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Follow me on... Twitter: www.twitter.com/_owl Instagram: www.instagram.com/liddleowl Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/liddleowl Bow & Flower Crown shop: www.etsy.com/shop/oBOWshedidnt Supplies: Old pair of shoes Glitter Tape Mod Podge (glossy) & a clear setting spray
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Que pegamento es
I only wonder if you could wash your shoes, the elmer's school glue didn´t remove the bright after washing?
Shona Magouyrk (2 months ago)
Was mixing the glitter into the MP necessary?? Imean since u poured glitter on there anyway? Also u could use Elmer's glue or spray adhesive probably
Wadjet (2 months ago)
*I was just hypnotized for 4minutes and 1sec.😍😊*
Diana Guvill (5 months ago)
Asco tu programa ni siquiera hablaste para saber que se necesitaba
عطر الجنة (6 months ago)
جميييل بس الصمغ الي عد تحطينه شنو نوعيته
Lala Gama Lori Wey (8 months ago)
Cute. XO❤XO💘XO❤
Life Line (9 months ago)
Which glue r u using to pste the sparkle plz reply dear plzźzzz
الا مع ده بييجي منين وبيروح ولاايه ارجو الرد سريعا
diviya Angel (1 year ago)
Hey please reply.. Is this glitter shoe can be washable into the water?? Is this waterproof?? I
waitFORtmrrw (1 year ago)
Debia Angel no
Yoyo Thomas (1 year ago)
1. Like 2.Sub 3.Comment saying Done 4.I'll do the same! :)
Cristina Bernabe (1 year ago)
Como se llama el spray plisss
mia Tham (1 year ago)
Writing names of fucking things you used
omg4realz (1 year ago)
Does anybody know where I can buy glitter vans? I can't seem to find them anywhere.
Qamarina Sulaiman (1 year ago)
Can i use pva glue?
ishu is (1 year ago)
Mølly Demetria (1 year ago)
At least clean them first
I want to off-line this 😿
izzy s (1 year ago)
Very pretty I wonder if a gradient will look good also
Bayron Garci (1 year ago)
Q celebre me encanta yo
Thanuri De Silva (1 year ago)
what can you do if you get cracks on the canvas?????
Jeez my has glitter like that in the sunlight they look so much better. When theres no light they still look awesome her shin brighter in sunlight
contrabassoon (1 year ago)
PSA: use E6000 glue to glitter shoes, it sticks beautifully. Mod Podge cracks and doesn’t hold up over time.
Candigirl Morales (1 year ago)
Your video was just so satisfying thank you so much for sharing that
نور اليقين (1 year ago)
we we manifik
Vedangi Barve (1 year ago)
is it necessary to use to clear spray?
Hazel Dawn (1 year ago)
I've done this to my passport cover and it looks beautiful, but it's a little rough any advice?
Roxy medina (1 year ago)
Quedaron horribles 💩💩💩💩💩
Hayat Hayat (1 year ago)
It so beautuful
Leidy Herrera (1 year ago)
Yo tambien tengo un pomeranian 😍😍😍
valeria villareal (1 year ago)
como se llama el pegamento
brandy conway (2 years ago)
So cute hun 💕💕
Amani Moussi (2 years ago)
dirta wmasl7tlych n3lbok fsdtyli lbryo
KaTcKotty ZiZooo (2 years ago)
ممكن اعرف هي حاطة ايه
god563616 (2 years ago)
shoes look great
Grey Strawberry (2 years ago)
omg I thought mod podge is water colour , I bought water colours and fail again xD
Elaine Monteiro (2 years ago)
ficou incrivel
Mohamad Boukatta (2 years ago)
تبارك الله عليك 👍👍👍
Awd Awfwaz (1 year ago)
Omay gat god
Karen Lopez (2 years ago)
se cae horrible la escarcha
ا ا (2 years ago)
ممكن اعرف بس ايه الى حطتتو مع Glitter
Abo Radwan (2 years ago)
اهلاوى وافتخر حطاط غره
ايه اللي هي رشته ده
Salman (1 year ago)
عالم البنات The Girls World قلتر تلقيه بلمكتبه اي لون تبغيه
Autumn Dream (1 year ago)
بدووش المريه ممكن اعرف شنو البخاخ الي حطته ٱخر شي بلييز
عالم البنات The Girls World اسمه .. لمعه .. لونه فضي 😌
Sihem Sihem (2 years ago)
Hakim Harmazi (2 years ago)
wa3riiin hna ma3andnach ha dirolna sahlin 3la hado iiiih wa3lah ^ - ^
Nicole Marchan (2 years ago)
antes de hacer eso se lavaa
Gillian De Mesa (2 years ago)
Hi, what did u apply after the sealant spray?
Sin Productionz (2 years ago)
Gillian De Mesa some more of the mod poug the first stuff she apply the first time
FARAH JALAL (2 years ago)
mi lola (2 years ago)
mi lola (2 years ago)
wooooooooooooooow peeeeeerfect
امال الجهني (2 years ago)
جربتهاا كيوت
losha Ali (2 years ago)
امال الجهني . شتخدمتي حبي ممكن تفيديني
Mreem Ali (2 years ago)
شنو نوع الصمغ
Preeti Puja (2 years ago)
Any glue found in India which can serve the purpose???
Parul Mishra (2 years ago)
Preeti Puja Its ok dear 😃
Preeti Puja (2 years ago)
+Parul Mishra okiee!! tq :)
Parul Mishra (2 years ago)
Preeti Puja Hey u can try the fevicryl fabric glue... It is easily available... 😊
Monse Jaramillo (2 years ago)
olles soy de Mexico como se llama el material que utilizas
chaparritha lopez (2 years ago)
Monse Jaramillo diamantina cinta y pegamento blanco
Jessica Estrada (2 years ago)
disculpe ese frasquito es goma oq
Mahmoud Nassar (2 years ago)
ni na (2 years ago)
بجنن روووووعة
Favor Designs (2 years ago)
Great tutorial! If you ever need a list of rhinestone vendors, please visit my store (https://www.etsy.com/listing/484887445/the-best-vendor-list-for-starting-your-t?ref=hp_rv). Thank you : )
وااااااااااو بجنن
el (2 years ago)
حسن الحسن (2 years ago)
ليون ميسي (2 years ago)
so cooool
jaden bas (2 years ago)
what is the white paint pls. and the glue? i really want to to try at home. i have great idea for old shoes. love ur video.
goretastic SFX (2 years ago)
نو نو (2 years ago)
est ce que je peux utiliser n'importe quelle colle ???
ma be (9 months ago)
inã Sse on sait pas l colle😀😀
the unknown (2 years ago)
Which music?
100 Limites (2 years ago)
really enjoyede
Houda Houda (2 years ago)
so coooool
Victoria Huerta (2 years ago)
you could have also mixed the glitter with the modpodge since the modpodge dries clear leaving the glossy look :)
Sutībun-Kun (2 years ago)
eso se sale cuando quieres lavarlo verdad
extranormal paranormal (2 years ago)
Olle una pregunta icomise lequita lo negro años brillitos
extranormal paranormal (2 years ago)
Ola soirubi
Iwani Mazlan (2 years ago)
How to wash it?
Iwani Mazlan (2 years ago)
+ShawBrothersGirl LOL thank you
ShawBrothersGirl (2 years ago)
LMAO such a good question ROFL
Thaty Souza (2 years ago)
doping this to some queds
Thaty Souza (2 years ago)
Africa Mun. (3 years ago)
Ayla Williamson (3 years ago)
leave her alone
Florencia swift (3 years ago)
beautifull :3
Hasnae ch (3 years ago)
je peux utiliser n'importe quelle colle ??
Veryl Angel (3 years ago)
where can i buy the clear setting spray?
Nikki X (3 years ago)
home depto, lowes, any home improvement or paint store, Michaels or any craft store
EarlyShow -Dani (3 years ago)
I am this woman's daughter I have the actual ones at journeys 60.00 bucks 😝😝😝
Jan Mae Advincula (3 years ago)
is it okay if i will not use clear setting spray?
Maya Tarek (2 years ago)
well if you're okay with walking around with glitter just falling from your shoes the yes!
Ariada Escandar (3 years ago)
what kind of glue she used??😮😮
Sherie Hemp (3 years ago)
mod podge
Khola Saadun (3 years ago)
هذا الحذاء مالي انا
joujou joujou (3 years ago)
Laetitia Garcci (3 years ago)
Que bonitos quedaron! Que canción es la que suena de fondo?
Laetitia Garcci (3 years ago)
+Estefania A.R.T ,muchas gracias,eres muy linda!😺
Estefania A.R.T (3 years ago)
Kaskade ft. Mindy G - Look into my eyes
شني هاي حلوه الحذاء مال مناسبات
coolerthanu522 (3 years ago)
heads up, I made these for prom, and they do crack when you wear them!
Liz Magallanes (3 years ago)
Thank you!
hanisah chah (3 years ago)
what is mod??
NARCISA VELIZ (3 years ago)
cuales son los material
Yusniva Vilches (3 years ago)
pegamento liquido y brillantina
que hermosos
Autumn McCumber (3 years ago)
I did this with glitter spray paint and it did not work it partially peeled off the next day.. im gona retry it with this technique
asdfghjk (3 years ago)
Love this! Not sure whether i want to make blue sequin or glitter shoes. Would be a little worried about either of them coming off...
Stefani Britos (3 years ago)
me Encantan Las Cosas Son Muy Cool ♡
Audrey Martiandy (3 years ago)
what if i dont have mod podge? is there any subtitute?
Salt of the Earth (1 year ago)
Elmer's glue. But make sure you get a good acrylic sealer and give it at least 3 coats
Charylle (3 years ago)
you can use an ordinary glue
Nouara Boukhemis (3 years ago)
Johnny Vargas (3 years ago)
that really cool am going to do that one day
خرابيط (3 years ago)
arlett chongvazquez (3 years ago)
What did you use please tell me I'm going to Walmart tomorrow so I can do this for my 5 yr old ☺️
ty owusu (3 years ago)
And then when your done with the glitter put more than one coat and then seal it with modge podge and yah
ty owusu (3 years ago)
Modge pogde and glitter

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