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UAL portfolio preparation advice

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When you apply to a course in a subject like fine art, graphic design, fashion design, and other hands-on disciplines at UAL, a portfolio is a very important part of your application. This video provides general advice about preparing your UAL portfolio, answering four key questions: ‘What is a portfolio?’, ‘why do I need a portfolio?’, ‘what should my portfolio include?’ and ‘how should I present my portfolio?’ Find out more on the UAL website: arts.ac.uk/portfolio
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Text Comments (24)
keep it wrong (10 days ago)
I hope to attend this university in the future
Atari life planet Momo (2 months ago)
for fuck sakes gett a fucking life you piece of shit
Koko (4 months ago)
My dream since I am 12 is to attend UAL I still have 3 years of school to go! But when I finish I hope I will get accepted this university is my dream.. I hope you guys will like my work when I come to apply this Video was really helpful thanks for inspiring me.
Zen Kazeno (11 days ago)
Good-luck... Just saying it's gonna be hard but do ur best... I still got a year left then I'll apply too 😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏
Jay Cann (3 months ago)
Koko you’ll probably have to wait another 6 years
Rajesh Kumar singh (4 months ago)
Actually, the entry requirements for the international students.... sounds different😦
Kikwang K (1 month ago)
how to know the requirements for international students?
Anca Perta (10 months ago)
Ual you rock .
Thanks Anca, you rock too! :)
アメムラ (11 months ago)
This is helpful, thankyou! Hope to attend for UAL in the future. :)
Looking forward to welcoming you! :)
Ariesa (11 months ago)
Same~ good luck !
Olga U. (1 year ago)
is portfolio necessery for journalism/fashion business studies?
Tj Finley (1 year ago)
Olga U. Yes x
I Don't Know Elisa (1 year ago)
Csm is made for me working on my portfolio now
I Don't Know Elisa (1 year ago)
Thankyouuu this is helpful
OMG! I belong to CSM.
it's Ajobi (2 years ago)
this video brings back so many memories of my experience lol
Chris Cregg (2 years ago)
too much rules..... i dont like it.
Zen Kazeno (11 days ago)
Then sorry you don't qualify... These are actually the basics of the basics 😬😬😬
Luna AngelEclipse (11 months ago)
The things they're asking for really aren't that unreasonable. Research? Experimentation? Accepting your mistakes? Showing off your best works? Being original? Being yourself and including what you want? These are the staples of art and design. What's not to like?
Peter Winter (2 years ago)
I know! I feel like the main rule should be, as it is the individuals work " present it, how you as the artist want to". That to me, alongside it being readable, should be the rules.
Chris Cregg (2 years ago)
maybe.. who knows? or you know? it's just a comment.. it's just a portfolio and it's just a promotional video..
Christopher Nettles (2 years ago)
Then maybe you're not made for going to these schools then.

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