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Hookers, Sex and Murder (Mature Content)

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Category: Животные
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Text Comments (26)
Matthew Radecke (4 months ago)
Interior design work... *cleaning windows*
30 dirty Duke (9 months ago)
Gta 5
baphomet666_MONSTER (10 months ago)
such a damn cool video!
Gryphon Phoenix (10 months ago)
is that real or fake i want to know
TheOtherGuy (6 months ago)
Take I wild guess Hint: IT'S FAKE
Mr. Quakers (10 months ago)
He didn’t kill her
TheOtherGuy (6 months ago)
A Random Person IT'S NOT REAL
A Random Person (10 months ago)
Wherever Hes Gone.....He Bettter Be Rotting In Prison
Idiotic Cy (10 months ago)
Category *Pets & Animals*
Cap Super Bok (5 years ago)
This is very good hard-f*ckin-core shit!
Evan Cole (6 years ago)
holy crap another person that listens to Brad Sucks
jason kulesza (8 years ago)
nobody that sheds innocent blood with recieve forgivness in this life or the world to come - jesus free book of mormon another testament of jesus christ mormon.org
TheOtherGuy (6 months ago)
But she's not dead and this isn't real. I appreciate what you're trying to do but this is all fictional.
Mister Asphall (8 years ago)
@TheRodT Sex Murder Mayhem by K Da 1'1 Deuce and La Haine
tasha davia (8 years ago)
thats sad alot of those girls are so lost they are rebelous some come from f up homes look for a better life and end up in a gutter some where its really sad
TheRodT (9 years ago)
what is the name of the song at 1:45
siggn (10 years ago)
Touching, not scary, but touching PS. The canon didn't fit that well in the end
Vortex Films (10 years ago)
r u kidding? Funny? Poor poor girl.
Jovanni Martinez (10 years ago)
lol. i found this very funny
Dasllama01 (10 years ago)
Try using ... Terng juvgr Guebar its a rot13 code. Anyone know the names of the pictures that flashed or where they come from. We know what the code says, however, we dont know exactly how it is applied to the story yet. There are more puzzles on his digg site for those that are interested.
Vash001 (10 years ago)
Very nice. Your work is wonderful Mr Deercot.
satanhatesyu (10 years ago)
Anyone else catch that flash in the top corner? Some time RIGHT after 10:19?
wabonan (10 years ago)
a Hooker?,,,goddamn...thats weak
Shayna C.S. (10 years ago)
HMMM. You didn't disappoint.
LLMelvinL (10 years ago)
A new victim or possible a flash back to one of the old.
Angela Roengsamut (7 months ago)
She's the previous victim

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