 year ago)
My boyfriend would not like any of this.I am out of luck
Nicole Triolo (1 year ago)
Can you do an updated gift guide with your boyfriend this year
Emma GB (1 year ago)
Autumn Taylor (1 year ago)
This is so clutch 😂 thank you naz ❤️

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