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How to export CSV data from Oracle database using Python.

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How to export data in CSV format from Oracle database using Python. Export CSV data from Oracle 12c release 1 using Python 3.4 in Windows platform. Source Code link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BznrW3lgX0ozSENyZ3JOWlBqbnM/view?usp=sharing Link to Oracle 12c client library : https://pypi.python.org/pypi/cx_Oracle/5.1.3. Just chose your version matching your installed python
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harshad chopade (20 days ago)
how can we by default give column names in csv file ?
Madhu Indukuri (1 year ago)
excel is ok to html with heading
Ash Parmar (2 years ago)
your audio quality does not do your work any justice. also would have been great if you explained 'why' you were adding each line of code, and what they mean. You seem to have quite a lot of knowledge, and another video would be good to view this in a detailed format :)
Subhroneel Ganguly (4 years ago)
Subhroneel Ganguly (4 years ago)

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