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'SUNSET' - Beautiful Ambient Mix 【1 Hour】Chill Mix 2018

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Hi all! New beatutiful relaxing ambient/chillout mix Just relax and enjoy this music! If you want to hear more, don`t forget to like and subscribe :) Artwork: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=602575 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••Follow Artists••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Alivvve: https://soundcloud.com/alivvve https://alivvve.bandcamp.com/ https://vk.com/alivvvemusic Borrtex: https://soundcloud.com/user-910809074 https://borrtex.com/ https://www.facebook.com/BorrtexOfficial Alicks: https://soundcloud.com/alicks14 https://twitter.com/Alicks14 https://www.facebook.com/Alicks14 Jazpe: https://soundcloud.com/jazpemusic https://twitter.com/jazpemusic Ptr.: https://soundcloud.com/ptr-11 https://www.facebook.com/Ptr-Music-1546547572276423 https://ptrofficial.bandcamp.com/ iamsleepless: https://soundcloud.com/iamsleepless https://www.facebook.com/wearesleepless Owsey: https://soundcloud.com/owsey https://www.facebook.com/Owsey/ https://owsey.bandcamp.com/ Cash: https://soundcloud.com/cash-official https://www.facebook.com/thisiscash https://mynameiscash.bandcamp.com/releases Flame Shapes: https://soundcloud.com/flameshapes https://www.facebook.com/flameshapesmusic/ https://vk.com/flame_shapes Kazukii: https://soundcloud.com/ohthatkazuki https://www.facebook.com/ohthatkazuki https://twitter.com/Ohthatkazuki O S L O: https://oslo.bandcamp.com/ Spectra: https://www.facebook.com/Spectradnb Nori: https://soundcloud.com/norielle https://www.facebook.com/Nori.Music https://twitter.com/n0ri_nori A Cerulean State: https://soundcloud.com/aceruleanstate https://www.facebook.com/aCeruleanState https://twitter.com/aCeruleanState ✖ I'm not the creator of this Music or the Image. All copyrights go to the following artists. If any artist of a track or artwork has a problem with one of my uploads, please contact me([email protected]) and i will remove the video. Have a nice day :) Background Music/Study Music/Study Mix/Relaxing Music Mix/Chilled mix/Relaxing music mix 2018/Uplifting 2018/Beautiful chill mix 2018/Chillmix summer 2018/Best emotional music/Beautifull ambient selection/Wonderful ambient mix/Uplifting ambient collection 2018/Chillstep dreams/Chill mix 2018/Chillmix 2018/Study music/Atmospheric Ambient/Uplifting music/Meditation music/Emotional ambient mix/ambietn sounds/Chillout mix/Chillout mix 2018
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Forgotten Dreams (9 months ago)
Playlist: ► [00:00] Alivvve - Eternity ► [03:37] Aulence - Breathe ► [07:29] Borrtex - Snowflake ► [11:40] Alicks - Giants Under The Sea ► [15:59] Jazpe - Helpless ► [21:37] Ptr. - Blissful Moments ► [26:37] iamsleepless - I Was So Tired Of Dreaming ► [29:08] Owsey - Dancing By The Dreamless Wave ► [34:05] Ptr. - Taiga ► [37:26] Cash - Nocturne ► [42:58] Flame Shapes - Nothing ► [47:00] Kazukii - Connection ► [50:31] O S L O - Moon Spun Silver (ft. Nori) (Spectra Remix) ► [55:01] A Cerulean State - Without Even A Single Lead, Time Moved Onward
Some. Art. (2 months ago)
really nice mixes, please keep uploading, I need more!! <3
Mona Brown (9 months ago)
Simply Blissful! Much Gratitude :)

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