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Remi Hendrix - Sea Swallow

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** play this on a STEREO device, not a mono device ** Track: Sea Swallow Artist: Remi Hendrix crew & cast: Staff Crew: Director: Hugo Rynders Director of Photography: Rick Wezenaar Make-Up: Jan-Willem Bruins Costumes: Kazuaki Sato Special Hair: Leo Ng Cast: Max Jianwei Liu David Kopp Efin Au Alvaro Escobar Remi Hendrix Crew: Dollygrip - Sjoerd de Boer grip/production assistant - Patrick Rijnders production assistant/driver - Leo Rijnders production assistant - Hiroshi Nishioka publicity - Victor Cruz-Fernandez Music by Remi Hendrix & Nenad Radosavljevic - Video entirely shot with DSLR - Please visit our website http://www.sakuramusic.org/ or find us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sakuramusicart
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