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Kwame - The Man We All Know And Love (1989)

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In 1989, aged 16, Kwamé released his debut album, Kwamé the Boy Genius featuring a New Beginning, which he also produced with the aid of Hurby "Luv Bug" Azor. The 'A New Beginning' of the title refers to his backing band, which was unusual amongst emcees of the time. The album spawned the singles "The Man We All Know and Love" and "The Rhythm." The accompanying music videos featured a polka-dot motif in the costumes and production design. This was to become Kwamé's trademark and a hip hop fashion trend, as fans of his began wearing polka-dotted clothing. In 1990, Kwamé released his second album A Day in the Life: a Pokadelick Adventure, a concept album about a day in the life of a high school student. The album spawned the hit singles "Oneovdabigboiz" and "Ownlee Eue." In 1992, aged 18, he released his third album, Nastee. This album marked a departure for him, discarding the polka-dots and writing more sexually charged lyrics, in contrast to his previously playful, intellectual persona. The title track was a minor hit but the album quickly fell from the charts. His fourth album, 1994's Incognito failed to chart. In 2000, Kwamé reemerged as a music producer, sometimes working under the name K-1 Million. He has produced for many artists, such as LL Cool J, Mary J. Blige, Keyshia Cole, Missy Elliott, and Christina Aguilera. In 2004, he had a major success as the co-producer (with Eminem) of Lloyd Banks' smash hit song "On Fire." In 2005, he had more success with Will Smith's single "Switch". As a producer, Kwamé has sold over 30 million records. In 2012, Kwamé teamed up with Vin Diesel to help score his web series The Ropes. He also formed the boutique label Make Noise, with signees including Beyond Belief, and released an instrumental album, Break Beat Diaries. Kwamé has also written scores and original music for film and TV., including Drumline, Step Up 1 & 2, Stomp the Yard, Freedom Writers, The Comebacks, Coach Carter, and Fantastic Four and recently produced Vivian Green's fifth album Vivid. He has also joined the hip hop group the Alumni, alongside Chubb Rock, Dana Dane, Special Ed, and Monie Love.
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Text Comments (125)
Doug Ragsdale (1 day ago)
Fuck that these niggas was cool as a mufuka old skool kool like J
Slum Lxrd (4 days ago)
This was the shit!! I rocked many a polka-dot suit. Ughhh!!
Janet Jones (23 days ago)
Kwame was a straight cutie 😍😍😍
Lonnie Norman (1 month ago)
Kwame's Questlove Supreme episode brought me here.
EchoRhythm.TV (2 months ago)
It’s amazing that he was my favorite rapper for a hot second lol
Benzino Coleone (2 months ago)
Damn I heard Donnie simpsons ass from video vibrations that just gave me a flashback of 1990 lmao
BadBusDvr80 (2 months ago)
It's like damn what really happened to rap music??.
John Drake (3 months ago)
Reminds me of Slick Rick, all that story telling.
John Drake (3 months ago)
Haven't seen this in almost 30 years.
RICK ROLLED{FaCTz} (3 months ago)
the memories )
dslimm (3 months ago)
Fuck that Biggie shot/diss/lyric. Kwame movement was was rollin. Creative shit.
J Jam (5 months ago)
he look like lil wayne with a fade
sadetwizelve (6 months ago)
I never liked kwame,always corny
Nitty (6 months ago)
He bite Slick Rick hard !
bmpynks (8 months ago)
A little too fast.
Jude Williams (9 months ago)
and crazy like it is istill love it these days
koolpop jones (10 months ago)
A BET Rap City steady rotation video classic
Vaughn Baskin (2 months ago)
Uh, here some BET 101 "Video Vibrations" and "Video Soul" set the tone for "Rap City".
Damn, niggas used to fuck up the end of the videos by talking over it. I used to hate that fucking bullshit!!!! 🐂💩
randoff32 (1 year ago)
I wants a haircut like Kwammmmmm!
raymond flores (1 year ago)
Fyre Burn (1 year ago)
My least fave Kwame song.
Janean L. Watkins (1 year ago)
Whaaat?? Where the Heck did you find Video Vibrations footage!? Classic! Great upload, thanks! :D
Shon'non Wooten Sr. (1 year ago)
Hip Hop!
Melinda Davis (1 year ago)
This is one of the better rap than today's. I enjoyed my teen years.
rightonce (1 year ago)
This video is still funny asl to me!
Damian C (1 year ago)
Damn '89
MsQueenB2 (1 year ago)
Polka dots!!
Nitty (6 months ago)
BIG felt away about those polkadots Real live
CAYENNE TAN (1 year ago)
Oh dear god it's been in my head for years!!! Yes yes and YES!!!
Harry Shoemaker (2 years ago)
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince called, they wanted a lawsuit.
Harry Shoemaker (1 year ago)
That's what he said!
Dylan Anderson (1 year ago)
Harry Shoemaker what an astute opinion! typical brony answer...
Harry Shoemaker (1 year ago)
Oh shut up!
Dylan Anderson (1 year ago)
pssst...just so you know The Fresh prince was the poser. Kool Mo Dee, KRS one, Kwame, Slick Rick, Eric B and Rakim...What an ignorant comment.
Alden Mc (1 year ago)
other way aroundKwame, Slick Rick and the like..
A&R Pressure Washing (2 years ago)
This track is so bananas!!!
Bill Volk (2 years ago)
Homestar Runner sent me here
Deevyus 1984 (2 years ago)
"Ya played out like 'Kwame' and them fuckin' polkadots". - Biggie Smalls on 'Ubeliviable' production by Premier
That's why ya boy piggie balls got roasted in 97! So, who's laughing now, fake gangsta (c)rap tuff guys???? 🐷🔫🔥💀😨😱😁😂
Marc Hartman (1 year ago)
Deevyus 1984 k thanks for pointing that out.
WarCloud Wu (2 years ago)
wooow ....I forgot about this OMG ...so many memories.
Victor Ezell (2 years ago)
Kame'was the man !
Charlie McDaniel (2 years ago)
I was 15 years old when this song came out. I still know the words to it
Mr. All5ity (2 years ago)
Classic Hip-Hop 💯 Kwame is another artist who paved the way for a lot of rappers style today.
ALERICK CAMPBELL (2 years ago)
Spinderella She is so Funny in this Video.
Angel D (11 days ago)
I don't think I knew that was Spin! Lol
Gary Anderson (2 years ago)
Originally is something today rappers have none of.
Prasino Fasoulaki (10 months ago)
Gary Anderson Originality is another.... Be well bro👍
billyripp (2 years ago)
1989 was a hot year in hip hop.
EchoRhythm.TV (2 months ago)
Folks said 88 but 89 was D.O.C dropped No One Can Do It Better. That clinched it for me
Vaughn Baskin (2 months ago)
GUYS! All of Hip-Hop has it's golden years be it from the '80's, the '90's, the 2000's, or all 3 of them!
Russell Adams (5 months ago)
I agree but 1994 is the best year of Hip Hop. I grew up listening to Hip Hop from the beginning stages. 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 were all great years in Hip Hop.
Russell Adams (5 months ago)
Derrick Powell 1994 is the best year of Hip Hop. 1988 was a very great year as well.
Jarobi Trice (1 year ago)
sd willy (2 years ago)
lolool...I like how they had Kid do a cameo in the end!! lololo Great video!!
Donivan Arnold (2 years ago)
Ahhh, the good 'ol days.
Akil McNiel (2 years ago)
I miss real hip hop I can't call what I hear on the radio these days hip hop shit is wack
lovinthaky (2 years ago)
nah dawg kemdrick
Mark Cowan (2 years ago)
He always had crackin choons on the B-sides of the 12" releases.
KHO BRO (3 years ago)
Andrew (3 years ago)
Brings me back To Clark Air Base in the Philippines back in 1988-89. Had so much fun hanging out at the gameroom, and images and at the silverwing. Lilly Hill, Wagner, friendship hwy, carmenville.
YhwhKhaiMostHigh (3 years ago)
The rapper to introduce pooka dots. We was wack as heck but I can tolerate this more than the crap today!
jcannion (3 years ago)
the original MILF song!
Jonnie Romaine Thomas (3 years ago)
Classic! When HIP HOP wasn't afraid to be unique,creative and stretch the imagination. The high school of Art n design.....New York.
John Balderson (3 years ago)
Quame later gouged his eye out and changed his name to slick rick yo re invent himself
Soonkie123 (3 years ago)
Wooo...high school memories! :)
Joe Still (1 year ago)
vidform (3 years ago)
Video Vibrations! I haven't watched that in years. LOL I think this song came out before "The Rhythm." I enjoyed both.
Vaughn Baskin (2 months ago)
Actually Mayor Chris Thomas made his Rap City debut in 1989 Benzino, not 1990!
Benzino Coleone (2 months ago)
+Vaughn Baskin 1990 Chris thomas the mayor was the host on rap city....😂😂😂
Vaughn Baskin (2 months ago)
You know "Video Vibrations" really was the blueprint for its sister series "Rap City" in 1989.
Bobby Bounce (3 years ago)
Jarrel Ely (1 year ago)
Bobby Bounce kwame vs jaz-o?
Diggum Smack77 (3 years ago)
Wooooow....Video Vibrations
Vaughn Baskin (2 months ago)
The original Rap City!
Antonio D (3 years ago)
Thank you, man the nice thing about getting older is coming looking back a little gems such as this!  : )
karameldreem (3 years ago)
#Hurby Luv Bug Productions
ezlrockwell82 (6 months ago)
#PaulC #1212Studio
BrothaBlake 76 (3 years ago)
Not gonna lie, i just watched this n smiled through the whole vid:-). Happy part of my childhood for real!
Tony Dear Jr (3 years ago)
This song and video was stuck inside of a imaginary time capsule for me. It's been well over 25 years since I've seen and heard it and I'm in awe of the innocence and purity of hip hop as I knew it then.
Diane L (3 years ago)
Brings me right back 97.9 fm. Club FCS. The best in dance, hip hop and house. Stick and stay lol
Jude Williams (3 years ago)
ambassador158 (3 years ago)
Have you ever lied, stolen, committed adultery(Jesus said if you even look with lust it's adultery) Will you be guilty on Judgment Day? Be honest. You know you will be guilty and end up in Hell. But God is not willing That Any perish. God loves us so much He sent Jesus Christ to suffer and die on the Cross and He rose from the dead. Today, Repent(Confess and Forsake your Sins) and trust in JESUS Christ then read the Bible and Obey it.
Phil Pelkey (2 years ago)
you need to repent sense you on youtube
LUIGAUZUKI (3 years ago)
Wanna be slick rick
LUIGAUZUKI (3 years ago)
Damn he's terrible... I gave a shot but biggie was right
dandanthetaximan (3 years ago)
Grrrr @ the announcer that talked over the song and cut it off :(
Benzino Coleone (2 months ago)
You dont know who that announcer was???
AUSTIN4512 (3 years ago)
YhwhKhaiMostHigh (3 years ago)
+AUSTIN4512 You have a point!
Brooklyn Bred (3 years ago)
Shout out to the lames who watch an entire video then hate on it. Hell shout out to the lames who actually search for artists they claim they don't like. 
melun dank (4 years ago)
o.g. milf shit
E.rex Muzic (4 years ago)
A slick rick/dana dane knockoff.. Corny!!!
Jadlotian (10 months ago)
Both y’all are kinda incorrect...from slick Rick will smith and kwame took things to the next level....the ruler is the best, the fresh prince capitalized on the rulers mistakes, and kwame became a production guru who put out great singles in the most versatile era of hiphop...all praise due to them all!
bingrim (1 year ago)
E.rex Muzic Dana Dane was in this Video. Kwame Rocked Stages with Slick Rick. There were 3 other acceptable Rappers that did what Rick did. Dana, Mc Holiday(The Og Gucci Man) and Kwame. it was actually Fresh Prince who bit the concept.
William McGee (4 years ago)
This shit is classic.
NastyVeli (4 years ago)
Nigga is trash, even biggie said he's wack too
Nya Perez (4 years ago)
you mad or nahh
MAC VP (4 years ago)
#daywalkerz  trust me
michig911 (4 years ago)
classic hip hop. 
Peter Salinas (5 years ago)
One of the best story tellers of all time. Kwame.
Nitty (6 months ago)
He bit The Ruler clown
ibe2steppin (5 years ago)
ya styles played out like Kwame, and them fuckin polka dots!
Fade20 (9 years ago)
Hurby-Lovebug was the OG Puffy ,back then he had the team.Salt&Pep,Kwame,Kid&Play he was doin it.
ezlrockwell82 (6 months ago)
Hurby got production credit on the album, but Kwamé put this together with help from the legendary Paul C. at 1212 Studio RIP Paul C. Paul C. Lives! #PaulC
outstretchedarm (9 years ago)
this song has phat drums
ezlrockwell82 (6 months ago)
That's because - Paul C. (Just google his name)
Todd Lavigne (9 years ago)
try about 2:14 of Nastee tho
Todd Lavigne (9 years ago)
Saint Expedite Church (9 years ago)
Yeah, I have but I cannot remember the song now.
LastTrumpets7 (9 years ago)
Ever heard of The Rhythm!
exkimo64 (9 years ago)
I'm pretty sure the guy 0:01 in is Vin Diesel. I read that he is Kwame/K-1 Million's cousin..... I'm pretty sure it's him... just ... well... with some hair.
Fabian Lopez (6 months ago)
exkimo64 no. I think that's Donald Faison
Mackadoeshez (9 years ago)
This is str8 up dope! Anybody got "One Ovda Big Boiz"?
Saint Expedite Church (9 years ago)
it was his first hit single.
1lifestyle (9 years ago)
is this his first video

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