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Beheading The Traitor Presents: GRENOUER, Saint Petersburg If you are experiencing or are effected by Sexual or Domestic Violence, help is available worldwide from the links below… ► US: https://www.thehotline.org/help/ ► UK: https://www.staybrave.org.uk/help ► EU: https://ec.europa.eu/justice/saynostopvaw/helpline.html ► Rest of World: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_domestic_violence_hotlines ► To learn more about the dangers faced by sex workers: https://www.thehotline.org/2017/08/15/safety-planning-with-sex-workers/ __________________________________ STAY UP TO DATE ON SPOTIFY: https://spoti.fi/2RLenZg JOIN THE CONVERSATION: http://facebook.com/beheadingthetraitor http://instagram.com/beheadingthetraitormusic SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO: http://www.beheadingthetraitor.com __________________________________ GRENOUER: The new album ‘Ambition 999', available now: iTunes: https://is.gd/rQfZlY Amazon: https://is.gd/SaVKFb Google Play: https://is.gd/ybbjm3 ► YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/grenouer ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grenouer/ ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grenouer/ ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/grenouer ► VK: https://vk.com/grenouerband ► Website: http://www.grenouer.com/
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Text Comments (2444)
Emo Clout (1 hour ago)
LMAO fkn virgins
edo ridwan (4 hours ago)
Leif Mendez (4 hours ago)
It’s actually a very good song 👍🏼
fatur roni (6 hours ago)
Saya suka banget dengan putingnya and vagina
Paulina Wąsik (13 hours ago)
I'm so fucking mad, why this shit is on yt and nobody sees any problem with it but when Queen Zheani want to show us her art it gets immadietly deleted..
basketball is my life (2 hours ago)
@Aboriginal Truth but ur still here to fap to it just like the rest of us
Aboriginal Truth (10 hours ago)
Yes sir I feel ya they call our queens THOT and trash but look at this BS
mr 626 (15 hours ago)
This porn has nice music
Su So (18 hours ago)
Auto aceng
Muhammad Muhammad (15 hours ago)
Kamaruddin Tani (21 hours ago)
Pandangn org yg suka hal sitampilkan sudah senang ,tapl bagi orng muslim blm tentu sukanya.
Thedy Nahak (4 hours ago)
Tp anda komen smbil nonton kan
nightmarescar793 (21 hours ago)
Huh so some creep stole girls and hanged them by chains or rope....jon tron pls another wtf the clown seemed like the good guy he killed pervert and got rid of naked girl that was mooning the camera.
uganda knuckle (1 day ago)
F.B.I Open up
Saif Bashqawi (11 hours ago)
Xsayvion JP (1 day ago)
Bleching mah eyes tonight
Stephen Plays (1 day ago)
Yo wtf all these comments popping up totally came for the music
fire king (17 hours ago)
Aktharul Sheik (1 day ago)
@gayness is cancer xxx
gayness is cancer (1 day ago)
Optimus Prime (1 day ago)
How tf does this have 15mil views and still be on YouTube
Jitendra Kaimor (2 hours ago)
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Kamaruddin Tani (1 day ago)
Kurang trng
Baller 15 (1 day ago)
O my god
Doris Arlen Torres (1 day ago)
País rricooooooo
Tasha Nicole (1 day ago)
wtf did i just see?!
arsalan rajput (12 hours ago)
U r right
Shiv Saini (1 day ago)
Omg and I m search sexy girl 😉😉😝😝
Tasha Nicole (1 day ago)
@Stephen Plays I searched sex songs and this popped up. LoL
Stephen Plays (1 day ago)
Tasha Nicole why did you search it
Md Jamal (1 day ago)
alamgir hossain (1 day ago)
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Kbs Masud (1 day ago)
Natalie Cherry
Shiv Saini (1 day ago)
Lue jhan Colar (2 days ago)
Name of the girl please
Viral Subject (2 days ago)
Felanda Fela (57 minutes ago)
Rajkumar Mahto (2 hours ago)
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Taranjit Singh (1 day ago)
Byron Perez (1 day ago)
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Joyti Singh (1 day ago)
Viral Subject (2 days ago)
Waseem Ali (12 hours ago)
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Pandit Madan (1 day ago)
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Govinda Raju N (1 day ago)
ఓపె న్ కుల సెక్స్ సింపుల్ సెక్స్
Govinda Raju N (1 day ago)
Ahmad Raza Raza (2 days ago)
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Anas Sajid (2 days ago)
Michael Jinkerson (2 days ago)
The f*** this model
Md. Jahidur Rahman (2 days ago)
just fuck this model... superb
Sam Ryan (2 days ago)
I didnt watch the violence i figured was at the end. I just enjoed the sexual tension
Sam Ryan (21 hours ago)
@nightmarescar793 someone like me who enjoys jacking themselves off
nightmarescar793 (21 hours ago)
Wtf who says that i didnt like violence but i loved the noode girl
PATTAYA STREET (2 days ago)
Manyar Sandeep (2 days ago)
Sam Ryan (2 days ago)
It is beautiful and good.
Erisvalda Santos (2 days ago)
@asif ahmad miguel
PATTAYA STREET (2 days ago)
Bireun Bireun (2 days ago)
SMJ ReSHka (2 days ago)
2:10 i am single😢
SMJ ReSHka (2 days ago)
@Manyar Sandeep what was that?
Manyar Sandeep (2 days ago)
SMJ ReSHka xxx
No1 biswajit das (2 days ago)
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Haris Pc (2 days ago)
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Sofik Ahamed (2 days ago)
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laletta wella (2 days ago)
Sam Ryan (1 day ago)
@laletta wella oh ok. I was hoping you didnt have a partner and needed me to help.😅😅
laletta wella (1 day ago)
Sam Ryan (2 days ago)
@laletta wella are you talking about you and your partner having fun sweety
Sam Ryan (2 days ago)
@laletta wella yes laletta i watched it several times. That is what got me so excited I paused it and took.matters into my own hand. Lol
laletta wella (2 days ago)
@Sam Ryan we are fun at starting 2..10
Iryna Taisiya (2 days ago)
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Federigo Rogai (2 days ago)
Stette mollicce
Jay Patel (2 days ago)
Jadiel Torres (2 days ago)
Jadiel Torres (2 days ago)
Jay Patel dick ass
romina9 Bolaños (2 days ago)
lê hoà (2 days ago)
أحمد AH (2 days ago)
Nisha Sharma (2 days ago)
The song was really good... I am gonna listen to more of you
Iqbal Ryan (2 days ago)
Habiba Abdul Rahman (1 day ago)
Iqbal Ryan ghgjg
lhona parambahan (2 days ago)
Pulang sono emak lu nyariin
RENATINHA SILVA (2 days ago)
Munna kumar Kumar (2 days ago)
BF video
Nero Franco (2 days ago)
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Lawangeen Khan (2 days ago)
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Septa Akbar (2 days ago)
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Tiểu Free Fire (3 days ago)
Oh noooooooo 😔😔😔😔😔😔
Yaseen Yaseensarwar (2 days ago)
Tiểu Free Fire uffffffff
Irsad Ansari (2 days ago)
I or you
Marcos Ríos García (3 days ago)
Guapísima señorita; me estoy mojando en mis pantalones. Au :-)
Rama Jr (3 days ago)
The100417 (3 days ago)
Nice video.
ElBony02 (3 days ago)
Mmm,Youtube?What Happend?
Jimmy Donaldson (3 days ago)
Dont need pornhub anymore
Que pedo. Y que miedo😵😱😓😟
XXXDarK_SSS -123 (3 days ago)
😨 0:56
amran uncle (2 days ago)
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Mustafa Mustafa (3 days ago)
thank you brother
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Luis Garay (3 days ago)
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Sue Hassim (2 days ago)
@Eily Jasso hi eily how u are beauty piece i guess ur more hot ✌✌
Eily Jasso (3 days ago)
Yes they are 😍😈
SquirrelMAN 9 (3 days ago)
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Robin Crofford (3 days ago)
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Rhonda Condit (3 days ago)
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Robin Crofford (3 days ago)
Fuck she is sexy
Lavkush yadaw kumar (3 days ago)
puck she sixy
SquirrelMAN 9 (3 days ago)
What's wrong with you. Yet... I'm watching this too.
sandeep medicos (3 days ago)
I am hot man I want pussy fudi chut
sandeep medicos (3 days ago)
@Robin Crofford ru boy ya girl
Robin Crofford (3 days ago)
I want some
Joker Quinn (3 days ago)
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TheLimalha (3 days ago)
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Angela Ramundo (3 days ago)
Me lo ai fatto allungare di 15m
Dacen Sher (3 days ago)
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Asrulbin sapian85 (3 days ago)
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Rosyid Kdll (3 days ago)
like from indonesia🤗
Mai Dũng (3 days ago)
Girl name in the video
Arjun Gautam (4 days ago)
kill all the pronografer.
HYPE WARRIOR!! (4 days ago)
Dark and awkward
Greg Johnson (4 days ago)
10000000000000000000000000000000 sareesto God
Bagas Dwi (4 days ago)
Santosh kumar (4 days ago)
Balaraju Balaraju (4 days ago)
How is Beautiful
alice lariosa (4 days ago)
1000000 times sorry to god
yhxqqsn (4 days ago)
Love it
Siti Amelia (4 days ago)
Masya Allah
Tarulata Patel (4 days ago)
why you are not doing nisele
منو تجي وساب فايبر نحجي
1 like = 1000 times sorry for god 2:21
Gcbh Jvx (3 days ago)
@ 1
Gcbh Jvx (3 days ago)
Faboii Minjakz (4 days ago)
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Md Sepon (4 days ago)
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Kevin Hicks (4 days ago)
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Easy Erotic (4 days ago)
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This clip is made in the style of a short horror movie. Good story, I also like to watch it.
Miguelina Placensia (4 days ago)
jad 129 (4 days ago)
Jose Kridler (4 days ago)
*come tap on me if you wanna hook up*
budak pailang (4 days ago)
Come 👉🍌💦
Mahmoud Abouras (4 days ago)
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muhammad mizan (4 days ago)
pengen ngentot memek
hidayatul qomali (2 days ago)
Krwati Aa (3 days ago)
Sama aku aja yu ngentot nya
John Ruiz (4 days ago)
i Love you. girl
Bradley Hodges (4 days ago)
She soo hot wish she could sit on my dick and ride it all night
ohh quiero cojer mucho
The Mxcano (4 days ago)
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Manohar Kumar (4 days ago)
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Babli Das (4 days ago)
no name (4 days ago)
this is soo ugly
nightmarescar793 (21 hours ago)
Indeed this guys naked a dudes takeing photos of her boobs to put on his wall and some clown dude rapes girls or brings girls to his rip off of the bat cave
Greg Rudolf (4 days ago)
what story about this song, this mv ?
Dead Birdy (4 days ago)
Khoiroel Effendi (4 days ago)
E jancok
firmansyah freaks (4 days ago)
Piye lurr
rob fogg (4 days ago)
Strange how she's there but don't really see her. Very unsatisfying video somehow.
Wahwu Ermawan (4 days ago)
Aldi Pratama (4 days ago)
arif ali (4 days ago)
Really WTF
Sandeep Reddy (4 days ago)
omg how true...allah represents the clown in the video...through islam terror he is a mass murderer like...month ago in srilanka.. amen.
Sandeep Reddy (4 days ago)
@OP Mortis truth always hurts oral puke mortis..my piss be upon you..insaala
OP Mortis (4 days ago)
Stfu SucDeep you're an idiot. Go eat some goat curry
cofikaramel (5 days ago)
Holy shit hot girl wtf
bronzay wonared (5 days ago)
Dinadia Dinadia (5 days ago)
La Lin (4 days ago)
Dinadia Dinadia exchange
Nurettin Kurt (4 days ago)

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