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FoFo Gotz to go down Official Music Video

80 ratings | 14755 views
Fofo Gotz to go down Shout out to all da fam nd all da slabz dat came through for da video. It Went down indeed!! "Let Me In" the mixtape is on da way real soon! Fallow me on [email protected] Add me on ://www.myspace.com/fofoletmein http://www.myspace.com/killablkent (for da people dat still get on) Official Fofo Website coming soon! "Fuck with it or git fucked over" Hit up my dudes Durty Filmz 832-921-7540 for a videoshoot!
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Text Comments (19)
Alexis Olvera (11 months ago)
Carlos Gomez (6 years ago)
Hell yeHhh boeiii ma homie Mr.Trusty in HC!!
Alan Arjon (6 years ago)
I bet everyone saying " nigga" on here is really hispanic, fucking disgrace.
datkilla000 (7 years ago)
This hoe hot Real t
DagoStay Blowed (7 years ago)
Thow'd vid.....I think I met dude up in CLC used to be or still is Tercera not sho dats him tho..props
DJ Daimo (7 years ago)
you got arcade's support, we want yours
MeReDiThMaNoRtX (7 years ago)
@Ivan5642 the fuck madison hs gotta do wit this? lmao
Ivan5642 (7 years ago)
fuck madison hs
etzahi16 (7 years ago)
3:11 <<<------Big Pun is not fat, just fluffy
Arley Michaca (7 years ago)
1 person is blind n clicked on the dislike button by accident!
david sandoval (7 years ago)
Chr1s747 (7 years ago)
Awsum vid dawg. Keep up the good work man, hope u get up there where U wanna b, which is making cds, getting famous, getting known for ur music and of course, getting them bitches! Thumbs up for fucking sure
Fernando Velazquez (7 years ago)
Let me swang with yall next time xD
MeReDiThMaNoRtX (7 years ago)
who ever disliked it eat a meaty dick haha
My nigga fofo wrecked it!
Jonno Dillinger (7 years ago)
hoe goes hard than a bitch bro
SenpaiBilly (7 years ago)
the video is throwed, but its funny as fuck cuz ricardos mom is in it XD
Down Ta Chase (7 years ago)
2 days, over 500 views.Dats wussup!
Ashley Garcia (7 years ago)
ahh my fofo makin videos. :D ill support.

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