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MOG - True Colours - produced by Steg G

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MOG - True Colours - Produced by Steg G Taken from the album: In Black 'N' White (PCP024) out now: http://mog-in-black-n-white.bandcamp.com/ Thanks to Deviant TV for location support http://www.powercutproductions.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/MOG/163892473660307
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Text Comments (58)
T M (3 months ago)
I grew duller Getting boots in rubbers??? Let my roots get smothered So my views had suffered They grey was off-putting And the blue was duller Its time to reveal my true colours
T M (20 days ago)
+Ripped Torn ohhh ty
Ripped Torn (21 days ago)
gettin boozed n rubbered ...means getting wasted on drink and drugs ..boots in rubbers lol.
rap battle lover (4 months ago)
Killa Broz (9 months ago)
Fucking Dope as Fuck
Bobo's Gonna Get Yi (1 year ago)
Damn it mate 🔥
TopComments (1 year ago)
Does anybody have the lyrics?
Kris Cardwell (1 year ago)
vigilant verse UK (1 year ago)
the man can write...nice.
Aleš (1 year ago)
I casually searched for "Scottish hiphop". Wow. I'm really impressed by this stuff
jason mccreadie (1 year ago)
new to me this stuff. really good. :)
Dæmonium 666 (1 year ago)
Respect to homie in the back rockin the Onyx shirt 😈🤘🏽
Nonyo Bisness (1 year ago)
this guy though this is scottish styles p
Joe Bloggs (1 year ago)
Pingu McPing (2 years ago)
What language are they singing in?
Pingu McPing (1 year ago)
Thanks Hannah! It sounds so cool! I was able to switch on subtitles and then use the auto-translate feature to read the bars in English. Not sure how accurate that will be but they actually sounded really good, even translated. :-)
Hannah Christine (1 year ago)
Pingu McPing Scottish
LFiers (2 years ago)
Keep it up MOG! Respect from Australia!
Scott Godfrey (2 years ago)
frankie away n listen tae Katie Perry ya fkn clown....
kieren mcgibbon (2 years ago)
Amanda Oneill (2 years ago)
Frankie Gallacher (2 years ago)
He's Shite Man and check the big hamilton acky way the goaty lmfao
Bobo's Gonna Get Yi (1 year ago)
You’re a dobber mate!
turgid fungus (2 years ago)
fuck off ya current bun
Katherine McGee-Glück (2 years ago)
I really don't understand him :( whats he saying in the refrain?
chiller stones (10 months ago)
DoG MatiC not aggy
andybytheway (2 years ago)
Rhymes in Truth (3 years ago)
MOG!! Come back bro!! Old Pen reminds of the good old days...👍
Rhymes in Truth (3 years ago)
This is bangin!! MOG! kicked ass all of over this track...👏
Rhymes in Truth (2 years ago)
+Frankie Gallacher Mad sex case!?? Haha... Are You for Feel??? Either you ain't a fan of Glasweigen hip hop or your just a misfit muppet! Away and blow yer own trumpet!!
Frankie Gallacher (2 years ago)
+rhymes in truth Aye nae bother ya mad sex case
Phoebe Clarke (3 years ago)
Does anyone know anywhere I can get an instrumental version of this piece please!?!?
TheHighland Company (3 years ago)
54 bus to penilee bk in the day
Maddog Mcgraw (3 years ago)
Good shit
john gibson (3 years ago)
great to see the scots spitting RESPECT
Greig Miller (3 years ago)
fkn nailed this 1
Mog keepin it lit holdin it down fir the 3 count
kris stevenson (4 years ago)
MOG always delivers....
ANDREW GRAHAM (4 years ago)
ANDREW GRAHAM (4 years ago)
Smity Smith (4 years ago)
Fuckin respect MOG m8! Your tunes are helpin me thru sum painful shit rite now!
Nate Brenneman (4 years ago)
Your a hip cat. Bet you'll be back in the saddle in no time. But sorry for hearing that. No fun
Smity Smith (4 years ago)
I'm OK man but the wife is leaving me. Nothing to vent, nothing to say about it but I appreciate it bro 👍
Nate Brenneman (4 years ago)
+Smity Smith that don't sound like my cheery friend from across the pond. Hope your alright homey. You wanna vent or whatever you've been str8 with me so hit me a private or something. But it's cool if don't feel like it. I understand that.
Smity Smith (4 years ago)
Fuckin respect MOG m8! Your tunes are helpin me thru sum painful shit rite now!
turgid fungus (2 years ago)
Smity Smith (4 years ago)
Update... I got through that shit and life is better than ever. Cheers brer 💕✌✌
Syko - Topic (5 years ago)
McGfB (5 years ago)
mog, we need to do a collab mate. get Glasgow on the map big time#!! don't be a nonse lets sort this out xmas!!
diggertroc (5 years ago)
we keep it raw doon in Penilee
Gordi Keeble (5 years ago)
Magic lad .
scottstewarttv (5 years ago)
Nicky McCusker (5 years ago)
Mog's the shit!
diggertroc (5 years ago)
We keep it raw down in Penilee
lobotomy dodger (5 years ago)
mog = ledgend
ethan juba (5 years ago)
mog never fails tae let yae doon wae a new tune
one punch machine gun (5 years ago)
ChrZ MOG for the shout in this video... lookin forward to 'in black n white' album' on the 20th May.
Stacey Holmes (5 years ago)

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