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Top 10 New Hairstyles for Men's 2018/2019 ! Men's Haircuts Trend!

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Hey everyone welcomes to another video, here we're gonna share with you some more latest men's hairstyles lists, hope you will be like our latest video, keep sharing, thanks for your love and support. Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram/shabiikhan visit for more cool men's hairstyles: https://menhairdos.com/mens-summer-hairstyles/ Shop below hair products : Beaux Noggins SCULPTING CLAY - Styling Clay For Hair with Bentonite : https://goo.gl/ZBTk3w Johnny B- Molding Paste- Pliable Clay - 4.5oz: https://goo.gl/KAo1tk Admiral Men's Pliable Hair Styling Clay (Lite Hold/No Shine) 4oz : https://goo.gl/XgXWgC Premium Styling Clay for Men 3oz Matte Finish - GOLDEN COAST COMPANY: https://goo.gl/HiJezd Best Molding Creme for Strong Hold Matte Finish - No Shine Hair Product For Textured Modern Hairstyles - Lamel Styling Clay for All Hair Types 2.7 Ounce: https://goo.gl/iWJWdM Top 10 Men's New Hairstyles! Business Casual Hairstyles, Faded Textured, classic slick back hairstyles, pompadour haircut, quiff hairstyles, side part hairstyles, blonde fade haircuts, comb-over haircut, undercuts, classic hairstyles,
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Text Comments (614)
Arl Vincent (12 minutes ago)
what is the title of this song?
Raidan Dani (3 hours ago)
The Great British Barber Bash if you want to post a video on haircuts you should post a video about men with wavy/curly hair now that is a new content✌👌
nedar giordano (12 hours ago)
lappen 99 (18 hours ago)
6:14 looks like Abrakadabra from the flash :O
souza000777 (2 days ago)
Jéff_ Nébüļouś (3 days ago)
tonixzx (3 days ago)
They suck
Shalu khan (3 days ago)
abby (3 days ago)
9:59 if he ain't a poser then I'm not a girl on a men's haircut video.
abby (3 days ago)
8:44 why do he got better eyebrows than me tho
Andi C. Saputra (3 days ago)
Okay cool!
Kameron Luke Hansen (4 days ago)
Each one of these hairstyles fell down as soon as he walked outside
Adrian Ace De Guzman (4 days ago)
Big mistake men....those hair style is old😂😂😂😎😝
XxBluePhantom xX (4 days ago)
1:06 did it say feel it in your ass
Berkay YT (4 days ago)
First Music Name pls
SANDEEP DIXIT (5 days ago)
Backwards Cech (5 days ago)
They should have put a mullet and said business in the front and arty in the back
Cassimiro Melo (5 days ago)
só queria ver, se esses cabeludos começassem a ficar calvo, para onde irà a vaidade?
kevin Luong (5 days ago)
Step 1 Don’t be black
Csaba Toth (6 days ago)
Nice girls...
alexander roldan (6 days ago)
Visita mi canal
alexander roldan (6 days ago)
Solo dale clik ami foto si es q sale
Krenz (6 days ago)
The first and second ones looks hunk af.
Jonatan Jurado Jurado (7 days ago)
First of all: be good looking
HRjobs 1977 (7 days ago)
Brits are good barbers. Americans sucks.
Mrahmiii. Gk.1 (7 days ago)
Step 8
Fuad Mustafayev (8 days ago)
6:12 cool like👍
III III (8 days ago)
There's a time that i really missed my hair 😢😢..
Matt Ziggy (8 days ago)
This is a Pacino's infomercial. I don't know about anyone else here, but I'm not trying to spend fuckin ten mins doing my hair. Feel like a chick.
logan Peña (9 days ago)
Alguien que me diga dónde puedo conseguir esa será vivo en Monterrey
Zak New (9 days ago)
Theirs not one curly cut, idk where in the uk they live but it ain’t up north
Alexs hair hacks was good & his grooming. It hard for myhair styles i have stright hair but it gets curly when i put the right stuff in & lol i dont have all that hair i use to 42yo & its its only certain style i can do .
JLuz34 (10 days ago)
Fahim hasan (10 days ago)
Number 9 just wow
ssann (10 days ago)
Im dying..i really love to see this.. Their hair is superr handsomee..ougadd😭😂💕😍
Martin Garcia (10 days ago)
Anybody know any of these “salons” “barbers” in Houston, TX? I’m tired of going to my Mexican barber lol they only know how to do so much
Amp Mu (11 days ago)
How about us with broad forehead?
Jim (11 days ago)
the first one and the third one are the only ones that don't look completely fucking ridiculous.
Furkan Taş (11 days ago)
03.50 music name ?
Sourabh Hatkar (11 days ago)
Nice 👍
Ridah Ben (11 days ago)
Why am I watching this... I have no hair ffs!
Muhammad Jalil (12 days ago)
Nick Maranzano (12 days ago)
Cool video but i hate those songs
Bali Speaks (12 days ago)
let me say this word please (SEXY)😍
Jeniah Mesina (12 days ago)
Just go search for thin hairstyles smh T-T
Rich Rich (13 days ago)
The same boring white boy haircuts
Jt Miner (13 days ago)
okay yea but what if im not white?
Pacinos Creme
Mark Brown (13 days ago)
I never look like this when I leave supercuts
M S (13 days ago)
holy shit these are all the same
shankar arjunan (13 days ago)
Last one
spongeboat 09 (14 days ago)
Notice how almost all of the hair models are good looking anyways...
Jj5900 (14 days ago)
I wonder when a new hairstyle STYLE will come out and not just the same old thing
Erick Zamicchello (14 days ago)
Del primer modelo que es un bombóm al segundo que parece chorizo quemado se me quitó la gana de verlo.
Hack To Scratch Golf (15 days ago)
Only problem my hair line is more curved than Kim ks ass
Alex Steverson (15 days ago)
All look ugly af.
Rasta Fonz (15 days ago)
i noticed the trend of haircuts nowadays has that basic undercut look. maybe i'll just let mine grow and dread so people can dread me like eewww.
Kaif Shaikh (16 days ago)
Am impress
Mr Cheeser (16 days ago)
imagine spending longer than 2 minutes doing ur hair
AUGUSTINE (16 days ago)
Best hair styles for men With straight hair
How do I deal with a cowlick at the front of my hair? I want a pompadour but my hair just looks weird
Bhandi Swathi (17 days ago)
I love 1 3 5 7
Papai Panchal (17 days ago)
Nice Hair cuting
0 5 (18 days ago)
They're all ridiculously similar...
abhinav Singh (18 days ago)
I want classy hairstyle .
Alex V (18 days ago)
What’s the first man’s name?
Dr. Stephen Strange (10 days ago)
Steve Rogers
Constantin Necula (10 days ago)
Captain America😂
surfkillen (18 days ago)
Dont show thumbnail if not in the video *instant dislike*
AMMU TALKIES (19 days ago)
I am bald and watching this😒
Aalamgeer Ansari (20 days ago)
suchi laiya (20 days ago)
Seeing those gorgeous men made my day. Thank god I'm straight.
Vaideswaran A (20 days ago)
The last guy looked really handsome
kalvin kennon (21 days ago)
This is called pacinos hair style 😅
1966ReptiDude (23 days ago)
Same hairstyle and same shaped heads..
mellow ry (23 days ago)
Bang bolehkah kasih gunting aku
Roland Couillonneur (23 days ago)
Second step shave your head bald jk I don’t know anyone bald
Madan Jassal (23 days ago)
What is the name of song at 3:50
Md Jahedulislam (23 days ago)
Amon Noatak (24 days ago)
How to be a typical. guide.
All are the same shit
Eslameddin Ghalebi (24 days ago)
Third guy looks like hasslehoff
Minimalist Vlogger (24 days ago)
theyre all ugly wtf is this
Minimalist Vlogger (24 days ago)
they're ALL the same, just brushed differently wtf is this
BE EXTRAORDINARY (25 days ago)
Anyone know the name of the song? Ty
Riya Deshmukh (25 days ago)
1st one
Rahul Gusain (25 days ago)
song name??????
Clout Chaser (25 days ago)
"it is only game...why du Yu hev to beh mad
DA Wizad (25 days ago)
3:00 that's a real life Ken doll
Mumpel Tier (25 days ago)
new haircut? We german have been wearing this hairstyles ever since early 1920s. 😁
Williaem00 (25 days ago)
Why the stupid song
DarkTree GT (26 days ago)
What is the 1st song?
Audrey Wright (26 days ago)
Is it just me or does that last guy look kinda like Tom Holland?? Ok... I’ll go now
MOVIE FOR EVERYONE (27 days ago)
I love the background music 😂😂😂😂😇😇😇😇😍😍😍
Game (27 days ago)
9 :40
dhanveer singh (28 days ago)
tussi kon sa wax use kartha ha
Shark YouTube (28 days ago)
This video has sponsored by panicos
Shirin Shultana (28 days ago)
That silver blonde guy is ugly as hell ewwww
112 Pabianice 998 (28 days ago)
5:00 :D
Yasmin Hernandez (28 days ago)
I dont like fades
DJ Junior (28 days ago)
Song at the beginning?
El Deablo (29 days ago)

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