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Interracial Love Affair In European Film

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Black and White (Italian: Bianco e nero) is a 2008 Italian romance film directed by Cristina Comencini. The film deals with race and inter-racial relationships when the married Carlo (Fabio Volo) falls in love with Nadine, the wife of his own wife's work colleague.
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Lynn King (17 hours ago)
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Sweet Honey (1 day ago)
Yes it's beautiful the contrast of it
hakan cakar (2 days ago)
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White men i lovet
Dilz M (3 days ago)
Lol I wish I had a white guy to do that to me
Nfjjhh Ndndjrtmt (4 days ago)
She's hot
tadala ababa (4 days ago)
am black man wanted soo much go to USA Canada Australia for money n sex but I realised sex is better here in Africa
hussain hussain (4 days ago)
I want to lick her armpit
Am Black but still I love black gals, there's something i feel while with them which I can't explain, than the rest trust me.
Apurva Shankar (6 days ago)
Alany Barros (6 days ago)
Lindo demais.. Muito quente
Ali Ali (7 days ago)
Ravinder Suthar (9 days ago)
Black girls are always beautiful and always awesome love you all black girls
Mohanned Aklan (9 days ago)
I fucked all kind of girls , and I wish that someday I'll fuck black one ♥
amogh mithbavkar (10 days ago)
Still single waiting fr true love ..........in this beautiful world
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Kelebogile Madzambi (12 days ago)
Chandresh Yadav (14 days ago)
I have a big black dick
سيف العرب (14 days ago)
The music destroyed the scene
The LilacWeirdo (14 days ago)
Want this so badly rn
kippie kopstoot (14 days ago)
are they italian
masti adda (14 days ago)
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грегорий (14 days ago)
Black women are extremely sexy and beautiful.. As a white guy I love them
hassan okaha (16 days ago)
عوز انيك بنت زبي علي اخرو انيك افضل من كده وتس رقمي01018131721
Christoper Fleming (17 days ago)
What movie is this?
Patrícia lea (18 days ago)
Gökhan Kayra (11 days ago)
Patrícia lea 😘
Kakao or fanelea
Great movie
Hasan ALkhamesi (13 days ago)
بنت السعوديه yeah very good
Hasan ALkhamesi (18 days ago)
waaaw... interracial relationship is what most people is thinking of ... Please black gal , what is the secret of your power
Faadumo Mahamud (19 days ago)
Alahu akbar
Ebu Süffle (17 days ago)
somen Dev burman (23 days ago)
They are so beautiful I want to marry them
Beto M.A. (23 days ago)
What is the name of this movie?
tommy peru (24 days ago)
Movie name please
tommy peru (23 days ago)
+Jack my man 😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙 Thank you
Jack (23 days ago)
Bianco e nero (2008), Italian movie
Monark Singh (24 days ago)
Is any one here
salim babu (24 days ago)
Bibb vvv
Mehmet Karasu (25 days ago)
Mehmet Karasu (25 days ago)
I love white
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Mehmet Karasu (25 days ago)
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Mehmet Karasu (25 days ago)
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Wilver Cruz (25 days ago)
dang thats the sexeyest women
Bukoola Paul (26 days ago)
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Cleo Cleo (29 days ago)
Am black and i love whites
Cleo Cleo (10 days ago)
Thank u
Hasan ALkhamesi (18 days ago)
love you back dear
Layla Carter (1 month ago)
I wish I could have a sexy Italian boyfriend 😍
Wahhh I want my Irish ex Bf back😫😫😫I'm so in love with you Alexander Ohe 😪😪💘💖
Hasan ALkhamesi (18 days ago)
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+Hasan ALkhamesi Thank you for your kind words ❤❤I'll let you know what happens.
Hasan ALkhamesi (18 days ago)
hope you get him back
Valarie Cisse (1 month ago)
I would love to get Bianco e Nero on DVD....with English subtitles
liton vai (1 month ago)
Awesome sexy scene
Muteesi Jackie (1 month ago)
Woow ,we blacks a sweet
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h tee (1 month ago)
Black women are so beautiful. Here in nyc there are so many . Love African and Caribbean women , American 2
محمد التوم (1 month ago)
سنه ونص من قبل قليل
Purva Pp (1 month ago)
iam very beautiful but never got love.iam jelous this black women
World View (1 month ago)
Black women are incredible gorgeous and their dark color makes beautiful contrast to what ever color their clothes are: white, yellow, red, green, orange, magenta, ....their facial features are cute, hair nice and when many of them have beautiful shape of head they look gorgeous even with short cut hair or even bold.
رهيبا ياتسيلي
ZION love it (1 month ago)
Hasan ALkhamesi (27 days ago)
ZION love it we like you back
esor val (1 month ago)
Well do u look approachable and feminine?
Shahid Jhon (1 month ago)
PrincessLeah 187 xx (1 month ago)
White men are just more manly.
علي الساعدي (2 days ago)
I wont miired blck girl
Vijin Roy (25 days ago)
Goku black are you black guy
Goku black (25 days ago)
Black women are so sexy 😍
Vijin Roy (1 month ago)
Hasan ALkhamesi do u Fuckd any Black gals
Hasan ALkhamesi (1 month ago)
PrincessLeah 187 xx thanks
Sudair Alam Khan (1 month ago)
Black girls are Soo yummy
Francis Kuppour (1 month ago)
They called black women beautiful because they want to have sex with them nothing like love. We all know the history back the days. They used to pregnant black women and killed the baby's after they were born or put them in the cage, calling them black zoo.
Patrico Nkunda (1 month ago)
I THINK THAT BLACK PEOPLE DONT LOVE HIMSELF. BLACK MAN OR BLACK WOMAN DESTROY TO DAY BLACK FAMILY by interracial dating. very sad about black people.The most italian men prefer white race and abase black people of Africa. The beauty and smart black men date black women. THE BLACK LOVE STILL ALL THE TIME WHATEVER THE RACISTS MIXED RACE
Agent 47 (1 month ago)
Well, this was a turn on.
AJENG sari (1 month ago)
I LIKE Big dick😍😍😍😍
Ibrahim Ousman (1 month ago)
N'importe quoi.
esor val (1 month ago)
Le negro ne sait pas comment etre un homme d'integrité voila pk
me and you (1 month ago)
I Haet the man😡
Mahes Patel (1 month ago)
I like it
Arvind Madan (1 month ago)
Which movie is this
Albus Regnum (1 month ago)
jews should televise in israel only interracial relationships
Clayton bowling (1 month ago)
Black girls are so beautiful
عاشقة باريس (1 month ago)
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Hasan ALkhamesi (13 days ago)
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عاشقة باريس (17 days ago)
+Hasan ALkhamesi الله يحييكم من
Hasan ALkhamesi (18 days ago)
vikram singh (1 month ago)
what is the movie name?
Tracey Cesar (1 month ago)
its amazing how love can be . at times the heart wants what it wants . the passion on this clip is soooooooooo phenomenal i cant even explain. love honestly sees no color i in general LOVE WHITE GUYS lol but wow this clip is beyond words the passion omg
Mohamed Youssri (1 month ago)
Love black girls 😍😍😍
esor val (1 month ago)
+Vijin Roy why is it so hard to believe that black women are desired as lifemates u prick.
Vijin Roy (1 month ago)
Mohamed Youssri then for wat , Marrying? , & Your country?
Mohamed Youssri (1 month ago)
+Vijin Roy noo
Vijin Roy (1 month ago)
Mohamed Youssri for sex only right
here came you gets ahahahh
Leonardo Tonin (1 month ago)
I'm italian and love Black girl 👩🏿
vivrenu indien (2 months ago)
Movie name ?
chiru kuruva (2 months ago)
Pls movie name
Alany Barros (2 months ago)
Da Dy (2 months ago)
l'homme ressemble beaucoup le prince harry
Leila Anderson (1 month ago)
Da Dy (1 month ago)
Leila Anderson what your country
Leila Anderson (1 month ago)
Okay, I don't understand
Da Dy (1 month ago)
Leila Anderson je comprend pas l'anglais
Leila Anderson (1 month ago)
Not really
Diadhiou Emilie flora (2 months ago)
Comment s'appelle le film en français
ام ياسر ناجى (2 months ago)
ام ياسر ناجى (2 months ago)
Ahmed kl (2 months ago)
Pdhunna 2 (2 months ago)
Love affair season 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
The fire bros (20 days ago)
So hot it wants me to have sex😀 oh wait I have already
The fire bros (2 months ago)
I. Really love it
Navin Vasava (2 months ago)
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Holyflame (2 months ago)
Yin and Yang
Mhmed Altep (2 months ago)
تعبان على الآخر لحالى ومحتاج رفيجه في الكويت
The black girl it's hot I love it so much
john superhist (2 months ago)
They are over acting it's like they got personal in real life
Deepak Rajan (2 months ago)
I need a black girl . who will be the unlucky girl
Neymar Jr Fan (2 months ago)
Get that boob😍😗
Khalid Mohamed (2 months ago)

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