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Cruising Into Yalta: The Stunning Swallow's Nest

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http://www.TravelsWithSheila.com Cruising along the Black Sea coast into Yalta on a hot, summer's day was exciting. Even though it was early in the morning, tourists were already jockeying for the best sun tanning positions on rocky beaches, and tall buildings covered the mountains. Over 1 million Russian and Ukrainian vacationeers flood into Yalta each summer to enjoy the sun and sea. Viking passengers would spend two nights on board the Lomonosov docked in Yalta and spend the days touring the city, Livadia and Alupka Palaces. But first, the Swallow's Nest...
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Text Comments (19)
Roger G (1 year ago)
In America this Swallow’s Nest would be a KFC.
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
😍 Wouldn't that be hysterical? Though there were plenty of souvenir and refreshment stands there. Thanks for watching and have a Happy New Year. Best, Sheila
Alex V (1 year ago)
Love it ❤️ so beautiful
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching and taking your time to comment, Aleksy. Isn't it amazing how anyone can even imagine building something like the swallows nest? Best regards, Sheila
Sean's Myth (2 years ago)
4:40 Is that a ghost in the bushes coming from the right of screen. Maybe it's just a reflection idk. Looks like he's wearing a cowboy hat possibly. OMG.
Sean's Myth (2 years ago)
+Sheila Simkin No I think you missed it. Look again, it's only for a second or two. Either an apparition or a reflection, hard to say. I believe in the paranormal but even I'm a skeptic at first. Concentrate on the darkened section of that large bush on the right of screen just above the wall. He moves from right to left. I think it somehow has to do with the windows on the bus, but very strange still.
Sheila Simkin (2 years ago)
I think it was a smudge or shadow on my camera lens. I'm always forgetting to wipe it off. But a ghost would be fun! Thanks for watching and best regards, Sheila
Jenn Smith (4 years ago)
No McD's on the island of Barbados ;)
Sheila Simkin (4 years ago)
And no there aren't - for now at least. In a way it's sad to see how blue jeans and McDonalds have infiltrated the world. Not necessarily a bad thing but I miss the loss of different cultural dress and food while traveling. Oh well, we can't have it all, can we? Thanks so much for visiting my channel and taking time to post a comment. Regards, Sheila
mcpartridgeboy (5 years ago)
bye bye Ukrainan tax revenues from all that tourism
mcpartridgeboy (5 years ago)
+Sheila Simkin i think the entire world is waiting on putins net move
Sheila Simkin (5 years ago)
Don't you wonder whether the cruise lines are still going to include Ukraine? What about the one we took down the Dnieper to Crimea? I am dying of curiousity.
Sheila Simkin (5 years ago)
Thanks for watching and commenting. Best regards, Travels With Sheila
Sheila Simkin (5 years ago)
Her internet address is OdessaWalks. YouTube doesn't allow me to finish the url address but you'll find it easily by googling. Your are welcome and again, have a great time.
Sheila Simkin (5 years ago)
My only suggestion is to contact Olga at OdessaWalks and ask if she had recommendations or can help us. Good look and have a wonderful time in Ukraine. Best regards, Travels With Sheila
Sheila Simkin (6 years ago)
Thanks so much for your very nice comments. I grew up in a small apartment and never thought I would be able to travel and see what my husband and I have done. But I must say, we both have worked all our lives and this is the end result. Hope you are as fortunate. Thanks again for visiting my channel and taking your time to comment. Best wishes, Travels With Sheila
Gerald Salazar (6 years ago)
lol at the mcdonalds part xD i like your videos and wow a castle i wonder when will i get to travel this nice places :( keep them coming this is so entertaining! xD Godbless!
Sheila Simkin (6 years ago)
I'm with you and never knew anything about Ukraine...Wait until I get to Odessa - what a place that is!
sfflyer123 (6 years ago)
great report, sheila. Never knew where Yalta was. never knew there was a German castle there. Never knew it was a replica by a German immigrant. great info, sheila!

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