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my story:sexual abuse

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I was 6 when it first started and then 8 when he moved in 11 when it stopped and he was 36 at the time he was living with us.my own family member.when I was 15 I finally told my family.he got kicked out and I haven't seen him since. I wasn't the only one he hurt. thanks for watching subscribe!like!share!. Created by VideoFX for Android. http://goo.gl/BRiFJ
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Ashley Playz (1 day ago)
CANCER I. HIS BIG ASS UGLY BALL?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Love_ Sparklez (1 day ago)
I'm glad he's DEAD I don't want anyone going through this
Yandere Tuber (1 day ago)
I’m sorry this happens to you
Samantha Botfield (1 day ago)
he is bad i hope he did die
Bbg Bri (2 days ago)
Guys I'm going through something like this right now what should I do because I don't know way to do please give me advice
😭😭😭😭 I feel so bad for you!
Coral Rivera (3 days ago)
I'm so sorry for what happened I'm happy that your safe and when you said he had cancer in his balls I couldn't help but laugh 😂
Dreamers Wild world (3 days ago)
He deserved to get cancer
1:44 he pulled you by your ankles and then what?
Gillian Reed (3 days ago)
Yay the man GOT CANCER BALLS YAY WAIT was it that he got cancer in his balls ? ANYWAY I DONT CARE
jet :3 (4 days ago)
I believe it was carma!! I'm so happy for you💋❤❤
Family Lehrich (4 days ago)
Omg im so sorry u know when i was staying with my cousins my male cuusin put his hand some were i did not want it he said it was an acsident but i dont think it was. I have depression and when he did that i just wanted to die. I really wanted to tell someone but he told me not to. But after 5 months i told my mother and she took care of it and he just forgot about it but i will never and this happend 3 months ago my depression got a lot worse and im still living with the hurt of what he did. Now why im saying this is because if someone ever touches u and tells u not to tell u do tell scream yell just get away from that person. Thanks for sharing your story with me and know your not alone
Robin Maly (4 days ago)
And im glad he got cancer in his balls he deserves it and more
Robin Maly (4 days ago)
Im using my moms account though
Robin Maly (4 days ago)
This is sooooooo 😥 saddd!!!god bless you and im praying with every ounce for you im sooooo srry !!!!! But guess what my name is summer!!!
Jordan Barbee (4 days ago)
Poor girl 😰😱😱 And that boy was WEIRD I’m glad you’re free
RaisinCookieGaming (7 days ago)
I hope that guy suffers for what he did to you I’m so sorry that happened
Wayne Milam (8 days ago)
I'm sorry this happened to you
Jaymie Torres (8 days ago)
Me to my step brother touched me
Isabella Scott (9 days ago)
I'm so happy your free
Angel Mitchell (9 days ago)
Dacia Games (10 days ago)
I feel bad i had been through that before
Manoj Prasad (10 days ago)
Neely players (11 days ago)
I'm so sorry Summer...
RoseyLittleGamer (11 days ago)
2:14 I was like yessss and laughed lol
Nia H (11 days ago)
He had cancer... IN HIS BALLS!!!
Annemarie Rigaux (11 days ago)
Bye! You are a strong women gurl
Annemarie Rigaux (11 days ago)
Good 4 you
Annemarie Rigaux (11 days ago)
Poor you!
IceTray The Fluffball (12 days ago)
I’m considering myself lucky because my abuse never went past touching. When I was 8 or 9 I lived with an older cousin and I was sexually abused for about a year. I told my mom and it stopped, but the court ruled it as “normal sexual exploration”. BECAUSE THATS SOMETHING 9 and 11 year olds do! It never went past getting touched, picture being taken, and having to strip down to no clothing. I’m sorry your story had to be so much worse. You don’t deserve it.
Anjelica Millard (12 days ago)
He a dick head
Do U kNoW dA wAy (12 days ago)
I cant imagine the shit u went threw when u were only i little girl....That must be been the worst thing that could ever happen to a girl... This might be the wrong time to say it But when u said he got cancer in up his balls i cant stop laughing 🤣🤣
brandless babby (13 days ago)
i almost got raped in 4th grade by this boy who liked me and still does so this happened 2 years ago when i just moved,i was new so i didnt know anybody but my best friend / neighbor so first day he was in my class he sat by me and my fake sister tried to hook us up because he was lonely and he liked me so then my teacher moved him to the back of the room because he kept talking and then i was sitting in the back so then he kept touching me down there and then kept licking his lips. everytime i would wear shorts he would act like he was picking up his pencil and start going between my legs. so i stopped wearing shorts. i tried to tell the teacher but he said if i told the teacher he would kill himself so i got scared. i couldnt tell my mom or my teacher so i told my best friend. she was in our class too so when we worked on our science project it was me,my bestfriend,my fake sis, and him (idykw) so we all worked on our projects and we had to go outside. so at my old school we had a shed in the middle of the playground so he pulled me behind there and pulled out his you know what 🍆 so then he tried to see my 🌮but the teacher caught him so he had 4 weeks suspension and 9 days of iss and then that wasnt even the last time. lets foward into 2 years later (this happened recently) so we are in 6th grade he looks for me at recess because we had the same recess and then starts touching my 🍑 then his now "new girlfriend" better watch out cus he is a perv😑😑
brandless babby (13 days ago)
Poor girl this world needs to change
sarah Mccarthy86 (14 days ago)
It was like 3 weeks ago wen the cops came he held a gun at my head it was scary
sarah Mccarthy86 (14 days ago)
But im back home
sarah Mccarthy86 (14 days ago)
I was kiddnapped once and got rapped
sarah Mccarthy86 (14 days ago)
I fell bad
My cousin well help me with my homework touches my butt touches my face and lips and touches my boobs
Claryes Ellen (14 days ago)
What is the background music it's awesome!
Kitty lover (15 days ago)
Omg I feel so bad for you fuck him
Steven Soliman (15 days ago)
He had cancer in his balls Me: he so f*cking dump
Giuliano Giuffre (15 days ago)
He had cancer in his balls then she was happy 😂😂
Xx_GalaxyStar_xX (16 days ago)
Omg im so sorry for that he did that to you i hope your safe now may you have a much happier and safer life then you used to have
FaZe Tfue (17 days ago)
i’m sorry you had to go through that
AtheniaSwirlsplays2018 (18 days ago)
I’m really sorry this happened to you poor girl
krder (18 days ago)
Aww I'm sorry u went through this my sister went through this with my step dad but then my sister killed my step dad and she went to jail she is still in jail till this day on.
Layla20th (18 days ago)
Brittney Peters (18 days ago)
Is this real or fake cause im crying right now😭😭😭
De'Angel Washington (19 days ago)
You are so strong Summer
Zombie Fox O8 (19 days ago)
That guy can die for all I care!
Nazareth Mbaya (19 days ago)
why would you be happy if some one had cancer you mad what if that was you. you would of cried mad girl
ღAppleღ (19 days ago)
*cancer in his balls* Ok I'm sorry but that is what you deserve,I'm sorry you had to go through this.
Vinay Vishwatma (19 days ago)
They should hang pedophiles to death who'd do such things to children below 18
equestrian 15 (20 days ago)
I was molested when I was 4 i had my first kiss when I was 4 but I dident want to I've had a difficult life and sometimes i feel like it's not worth it anymore
Ravengamegirl XD (20 days ago)
Am sorry you had to go though this i hope your ok now stay safe
FROSTY ME1 (20 days ago)
Dont lose hope pls dont cry
Nik Kingman (22 days ago)
Omg shut up
Maria Reynoso (22 days ago)
Poetic justice
Arianna Richardson (23 days ago)
I'm sorry for what happened to u I never gone threw it and I don't know what it's like
Marilena Poblete (24 days ago)
But it was my older brother who touch me down there
Marilena Poblete (24 days ago)
I went through a very similar experience
Victoria Richard (24 days ago)
I can relate hun my mom had a old husband and they met when I was 4 he would touch me and rape me and make me touch him and stuff (I thought it was normal and stuff every dad does to their kid) this All carried on until I was 12 so 8 years in hell and my mom was always working and he was a bum and a stay at home dad, that all stopped in 2014 when they broke up, (happily to me and my sister cause he did that to my sister to) and he was very abusive when my mom wasn't home. I just recently told her everything last Christmas or a few weeks before. Cops are involved now and sadly hes still allowed to see my little brother. :/
Maria Arellano (24 days ago)
I am so sorry you went through this no one should ever experience this😢this also happened to my best friend I was the first person to hear about her uncle raping her since she was four😢😢
kittycatgamergirl plaz (25 days ago)
He had canser😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 in his balls😂😁 I can't stop laughing that what he get ahahahh
kittycatgamergirl plaz (25 days ago)
I'm sorry I feel really bad of here so sad😢
Danny me boy Smith (25 days ago)
you fell and got raped 😂😂😂😂😂
Rockgamer Mauricia (25 days ago)
This kinda "Sexual abuse" thingy's *never* happened with me...I am a lucky 9yrs old girl! 🍝 Don't touch my spagetti
You know what? You deserve a sub. I am so sorry... But a sub and a like would help!
emotional weirdo (26 days ago)
I wish I was as brave as you,to tell your story...Mine was a family member,I was 8..At a birthday Party at my house..ever Since was BRoKeN..😁Then my teachers found out from a note I wrote...Then now on Parent teacher conference on Tuesday everything is going to stop and strike.....💔🤕🙃😭😭
im the worst (26 days ago)
thats sad *crys*
Kaitlyn McIntyre (26 days ago)
I feel so bad for laughing but it was just the bit where u said he got cancer in his balls that got me, obviously I feel bad for you too, that must be so scarring and I'm thankful that I have a loving family and no-one would hurt me like that (well from my family anyway)
Ca'ron Sullivin (27 days ago)
I'm so sorry
Traymond Franklin (27 days ago)
Lol. I i got to say is u really sucked his dick lol omg lmao man i swear 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sierra Sivak (27 days ago)
I know girl I had that to and I did not like it
ItsMe3lly OwO (27 days ago)
"I was so happy" Me: -_- Me:CONGRATSSSS
Beth York (28 days ago)
I know someone that went through the same thing
Gamer Moon/Tiffany (28 days ago)
I’m so sorry
린 밈졸 (29 days ago)
These people do more harm then good I am so so sorry this happened...❤️ stay strong summer
Shana Hambelton (1 month ago)
OMG that's so sad but that part when he had cancer was funny!😁
Amaya Brewington (1 month ago)
* He had. Cancer. In. His. Balls. Lol
BluWolf Games (1 month ago)
Shirley Ledsome (1 month ago)
I fell bad for you but when you said you werr free i felt happy!☺
Trinity the youtuber (1 month ago)
So sad i support you. Summer
Ashlynn And emma (1 month ago)
It went from "I had a penis in my hands" to "everything was back to normal"
Tara Keys (1 month ago)
I'm so so sorry for what you have gone threw this......this is Horrid! no body should have to go threw this exotic ( Crazy ) Thing that's not right if you are dealing with this tell someone who you can trust...and again I'm sorry if this happens to anyone!❤️
Richard And King days (1 month ago)
Hoe do you get cancer in your balls
Zulema Rita (1 month ago)
Ok actually girl your spelling literally sucks
Sad story of life summer
Charlotte Cat (1 month ago)
You were 6...
I have the same name as you !
Hmoobvang16 (1 month ago)
I'm really sorry for this. MEN Stop DoING stuff like this even though I'm a boy. Still really sorry
noscoping legend 420 (1 month ago)
1:54 idk why but I got so scared also stay strong
Data Miner (1 month ago)
Fear Men, Not See This.
Data Miner (1 month ago)
#FalseAccusations destroy lives worse than #RealVictims can ever express. Stop #FalseAccusations and push for #EqualityUnderLaw Fear Men, Not See This
Same with me I almost got raped but I kicked him in the nuts bofore he open my mouth I called the police
_Grace_Whitfield_ (1 month ago)
Oh my god! What a fucking asshole. You must have been traumatised!!!

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