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Snavs & WiDE AWAKE - Turn Left

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Text Comments (129)
SEPTIC HYPERX (1 month ago)
Who is the singer???
Sp1dre (6 months ago)
For turning left i felt right
Music Diffusion (8 months ago)
This is PERFECT!
dark crow1278 (8 months ago)
the picture is fisheye placebo for those wondering
NIGHT RIDE MUSIC (9 months ago)
Love ya NightBlue <3
Tangled Tunes (9 months ago)
Awesome tune. It pushes me to keep working on music. Always great things from you! 😻
ahmed ghaly (9 months ago)
i need lyric
Pro Gamer (9 months ago)
Gieenek (9 months ago)
За крутое начин и прикольную песенку LIKE
SpilldillPickle 2 (9 months ago)
Right is not loved anymore
Lime Skill (9 months ago)
1 good song once a month , nice nb3
Daniel Sułkowski (9 months ago)
NightcoreForLife (9 months ago)
But I wanna turn right xD
trap wolves 125 (9 months ago)
Check this beat drop out
Your Manz (9 months ago)
I swear when I saw this on trap nations channel the comment section was all the same😩
Uros Jankovic (9 months ago)
Swipe left :3
5v哥哥 (9 months ago)
good song :3
Cerber (9 months ago)
Unholy FireFox (9 months ago)
Nightblue providing me with league videos AND music to play league to so i can suck in style
Gatto Gigi (9 months ago)
This is lit af!
crist li (9 months ago)
this is sick~
Fløres the flower (9 months ago)
I hate myself for falling asleep as you uploaded. But now I'm wide awake for that drop 🔥🔥🔥
Bonnel Yann (9 months ago)
This song makes me dream whaow
Darkz.kouhai Gaming! (9 months ago)
Wow,this song is so fucking awesome!!!!
mariano banegas (9 months ago)
Naisuuuu :v
R-Empiire (9 months ago)
i fuck with this
William Gomes (9 months ago)
What a banger, damn!
Indra Otsutsuki kitsune (9 months ago)
I was walking and I saw this hot girl then I turn left and I said hi its nice to meet u and she said same thank u night blue you guys rock.😄😃😀😊😍❤👍
Zaim Hassan  lol
Zaim Hassan (9 months ago)
Shit that never happened.
Guadalupe Torrez (9 months ago)
Is lit and DOPE🎧💀🔥
Zerr0 (9 months ago)
if this isnt on ur spotify ima be hella heckin mad
ZOIGAMEOVE (9 months ago)
Amei like .br na parada
BarakeX (9 months ago)
holy shit the vocal chops !! :o
Fabian Walus (9 months ago)
I love woman voice in trap😉😉😉
NegativE Catastrophe (9 months ago)
I love that you did fisheye placebo as background
꧁Julɪᾄ꧂ (9 months ago)
NICE veryy Good :D
Berkem Özkeskin (9 months ago)
how i get it backscreen photo ?
DJ Vector (9 months ago)
This song is actually legendary! Nice pick NB3
ulas demir (9 months ago)
please pics link :((
WhiteRailgun Tv (9 months ago)
Wow man this song amazing
Zander Sexton (9 months ago)
*Cringey DAB*
V top TV gameZ (9 months ago)
Georgiana Radu (9 months ago)
Panos Bazinga (9 months ago)
Good job Bro
DenversSecret Squirrel (9 months ago)
Wow 😆
Cadwire Z (9 months ago)
i see this character everywhere. Who is it?
POISON. ra1ven (9 months ago)
Allie from fisheye placebo
saiber Gamer (9 months ago)
Koen388 (9 months ago)
Or dare ;)
It's Pαndα. (9 months ago)
Cool Picture ♥
Kaito Katomi (9 months ago)
Love it nb3
Ret SamBo (9 months ago)
the king nb3 x)
денис пыжов (9 months ago)
M.A.S.H POTATO (9 months ago)
Alan (9 months ago)
How can we see which one is the dark vador's underpant ? Because of the dark side
OneLittleFish (9 months ago)
Truth never comes out
Viqtorique Dalian (9 months ago)
love it <3333333333
zero two best waifu (9 months ago)
The drop on this song ... Masterpiece
ThreshHooksOnly (9 months ago)
Nice one
ButterLemonKira (9 months ago)
I went left while driving when i was listening to this. but for me to get to my destination i needed to go straight.... so i had a 30 min delay cause i cant u turn
Hazlina Syed (9 months ago)
Bitch meeeeeee
StarMeasures08 (9 months ago)
Lit as always <3 and straight to the download list XD
MrStioui / xDFRNT (9 months ago)
What's wrong with Right? T.T
Batuhan Kılıçlar (9 months ago)
I need to know some song played in last playmaker lee sin video. can anyone help me ? it was beginning at 5:50 and ends like 6:30. please tell me nightblue :(
Burcu (9 months ago)
ahaha evet efsane şarkı ama bayılıyorum ben de seamse :D
Batuhan Kılıçlar (9 months ago)
Burcu müziğe ne kadar takıntılı olduğumu bilsen böyle demezdin ama olsun snsmksjs ever biraz abartmış olabilirim...
Burcu (9 months ago)
ahahahha bu nasıl sevinme şeklidir şlaskjhhjd
Batuhan Kılıçlar (9 months ago)
yeah i just saw it im a fucking blind hahahahah but thank you so so much mate !
Viqtorique Dalian (9 months ago)
no problem mate you are welcome! usually the song name is above the mini map while senpai (nightblue3) is playing league :)
Aqmey31 (9 months ago)
Damn this is lit
Minh Đặng Tuấn (9 months ago)
32 187
フォックスサマ (9 months ago)
fe (9 months ago)
Daniel Jacobsen (9 months ago)
Another fantastic song!
One weird boy (9 months ago)
Great one !!!
Finn Rickmann (9 months ago)
Were do you get such nice Pics dude
Iulian Nita (8 months ago)
Finn Rickmann (8 months ago)
Floke Thank you
Floki (8 months ago)
pixiv deviantart artstation zerochan
Zesshi Zetsumei (9 months ago)
Hmm trap nation was before you on this one
Kimmie Namjoon (9 months ago)
Leoni Moraes (9 months ago)
Top music my in Brasil
Eujiro Sama engeng (9 months ago)
cool bass❤🎶
Beatifull <== (nice) video
flofloth42 (9 months ago)
not first FeelsBadMan
Alerz (9 months ago)
Lit 🔥
Tate Robinson (9 months ago)
Snavs AND wide awake YES PLEASE
SKY GEAR TN (9 months ago)
Really liked it
Loxagina (9 months ago)
First time I'm this early, and oh god!What the hell is this song? Is this from another planet ? Like...I'm in love 😍😍😍
Victor Dostinov (9 months ago)
Am I the only one who misses the Rem's daily commentary on the videos ? It has been some time...
Victor Dostinov (9 months ago)
No clue. She just randomly disappeared.
zero two best waifu (9 months ago)
Виктор Достинов what happened to her tho ? :P
Invisible Trap (9 months ago)
What if i turn right? xD
Kiwyo (7 months ago)
You'll hit the dislike button.
OnyxFox09 (9 months ago)
Turn Right = New song
duy linh (9 months ago)
then your mom gay XD
Tiberio Franco (9 months ago)
then you die.
He Andy (9 months ago)
this comment section is those typical anime club viewers in my school omg :%%%%%
Canal Dublamos! (9 months ago)
45 Views = 45 likes and 0 dislikes 😎
MontY (9 months ago)
very nice song i like it
Zael・ᴥ・ (9 months ago)
Infinite Marz (9 months ago)
mmm thats a tasty beat that this song has!!
v Nightcore 1.2 (9 months ago)
Cool picture
v Nightcore 1.2 (9 months ago)
Thank you
The Great Wattinsky (9 months ago)
Here's her website if you want more of it: https://www.yuumeiart.com You can find all of her stuff there, if I remember correclty this picture is from her graphic novel "Fisheye Placebo" :)
Kuro - Kun (9 months ago)
Awesome 🔥🔥🔥
Kyuretso (9 months ago)
LTV Sound Beats (9 months ago)
oh wow!!
Mico AA (9 months ago)
Mico AA (9 months ago)
Good one <3 :3
saif eddine (9 months ago)
Nice musique
Break The Time (9 months ago)
AngelsOW ! (9 months ago)
Nice anglais
Death Rose (9 months ago)

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