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Gangnam Style Minecraft

7377 ratings | 1661212 views
▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬­▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼ Voici une vidéo caricaturale d'une des chansons du chanteur PSY: Gangnam Style, sauf avec une petit amélioration, en version MINECRAFT. Bonne vidéo à tous ! ▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬­▼▬▼▬▼▬▼▬▼
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Text Comments (395)
Simerria Jones (7 hours ago)
Bernardo Lacerda (3 days ago)
Minecraft Style
Syrin Z (6 days ago)
ItsHannaM (7 days ago)
Ahhhh I danced to this when I was little 😂
Old School (7 days ago)
Youtube is still a nice place, just don't read the comments :))
Realmar Esguerra (7 days ago)
nakakatawa naman no hay naku talaga😂😂😂😂
Pinoy Ka?
nikkfulF (9 days ago)
This sparkles
Jan Novi (10 days ago)
Słabe to wymyślił stuu ale teledysk spoko ale podruba
Potato Dev (11 days ago)
Damn this gives me epic nostalgia
Cownt Franchewla (12 days ago)
My brain during a presentation
Mr Discognito (13 days ago)
in 2019.
Mr Discognito (11 days ago)
@Skartrez oof
Skartrez (12 days ago)
2 0 1 9 bruuuuuuuh ahhahah
Filippa EKT (14 days ago)
My favorite!!
Kiwi K (15 days ago)
3 year old: why is he shaking?
Eli Hraje (16 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 XD
Ameri karmi (18 days ago)
Matt Hearn (20 days ago)
Now this is epic
Gaymer Girl (22 days ago)
how come i couldnt make it past the shitty intro without crrying
Pearl Gacha (25 days ago)
*_Digging minecraft style_*
Only legends used to listen to this song
@Darwish_ Gamer Yes fam
Darwish_ Gamer (29 days ago)
Like me
onur quluzadə 2 (29 days ago)
English minecraft Vs South korean real life
Erdem Guneren (4 days ago)
South kore an real life
Thomy ACCT (1 month ago)
Alguien me la subtitula en español? 😂 porfavor
Barbara Chest (1 month ago)
EPIC KIDS:doin the dance
Barbara Chest (1 month ago)
Normal kids:watching tv*.
Barbara Chest (1 month ago)
Person singing:MINCRAFT STYLE!!
Adem Budak (1 month ago)
hiç ni türk yok
Dilek Sacik (1 month ago)
Zalan Bakai (1 month ago)
Golem niigaaa
Xerdon YT (1 month ago)
Kkme (1 month ago)
Only true OGs remember
Withered Bonnie (1 month ago)
Intro Song Name?
Mike Borges (1 month ago)
grace del rosario (1 month ago)
This is the English lyrics to the song
Deadlow659 (1 month ago)
This.... does put a smile on my face
Ryenull uwu (1 month ago)
I remember being 9 or 10 stealing my mom's phone and watching this secretly, and showing this off to my little sister. Ah the good times.
justin shoemaker (1 month ago)
Krystine Aguila (1 month ago)
Minecraft style is very cool and I play minecraft
Cika Boba (1 month ago)
Non-Anime Kermit (1 month ago)
Cool kids: make friends Nerds: (act sad) Nerds: at home:
Volchonok (1 month ago)
But they're cool, so...lol...
legoBuilder1999 (1 month ago)
First Minecraft song I ever heard
Levente Laknerfi (1 month ago)
this is so cursed
Gaming Centry (1 month ago)
animal pervert
Pat Barker (1 month ago)
My son is absolutely obsessed with this video and PSY generally! He' only eight years old-bless him; we watch many versions of Gangnam style and the original, plus live versions over and over and over again! We'd love to make our own 'parodies' so to speak, starting with PSY Daddy; does anyone know this; I wish to make a parody of Psy Daddy and later Gangnam Style with my son and daughter, but can I use the original soundtrack? I'm afraid making my own version of the soundtrack and adding lyrics-which I've seen many Psy parody's do, is quite beyond my present scope or technical abilities. I've got some brilliant images ( well we think so anyway!) and- really, really lovely footage but just need the green light-go ahead on soundtrack?....I'd really appreciate some help on this! Thank you!
Hot Wheels Owner (1 month ago)
Oh god no
Jason Koo (1 month ago)
Blackstrike 23 (1 month ago)
ツclob (1 month ago)
Normal Kids: * singing national anthem * Epic Kids:
Dev (29 days ago)
this comment has given me aids.
Ranko Kankazi (1 month ago)
This is the Nation Anthem.
Suna Yasal (1 month ago)
Otto Strasser (1 month ago)
ISP brought me here
Gimme Dat Chicken (1 month ago)
Petition for this to be new American anthem.
SleepyChime (1 month ago)
Times were great Before gacha became popular Before animation memes were a common thing on YouTube Before t series vs pewdiepie When minecraft was still extremely popular When good well done animation got a ton of views Before bts and kpop became a staple on youtube Before jake paul When you did not get hated on for liking certain things Yeah times before 2016 were great
Andrew Nitchman (1 month ago)
Most importantly, before Fortnite
Rowan (1 month ago)
my friend and i were talking about this
Impopular man-o (2 months ago)
Oh man,that's beautiful
lincon loud (2 months ago)
This kinda weird and funny at the same time
enderGuardian46 (2 months ago)
I remember watching the original from six year ago. Minecraft and Youtube were so good back then...
AROWAY Plays (28 days ago)
i like the current minecraft and community now mostly
O miranha torto (2 months ago)
Nome DA musica da intro?
Alexatronic (1 month ago)
Monster by Lumnix
sliver ghostz (2 months ago)
dear god
Zareh Dermenjian (2 months ago)
why only 1.4 million views?
Ashleigh White (2 months ago)
Farrah Hilton (2 months ago)
This played at my wedding
sport HT (2 months ago)
meh ok why not (2 months ago)
The fucking nostalgia
Santiago Mendoza (2 months ago)
Muy bien
Lancer (2 months ago)
i remember as a kid, i thought this video was so cool and i started to record it from my pink camera to show it to my friends at school, but when i was watching it again i realized there was my reflection for oll the video and i was so pissed, how to forget this..
Lancer (2 months ago)
@Talking Huskies yeah but i mean that i was very young like 6 or 7 i dont remember, i know im not that old but i got feels watching this :')
Talking Huskies (2 months ago)
Lancer ok you can’t be very old if you were a kid 4 years ago
MIXEL90 (2 months ago)
Good times...
How long did this take to make?
imposible vikz (2 months ago)
CTG 0921 RBLX (2 months ago)
A.S.A.P (2 months ago)
Epic very much gangnam stlye Haha funny like
Zippy (2 months ago)
Well this was painful.
Kaka Rafid (2 months ago)
Gak jelas anjing
Jocelyn Hergott (2 months ago)
Encarni Dominguez (2 months ago)
Buenos días guapa mía como estas que tal el día de hoy y hoy en la noche
HoZay (2 months ago)
Why does it look like the one CaptainSparklez uploaded?
Albi Ovi (2 months ago)
tutul rahman (2 months ago)
I can,believe ☺☺😎😎💖💖💖
SAEEM AHMED (2 months ago)
It's no match against really gamggam style
Tori x (3 months ago)
epic video man , keep up the good work , love playing minecraft with my third cousins
malcolms memery (3 months ago)
@your gonna cry because That's too long. bruh
J.B. Ande (3 months ago)
Japlas 87 (3 months ago)
Aidan York (3 months ago)
Epic gamer moment
Non-Anime Kermit (1 month ago)
Epic Gamer highlights first clip
sef marquetx756 (3 months ago)
Fome tu wea
Deluxe 710 (3 months ago)
You smell bad
gatui sundin (3 months ago)
i dislike the video because too many likes
llcoolj bekim (3 months ago)
Wow he is saying sexy piggy and he is in love with a creeper
drew morgan (3 months ago)
yessss bro haha xd gangnam hahah i remember gangname thank u drake
Zoltán Komáromi (3 months ago)
Nazif Özpak (3 months ago)
YouTube artık çok gelişti
Donald J. Trump (3 months ago)
This may have been uploaded in 2015, but it reaks of 2013.
Aiden Putnam (3 months ago)
Next time little b**** have the right f****** lyrics
Mooker (3 months ago)
bil bop (3 months ago)
LiamPlayz (3 months ago)
bil bop if you’re only 2 years old you shouldn’t have a youtube account
Phalanx67 (3 months ago)
I like the animation but the should have keep the original lyrics.
Timothy Story (3 months ago)
Mete imre (3 months ago)
Troop cool
Hugo Rendon (3 months ago)
me encata
Denilson Lopez (3 months ago)
Jajajajajajajaj minecraft lo tengo
Super (3 months ago)
Thank you for introducing me to minecraft via this song.
Ray Kohl (3 months ago)
Whoopa Gangma Style
ColeMツ (3 months ago)
This is FIRE

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