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The Philosophy of South Park – Wisecrack Edition

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Start building your website with Squarespace! ►► http://wscrk.com/1RGDGpI Use the Offer Code: WISECRACK for 10% off your first purchase! Join Wisecrack! SUBSCRIBE! ►► http://bit.ly/1y8Veir ** Season 19 Spoiler Alert ** Welcome to this special Wisecrack Edition on Season 19 of South Park, where we dive into the philosophy and politics of one of our favorite shows. We explore South Park's themes of politically correct (PC) culture, gentrification, advertising, social justice, safe spaces and narcissism. Buy South Park: Season 19! ► http://amzn.to/1OTkoiQ === MORE EPISODES === Philosophy of RICK AND MORTY ►http://wscrk.com/1KvthHS INSIDE OUT: Is Joy the Villain? ► http://wscrk.com/24qinyg Philosophy of HOUSE OF CARDS ► http://wscrk.com/24Dun0q Philosophy of FINAL FANTASY ► http://wscrk.com/1RSllcr === SOCIAL MEDIA === FACEBOOK ►► facebook.com/WisecrackEDU TWITTER ►► @Wisecrack Get Email Alerts ►► http://eepurl.com/bcSRD9 Check out our Merch! ►► http://www.wisecrack.co/store Brightly Fancy Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Written by: Alec Opperman Directed & Narrated by: Jared Bauer Edited by: Ryan Hailey Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin Produced by: Jacob Salamon © 2016 Wisecrack, Inc.
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Text Comments (6248)
I had to watch this video again after watching the 2019 Gillette commercial.
Relyks _Y (3 days ago)
Jesus Christ, I'm gonna go smoke a fat bowl now..
John Shoemaker (6 days ago)
Yep thats the government!!!!
227060 (7 days ago)
Excuse me but power rangers was more than token representation. Fuck you
Amanda Christine Cox (10 days ago)
Greggs Vegan Sausage Rolls a case in point
Kuba Pietroń (14 days ago)
"Inhuman forces of neoliberal capitalism" XD wtf man, dont shit yourself
Spike Skeleton (17 days ago)
Me: For over 10 years South Park was the best satire that ever lived. Before the dark times before the PCness Luke: How did South Park die? Me: Trey Parker and Matt Stone who were the gods of comedy before they turned to evil they betrayed and murdered South Park. They were seduced by the dark side of comedy bringing PCness and ultimately sealing the show’s fate.
Spike Skeleton (17 days ago)
Season 19 was the season that killed South Park it was the beginning of the Dark Times and 3 years later and were still at those dark times. This world is fucked up we can easily not make good stuff come to an end but all of us still fuck up anyway.
Max Miesen (18 days ago)
SJWs and Trump supporters... They're both fucking "retarded"
daniel chung (20 days ago)
When Mac is pc and pc is not pc
madcat789 (21 days ago)
I hate what they did go Craig and Tweek.
Robert Ferguson (23 days ago)
Neoliberalism has nothing to do with the free market. It’s mercantilism at its purest.
Keen Beams (24 days ago)
As much as I disliked this season for being unfunny, annoying and boring it's really the most clever and insightful season thus far tbh. I have a weird cognitive dissonance about it.
Charlotte Webster (26 days ago)
12:03 "Buckurupbuckaroo" made me cry laughing.
shaun Britton (28 days ago)
It's true I'm faked coming out on Facebook i had loads of nice msgs so funny trolling these sheep 😂😂
Andre Gomes (30 days ago)
I think Matt and Trey cannot explain the message in this season in a better way. (best season since 2015 until now) Great breakdown of topics and great research for the quotes that you use to define the meaning of certain terms. I saw that serie two times i thought i had done the total breakdown i was mistaken. Good job
Iblou Idlar (30 days ago)
I listen to this whole thing. But like really, really slow. It takes an hour. I love it
Noah Baxter (1 month ago)
You are clickbaiting rednecks and white trash with that pabst blue ribbon
lismar145 (1 month ago)
As a person who lives in Venezuela, I see all this, all the things on tv and all the things you americans do, and how us here in Venezuela are sooo different and how we concern for so many different things and I just can think that you all americans are crazy dude
Dr. Atlas (1 month ago)
I think there are some inaccuracies in this explanation of PC culture. I know that this video was made in 2016, but nowadays, advocates of PC behavior do not try to pretend horrible things like slavery never happened. Instead they obsess over reminding people of historical events, as proof that the rest of us somehow have some kind of historical debt. Also, while it is true that many of those "PC Bros" are acting the way they act in order to get laid or to "virtue signal", the majority of people that join PC movements, usually come from the marginalized groups they claim to represent, and in most cases they are not "Bro" types. I also do not think that these people are somehow "fashionable" or part of the "system". In my country and in many other countries, extreme examples of people who want to push PC agendas, actively attack the system, causing damages, occupying buildings and using violence. Sometimes this behavior is so extreme that under no circumstances would it be appropriate for some kind of advertising campaign or gentrification strategy. On the contrary, the chaos caused by those people is the exact opposite of what gentrification would supposedly aim for. Just an observation. Other than that, South Park is an awesome show and watching an analysis from Wisecrack after each episode makes it more entertaining!
ANDREW KNIGHT (1 month ago)
ANDREW KNIGHT (1 month ago)
ANDREW KNIGHT (1 month ago)
ANDREW KNIGHT (1 month ago)
ANDREW KNIGHT (1 month ago)
ANDREW KNIGHT (1 month ago)
ANDREW KNIGHT (1 month ago)
PC PRINCIPAL was stupid
videosXyouXwant (1 month ago)
My mind is blown
revspikejonez (1 month ago)
The parody used to be obvious, but fascists are dumb, and idolize the worst bits unironically
Todd Garver (1 month ago)
Meh, I think Family Guy is funnier. Comedy is subjective
dviator86 (1 month ago)
Is it me, or does some of this resemble the movie Get Out?
PKMN37 (1 month ago)
To quote Foamy on Political Correctness: If we still live in a free society, then why are people so scared to express themselves? Why is everyone second-guessing everything they say?
Simon Lee (1 month ago)
Just gotta say, they mislabeled the episode at 3:58. It should be " Cherokee Hair Tampons".
Sovereign Monarchs (1 month ago)
that banjo is kinda annoying tbh.
Magic Trash can (1 month ago)
P.C Politicaly Correct
Tropical Winter (1 month ago)
Lol the likes
Wade .Meadors (2 months ago)
I think Matt Stone and Trey Parker might have read No Logos by Naomi Klein. She released her book around the same time that they started their show and they seem to have a lot of the same criticisms on advertisements influence on our culture
Dayton Midwest (2 months ago)
Wow... the ending of this video lol with the ad
sparhopper (2 months ago)
but 99% isn't good enough!
WarframerGaming (2 months ago)
South park has always been increasingly elaborate shock humor but I still love it.
OlafttheGreat1998 (2 months ago)
This video is sponsored...
Swain Bjornstrandt (2 months ago)
One of the best seasons. Definately my favorite. Excellent structure and the mockery today's paranoia is just what it deserves.
Tea Eye (2 months ago)
Zach was definitely the token ranger
Jackie Eagle (2 months ago)
jamb (2 months ago)
I thought it lost its way in season 19
01011 01101011 (2 months ago)
Change your first name
Fedora Boy (2 months ago)
How da fuq does a show this long get better over time?
- - (2 months ago)
Henry Giroux is a moron. Consumerism is an individual choice and not an obligation. Its equally false that all problems are addressed on a private level. Classical liberalism has a long history of emphasizing voluntary collective action and the freedom not to consume. You said 'nothing quite fuels the economy as self obsession in mass', but that is false, it literally does not matter what people spend their money or time on. The economy will be fine.
FanksCast (2 months ago)
Wait did he just call that red neck guy and the priest a crowd of lawyers?
StripperTipper-405 (2 months ago)
South Park went completely over your head. They arent saying "PC culture doesn't actually help the oppressed". South Park is saying "those people aren't oppressed anyway". They arent diversity mongers like you dude. They hate your ideas.
eod696 (3 months ago)
Can south park survive is a sociologic question, not a philosophic question. You are a sociologist who claims to examine philosophy...but what you do is examine the impact of marketing on society...without bothering with real sociology. You don't even bother to properly examine the marketing. You treat it as a result of previously developed philosophies so you can codify and compartmentalize trendy things, in an effort to dismiss them as reproductions. This is what gives me a headache. You aren't teaching people anything. You're indoctrinating them.
eod696 (3 months ago)
fuck me, i couldn't even make to the 1 minute mark on this one. What about south park has ever been or will ever be smart? Seriously?! Their "smartest" season is the one where they actually have a cohesive story to tell throughout the season...it's not smartness that makes that unique in terms of seasons of south park. Lets see what else you've got.
Joel Sterling (3 months ago)
Well said bruh 👏
Kevin Clark (3 months ago)
Is this video about southpark or how much you hate neoliberalism? You do realize the show is satire, right?
Logan (3 months ago)
Goddamn I love this show.
Matt Napoli (3 months ago)
idontgive mercesthethird (3 months ago)
Billaxle (3 months ago)
Salvador Salinas (3 months ago)
South Park Season 22! #cancelsputhpark
J D (3 months ago)
neo liberalism and modern leftism are pure garbage.
Eric Henriquez (3 months ago)
J D so is pure right, that’s what this whole video was about lol
Gavin Lynch (3 months ago)
“... is just a cover, to crush puss”
Heather Hatch (3 months ago)
My husband was a teacher but is now a coal miner. Teaching DOESN'T pay.
Kai Peters (3 months ago)
Meh at least here I can skip the ads
Juan Salandro (3 months ago)
Dude....this is a very very great work
Samuel Oak (3 months ago)
Did this nigga just call Stalin a dictator after citing daddy Slavoj!?
Andrew Palmer (3 months ago)
Political correctness is a fucking joke
Justin Bygum (3 months ago)
ricky hackett (3 months ago)
This is why I love South Park is that too anyone who’s syndical it just seems bleak and dry, but deep down it’s so much more
The season 22 ep 1 also deals with reactions, i believe it deals with desensitization of school shooting, because of how frequent they are (i belive Alva Noe said it better than i can, about perception and how we see more and less at the same time) and the second stort line is about how anything made by some of color is (I.E. black panther in that episode, loved the movie though) is reacted by those of the same race or "group" or if they even saw it. Like if a black man voted for McCain instead of Obama or if someone who is hispanic that cant dance Salsa (like me, i suck at dancing) would shatter cartmans ( or people with very tribalistic views of the world) perception on how people "should" react to things instead of how they "did" react to thing (like ben carson or ted cruz, because no one likes them). Not sure of im right here on the second one, but none the less it was an interesting episode to explore and some of those ideas in this season. In other words please do a episode by episode break down this season, love your stuff guys. Peace.
Alex Beckman (3 months ago)
I like the subtle dig at Big Bang Theory for capitilizing on nerd culture without actually understanding it.
Jam Archer (3 months ago)
Interviewer: so you and trey parker have done a wonderful job of integrating the political and social climate we live in today, while keeping it funny and relevant. Tell us, how were you able to make such a complex and deep message in south park while keeping it fresh and funny trey parker: um.. dude, I have no idea what your talking about
Jason Faulkner (3 months ago)
South Park takes down "both sides" of the political argument? Nothing to be proud of. There are more than two sides to most every argument. Including political. By boasting that they take down both sides serves to perpetuate the "2-sides top every argument" myth. We use the other 90% of our brain once we stop thinking in polarities, and go off track. Matt and Trey are still cynically motivated. Fair enough. Great show.
David Aarón H R (3 months ago)
no ads , so are you for sure
Denny Alvarez (3 months ago)
Zizek and South Park in the same sentence.. never thought I’d see that lol 😆👌🏽
christopher bryan V (3 months ago)
Social awareness gravitates toward the practice of building systems for what human animals want to be, rather than what they actually are. It is the nature of social adaptation to live life as a progressive fantasy. But all of this is surface play. The depths are not ruled by reason or politics. We do not progress, only cultures do. And even these changes are supplemental to unaltered animal needs.
Welders 4 Truth (3 months ago)
I Love south park!!!
Hondeer (4 months ago)
TBH, having been around or 3 decades, the world is getting off on feeling good by being offended. Its Orwellian.
DEl Taco (4 months ago)
Are you serious right now??? wtf
Reverend Mother (4 months ago)
Next stop: mini tunes.
Adrian Höijer (4 months ago)
I love you
Toby K. (4 months ago)
I can't believe how many people brush off SP as some washed up old comedy like the current Simpsons without even trying to watch it. It has layers and actual depth on top of its fucking comedy gold. Matt and Trey are goddamn gold at setting up their jokes and punchlines. It's definitely more intelligent than people give it credit for while still being fucking hilarious the only way SP can.
Wesley Van Reen (4 months ago)
Your name is Jared? Thats a fucking bummer XD
Philosophy of Shannon Elizabeth's favorite hilarious and religious cartoon South Park.
Paul Stewart (4 months ago)
This is literally the exact opposite of the democrat platform
RebootThis (4 months ago)
This explains why the UK Conservative party is so messed up, it is a perfect mix of both Neo-liberalism and Egocentric Right-wing policies, the two don't mix and can't co-exist but at the time they feed one another!!
Theclown75 (4 months ago)
Just noticed that in the pc frat house they have a nazi eagle with a fist inside it instead of a swastika
Mr MUNYANG (4 months ago)
South park til we die.Never gets old.Love how it's written in these new days! Always hitting the spot. Much love boys!!
Jove Oddo (4 months ago)
What I think is so what if your trans. Still a dickwad who hit a person. Being gay or coloured or Trans shouldn't be used as a wall of insults and protection. Tons of People undergo sex change surgerys yet she's so brave and shit. My god tokenization of minorities is such bullshit. It's been so rooted in such a short term I heard r my friend refer to someone as black and my eyes widened and shit, because race is not usually used to describe people anymore.
201 BK (4 months ago)
south park never made fun of weebs
Greg Huffman (4 months ago)
7:05 Zizek is based
Luke Hartman (4 months ago)
Great video... Have always thought this but never articulated it as well as you did
John Ward (4 months ago)
Safe Space is an exceptional episode
Square_Army XD (4 months ago)
Ship more Craig and tweek plz...
Jimmy Gonzalez (4 months ago)
Wisecrack - do Naruto
MusicalSavior23 (4 months ago)
4:00 "Cherokee hair tampons"* not "Chef goes nanners" yah goofs
Bakhtawar Iqbal (4 months ago)
Never even saw this season that way.....loved this
Baldr's Dreams (4 months ago)
> Privatization and "free market solutions" are liberal and not the exact definition of modern conservatism. Kill yourself, narrator.
Aura Companion (4 months ago)
Comes home tired from economics class. Opens youtube. Finds South Park episode. Learns more about economics *Triggered*
Darko Bakula (4 months ago)
Dont forget talk shows which are hidden ads of which most watchers arent aware.
Sambo Rambo (5 months ago)

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