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Kids Say The Darndest Things!

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SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE #KYOOTSQUAD!: http://bit.ly/kyootkids Kids Say The Darndest Things! That's why we're all here, right? This is the very first episode of these funny kid compilations, and we hope you guys love it. So today, we're giving you the first installment of our brand new Kids Say series. There is no doubt that kids really do say the funniest things. Don't believe us? Watch this compilation of hilarious kids who are adorable, sassy, witty or a sweet combo of all three. These are some seriously funny kids, and we're here to laugh! Like the kid at 02:03 with this absolutely classic George Washingmachine line! Like this compilation if you are LOVING this new #KidsSay series! Comment down below with your favorite clip from the comp. Mine has to be the clip at 06:17 because this kid's attitude about not biting his friends at school is way too hilarious! LOL! You'll have to see this funny clip for yourself! And you'll definitely laugh at all the funny things kids say. Kids Say The Darndest Things! Connect with AFV Online: Visit the AFV WEBSITE: http://afv.tv/AFVWeb Like AFV on FACEBOOK: http://afv.tv/AFVfb2 Follow AFV on TWITTER: http://afv.tv/AFVtwitter Follow AFV on INSTAGRAM: @afvofficial Follow AFV on MUSICAL.LY: @afvofficial Kyoot delivers your daily fix of LOL kids clips and premium original content for kids of all ages. Come visit us to see all of your favorite cute baby laughs, funny kids, and parenting fails! For all licensing inquiries please contact: [email protected]
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Text Comments (17984)
Koszmarek (1 year ago)
You wanna brother or sister? Puppy!
Erik Harild (1 month ago)
PUPPY 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🦊🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
MittyHam0 (2 months ago)
I got kitties 😂
Phoenix Snilloc (2 months ago)
*_Puppy Is Now A Gender_*
Dogs and cats Awesome (3 months ago)
Koszmarek I want a puppy
Amber May Menendez (3 months ago)
Koszmarek you don’t need to repeat the same thing so you can get a lot of likes do something better than repeating 😒
melody126786 ;-; (5 hours ago)
“Let’s go kev!” “You don’t tell me >:c”
brendon lee (22 hours ago)
George washing machine 😂😂😂
Akhil Kondaparva (1 day ago)
Roselyne Kanda (1 day ago)
Dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Roselyne Kanda (1 day ago)
OMG she’s so funny when she said Alexis Dead
Fun with Zara (1 day ago)
3:35 lol Mom: Why r u sad? Little girl:because u told me not to shake my butt Me:LOL she thinks not shaking her butt is important look girl there r worse things in life that not being able to shake ur butt. LOL 🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Brown (1 day ago)
5:54 I don’t like hearing that
Rakesh Jain (2 days ago)
Yup. That's Batman, alright.
Gamer (2 days ago)
Alexa ... She’s dead,😂
Ramila Mistry (2 days ago)
I don't take sassy girls to the store I don't take naughty mamma's to the store either Don't take it u might get hurt
Willow (3 days ago)
Alexa she's dead
Nyx's wonderland (4 days ago)
3:33 idk Nan mola
Kimberly Ohman (4 days ago)
Kimberly Ohman (4 days ago)
I wanna puppy!
Swayvon Taylor (5 days ago)
5:22 There food every where, I got to clean it up before ladies come.
Sajjad Ali (6 days ago)
Good push mom good push😁😹
FilmsFor SMARTpeople (8 days ago)
"We're breaking up now...If you come closer I will kill you" "Ill be humming that all day now.
A legend of videos were born
tom campbell (10 days ago)
Sweet prince is the cutest video ever aghhhhhh
Ishtiak Taher (11 days ago)
Brother: let’s go Kev Me: u don’t tell me >:( Brother: let’s go Kev Me: u don’t tell meh >:(
Ishtiak Taher (11 days ago)
Big Boy Daddy tmanterp (12 days ago)
b r o k e n (12 days ago)
8:16 soumds like Zachary Zaxor xD
Jusy Polo (12 days ago)
7:59 I hope that girl becomes an actress one day.
Scarlett Kaskeski (13 days ago)
I don’t take sassy girls in the grocery stores me I don’t take naughty mamas with me either
Erica Bretas (14 days ago)
7:30 😂😂😂
PD7 2009 (14 days ago)
Uploaded on my birthday
kadenbane (14 days ago)
the video that started it all...
Wolf princess (14 days ago)
To all the haters "WHAT IS YOUR PROB-A-LUM'
Azam (11 days ago)
Nothing xD
Janissa Santiago :3 (15 days ago)
*I ain't saying nothing* THE BEST PART FOR ME
Gigi Torres (19 days ago)
"It's out of gas!"😂💕 I love kids, they're so funny
BIEL sales (19 days ago)
Just like my three year old daughter!!! 😅😂🤣
Meghan Poust (20 days ago)
Or not!
Meghan Poust (20 days ago)
First one I be like girl byeee😹😹
JourneyousJC (22 days ago)
9:11 is my personal favorite. You might get hurt!
T D (22 days ago)
‘’I don’t want to die’’ haahaha i died laughing
WickedWildNWise (23 days ago)
Repeats on TV are bad enuff...NOBODY wants to watch them
2bin (23 days ago)
Man, a bunch of these kids need a swift kick in the pants. Example - snowflake boy at the end of the video.
Mark's Toys Channel (23 days ago)
3:47 I don’t wanna die! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
JayGeeBee07 (22 days ago)
10:06 all moms watching this video don't say it's time to clean up because it's a bad word (plays the more you dont know music)
Dad: Hey ok that's enough back, back up. What are you doing man? Why did you do that? BABY: *wHY N0T*
Lillian Reich (24 days ago)
My name is Lilly
Kai ohhai (24 days ago)
Kai ohhai (24 days ago)
Mom: Son, you need to pick up your toys.
SB STUDIO (25 days ago)
Very nice video I can't stop watching until video end of the video
leo alamis (27 days ago)
not trying to be mean....the girls eye is so big in 4:48 thats it
" There's food everywhere! I better clean it up before the ladies come! ", Remember that men! 😳
The Buddies (28 days ago)
Kyoot is the best channel on YouTube!!☺☺☺
Brenda L Nelson (1 month ago)
Mom:why you sad Girl: because you told me don't shack my butt 😂😂😂😁😁😂😀
Precisely Me (1 month ago)
09:10 "you might get hurt" 😂😂
Hannah Shribman-Brown (1 month ago)
Someone wanted to stress out that one little boy by insisting he was hilarious when he clearly said he didn't want to be hilarious. The poor kid!
Liam Honnoll (1 month ago)
Kev just has to deal with it.
Md Sahin (1 month ago)
"Do you love your father.??" Baby: "I love Justin bieber." ha ha ha
FBI (1 month ago)
Nicklas nicklas (1 month ago)
Dayfenix Roberson (1 month ago)
When the pro ba Lem kid grows up Grown kid:ima send you to a nursing home Parents:what is your *PRO BA LEM?*
Breeanna Leonard (1 month ago)
Pretty Kitty (1 month ago)
5:52 how i feel about cash baker
Black Viking (1 month ago)
1:00 when I say "I love you" to my girlfriend
G Holmes (1 month ago)
3:37 The baby’s voice is so cute
Sunita Wankhede (1 month ago)
Why'd you do that ? Why not😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jkiyra Hebert (1 month ago)
Bachelorette parties are my *FaVoRiTe* parties 😂
ZombieGirl Games (1 month ago)
*yOu DonT teLL mE!!!!*
Nicklas Steinberger (1 month ago)
Gam3rChanc3 Durette (1 month ago)
Dat boy BAD on the last 1
Harja Lim (1 month ago)
I aint saying nothing
God's Creations (1 month ago)
hi cute fiend, so nice to see you here, keep up, THUMBS UP for all of you, your new fiend here, God bless you all, see you
Yo, a laughed sooo much im ded. Mummy,mummy im busy!
Mateo Cheramia (1 month ago)
مراكش - iKech (1 month ago)
nana they want you ,, im dead 😂😂😂
RIP VIPER (1 month ago)
Dad don’t take it please **YOU...MIGHT GET HURT*
10,000 games (1 month ago)
9:47 it sounds like sans the skeleton!
Everest.pastel lps (1 month ago)
*the fairies...they put, naughty words in my mouth!*
wanderer (1 month ago)
Nana they want u🤣🤣🤣
Boden Thomas Mattey (1 month ago)
You get a boyfriend at 15, not 30
Hakuna Matata (1 month ago)
2:32 pennywise the dancing clown joined the chat
Kiera Lynch (1 month ago)
I don’t want to die
Marwan Ali (1 month ago)
4:09 I used to do that to my sister lol. One time I put a wax strip in her hair .
Lulu_Chan YT (1 month ago)
Why did you cut it? Because I wanted to Does it look good? No Does Emmys hair look good? No Emmy, do you like your hair? YES
Nicole Coleman (1 month ago)
Crazy kids
Billie_Elilsh_Patatoe (1 month ago)
Why are you sad ?
Billie_Elilsh_Patatoe (1 month ago)
Because you told me not to shake my but...😭😭
Dr. Saira Khan (1 month ago)
do u love daddy? no i love Justin bie-ber fine then do u love mommy? no i love Justin bie-ber
2.24 amazing
Jimmy Bob (1 month ago)
4:37 conspiracy theories be like:
sai chatani (1 month ago)
George washing machine 😂😂 I think that got me the most
Nicklas Paul (1 month ago)
This it how I feel about you😉😔😜🤔🙄😬😏😒😛😀😙😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣😭😗😙😋😚😘☺️😊😍🙄🙂🙃😉😋😛😝😜🤔🙄😬
Nicklas Paul (1 month ago)
Nicklas Paul (1 month ago)
And wats your age
Nicklas Paul (1 month ago)
Can we be friends
Nicklas Paul (1 month ago)
Hay wats your kname
Savage Pineapple (1 month ago)
You wanna brother or sister? -a PUPpY!! A puppy!? *laughs uncontrollably*
Dark Wolf (1 month ago)
What if that's really a monster.
Thomas. C. K Ihuhua (1 month ago)
Ha ha ha
Say love you.. Or not! You guys have the best videos! Well done! 👍👍😂😂
GSK Gang (1 month ago)
Me: I want to float mommy. Pennywise: come down to the sewer *evil laugh*
Nooby Noob (1 month ago)
Special Washington (1 month ago)
Lol what is your problem
susmita dey (1 month ago)
The 1st one is too funny😂😂
Asmr sleep trigger Li (1 month ago)
mom:can u eat your food kid:im busy im busy mom:now can u eat your food kid:mommy am busy me:hahahahaa😂😂🤣

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