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The 6 Rarest Marijuana Strains Ever

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As commercial cannabis continues to grow, hybrids and high potency strains are becoming more popular due to a high demand for more THC. While hybrid popularity is increasing, the number of new strains being produced is also growing. The industry is growing so fast that it seems like a new strain is introduced every week. Due to this high demand for hybrids and higher potency, strains that we smoked in the 1960s are becoming rare, almost to the point where some don’t even exist anymore. Other rare strains are also becoming less available because the cannabis can only grow in certain regions. Colombian Gold is one of these strains that was popular during the 1960s but is hard to come by today. In the ‘60s, most people were smoking leaves, stems, and seeds but Colombian Gold revolutionized that with its dense, fresh, and healthy flower buds. When consumed, it produces a classic sativa high that is both powerful and cerebral. Although Colombian Gold was the first strain smuggled out of Colombia’s Santa Marta valley into the U.S., it is rarely found in the U.S. or anywhere for that matter. Those who seek the strain have to rely on their memory of their high from the ‘60s. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/civilized.life/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/civilized.life/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Civilized_Life LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/10198314/ Website: https://www.civilized.life/
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Text Comments (72)
Dr. Red Frankenstoner (14 days ago)
Colombian Landrace Cannabis is so good for you. As Your Doctor I demand that you use Cannabis very often, and legally so go vote for legalization.
Trevor Brown (16 days ago)
Alaskan Thunderfuck
Dan S. (19 days ago)
The landrace strains must be protected at all costs
mike smith (1 month ago)
4 way from Jamaica its pure orange and smells 30 feet away amazing that and some earthy northern lights are the best
Scott Johnson (2 months ago)
How bout dumpster in Ohio? It's a clone only strain. It's legendary round these parts.
Scott Johnson (19 days ago)
+Dan S. I was getting monster trichome laden buds about 8 years ago myself. Great bud
Dan S. (19 days ago)
I'll vouche for Dumpster... probably been at least 10 years since Ive seen it around. That shit was soooo dank!!
Jeffrey Waltiere (2 months ago)
Man oh man I need some good stuff like that
MalawiGold (2 months ago)
Malawi and Swazi seeds are very easy to get my end.
Joseph Robinson (3 months ago)
Cant believe i lashed nevilles haze at the ams airport fuck shouldve ate it
ImetGodinperson (3 months ago)
None of these strains are rare. You can get them anywhere.
boot system (2 months ago)
ImetGodinperson really??? How about iduki gold??....
Andrew Smith (4 months ago)
The pure strain sativis are the best period no matter THC percent
Green Dream (4 months ago)
i smoked fruity pebbles. that shit was purple af
michael g (4 months ago)
They have never been able to replicate hawain maui wowie indoors or grown outside of hawai many classic strains had lower thc but close to zero cbd so they were unique energetic highs many had wonderful tastes by the 80s these strains were being grown seedless and were just as good as todays top weed acapulco gold has even won recent awards
Mark Zickus (1 month ago)
Your so full of %&[email protected] Who are "they", when u say they could get I to grow indoors or outside Hawaii ? Illicit growers, obviously. It couldn't have been universities or gov orgs because the plant has been illegal. It must be a yet undiscovered force making supreme nuggs in Hawaii. Pfft. Lol. U r like 50 yo right?
Matt Isadore (4 months ago)
8% THC? that's really low how is that rare? there's alot of pretty budz going around that have almost no THC. I want a THCV strain.🙃🤤
Ayo Hogue (4 months ago)
Aacolpoco Gold?
Columbian gold is all over the place and I don't see duck foot on your list
Marco Goncalves (4 months ago)
Road kiil skunk from the 70s,find That for me
Lary biscuit (9 days ago)
or u can buy there afghani #1 and skunk#1 and make your own cross and boom there u have it... your very own version of roadkill skunk. or u can source the skunk #1 from dutch passion as well .. i guess they have the skunk version and sensis is more fruity but also more stable as dutch passions skunk#1 tends to hermie. its a pretty basic cross and its still around today u just gotta look for the parent strains .. ones a landrace the other is a IBL.
Lary biscuit (9 days ago)
go to sensi seeds they have the original.. skunk#1 x afghan = f1 roadkillskunk. it might be under a different name i dont know but i do know they have what u are looking for.
michael g (4 months ago)
Thc isnt all that makes a buzz taste and smell do too many of these classics were superb thai and its asian exotic taste and high is in a whole nother ballpark once you smoke thai youll say fuk kush good thais like fine candy the buzz is unique a sativa blast with indica body too bad properly grown and cured tha is rare hard to grow and find
DudleyTheDragon 420 (5 months ago)
My dads gots fruity pebble And orange fruity pebble
FOH (5 months ago)
That is true about Nevilles Haze you'll never see that on the street. By the way if you're interested in rare Landrace strains in their natural environments check out strain hunters channel on YouTube they're amazing.
Jameswilliam1982 (5 months ago)
malawi cannabis will Never go extinct :D
Grant Murphy (5 months ago)
white fire og 🔥 🔥 🔥
Thejas Harikumar (5 months ago)
Well, the original idukki gold's extinct now 😭.it was undoubtedly the best strain in India
boot system (2 months ago)
Thejas Harikumar not
Abin joy (5 months ago)
Idukki gold😍
David Porowski (6 months ago)
Panama Red does not exist any more; I swear you could taste the soil it was grown in. mellow & brick red flowers
new philmz (2 months ago)
I just got some last week. It was my first time coming across it after hearing about for years, so I had to get it. It had thick red hairs and gave a mental psychedelic-like high. I was told it came from an oldschool grower. Tasted earthy, sweet and spicy.
Bob Ingalls (5 months ago)
Reeferman has it but is currently sold out now. He was gifted some extremely old seeds from the 70's and got one female seed to pop.
Darkteddybear87 (7 months ago)
$89.00 for 10 fruity pebbles seeds at the first site on google
Scott Johnson (2 months ago)
This vid is a joke.
LongFinger (4 months ago)
Darkteddybear87 buy them and make $911 profit 😂
oldbootz (7 months ago)
Yea this is bullshit lol. Try African black magic as #1 most rare.
David Robinson (7 months ago)
No i got gsc. And i wanna order bubble gum next.
David Robinson (7 months ago)
Rare my ass look up malawi gold. It's avalible at 10 seedbanks online. And it is the most popular export out of malawi. Very resistant to mold.
A.A Nightcraft (3 months ago)
David Robinson online? Did u buy it to prove it's not bullshit
Chef (8 months ago)
Ive had nivelles haze
Teds Meds (8 months ago)
I remember some Panama Red back in the day.
new philmz (2 months ago)
I smoked some Panama Red last week for the first time after hearing about it for years. I was told it came from an oldschool grower. It had thick red orange hairs. Smoke was smooth and tasted sweet and earthy, spicy. The high was uplifting in the head and almost psychedelic-like effects after the second joint.
David Porowski (6 months ago)
Teds Meds Me too (wistfully) I had seeds, but not the balls to plant them manufacturing would have drawn a 30 year prison term, GD Fascists!
vasileios vasileiadis (8 months ago)
michaeltsid (8 months ago)
What about kalamata red? This landrace goes back to 500 BC in ancient Greece, where they cultivated this strain for euphoric but also medicinal uses. Later at 200 AD the greek traveller Pausanias as he was exploring Peloponisos, he came across some farmers that were cultivating a cannabis sativa dominant plant that reached 4-5 metres high (13-16 feet high).This strain is said to be extinct since 1980,but some old farmers claim that they possess seeds of this cannabis plant.
Francisco Arroyo (4 months ago)
No stupid!!! It goes back 502 years b.c with 3months and 1 day. Know your facts before you post shit next time.
Food 4 Thought (4 months ago)
Better then the video
Jarred Burnett (5 months ago)
michaeltsid thanks for the info
Mito Cannabinoide (8 months ago)
colombian gold here in brazil is the most common and cheaper bud you can get! although its unique!
Andy Pasha (2 months ago)
Mito Cannabinoide. I looking to get some seeds of the Colombian gold.
Joe Weeks (3 months ago)
Tastes like your smokin leb blond hash
Joe Weeks (3 months ago)
Mito Cannabinoide i love the hashie taste
Joe Weeks (3 months ago)
Mito Cannabinoide i want some
Andrew Smith (4 months ago)
Cool hope its real thing and stays that way
StarDelta-9 (9 months ago)
I want to try some red dwarf
ene831 (9 months ago)
viewer 10,601
jacksonviral (10 months ago)
The original haze is crazy
john smith (4 months ago)
jacksonviral ahhh remember SSSC ;)
Its_Achy (10 months ago)
I have 3 out of 6 of these strains sitting in my stash right now... Not sure how you're determining a strains rarity but it clearly isnt accurate
Asmara 95 (6 months ago)
Duffer Man Guys I'm in Oregon i was wondering if i get rare strain. Is it wise to sell the flowers to dispensaries?
buck rowley (11 months ago)
why does it smell like grass or lawn clippings in a brick ?
Dan S. (19 days ago)
It wasn't dried and/or cured properly
Fat nibba (4 months ago)
You shouldn't even be buying brick weed anyway lmao and it smells like that because your being sold lawn clippings get a new dealer bud
Brajesh Shrestha (11 months ago)
i have this malabi gold..hahahahaha
Goodfella 420 (1 year ago)
world of seeds sell feminised Columbian Gold seeds...whether they're legitimate CG i don't know
michael g (5 months ago)
Goodfella 420 they are hybrid fakes
Chang Tissot are the seeds cheap
Chang Tissot (9 months ago)
Im from Santa Marta, the place in Colombia where they originate. They are not rare at all, in fact they are the most common weed strain in the whole north of south america. Very cheap too
pappawheely (1 year ago)
And , to eat and make oil for your skin and medicine and food great stuff should be decriminalized worldwide thanks, for the memory love and peace to all

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