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LEARN RUSSIAN with the Funny stories | SHARK and GIRAFFE | ENG CC

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Hello everyone! If you want learn real Russian Language- watch my videos and enjoy! ~~~PLEASE, IF YOU ARE BEGINNER - CLICK ON ENG SUBTITLES, LISTEN AND RELAX!!!~~~ You can watch my videos here, from YouTube channel "Easy Russian" and chat with other people who learn Russian Language in my facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/theeasyrussian/ . Let`s improve traditional method! More practice - and you will get a really good level of Russian Language. WANT TO LEARN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE NATURALLY? FOLLOW ME ON: instagram: https://www.instagram.com/easyrussianclub/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theeasyrussian/ And feel free to write me on the DM and on the comments below. русский язык для иностранцев Russian language learn Russian
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Text Comments (51)
весьма любезный рассказ!
Philip Jenkins (2 months ago)
need English subtitles
Philip Jenkins (3 months ago)
Shark eats jeraf more slowly spicyba
meron avisar (4 months ago)
😃 funny & lovely story
ThorIsBoss (5 months ago)
Incredible. I’ve watched several times. Thank you. You are very entertaining to watch.
Gollum Mullog (7 months ago)
I'm not sure, but shouldn't it be a masculin personal pronoun for the shark? As stated, not sure, but in my mother tounge German it is masculin. Maybe I'm just confused by that. Btw, great video, keep up the great work! Greetings from Augsburg, Southern Germany!
Cup Studios (8 months ago)
I liked this, it was very helpful thank you! It repeated sounds and I finally got yes and no (which is embarrassing but it’s difficult to hear sounds for me)
Больше благодарю! You make learning Russian alot of fun , Your so cute and so beautiful 😍😍😍 Thank You!!!
Miguel Wallingford (9 months ago)
You are so funny
Mark Creech (1 year ago)
miss her
sobreaver (1 year ago)
That was a funny story :) I liked it, quite the kid level and it's all good cause I am at a kid level, possibly even having a harder time then a learning kid actually :P But it's quite fun, sure it might be dull for Maria to make such low level story but it's quite interesting to follow and also easy enough for whoever is putting a little effort into it. With a few watch, I'm sure I can get the hang of the story's every sentence eventually. The most difficult part for a beginner might be to get use to hear Russian, not understand it but simply pay attention to sounds. Don't even try to understand it yet. Perhaps watch a video or two that tells you how the letters are pronounced so that you start having a small amount of Russian language knowledge that you can try to relate to your own mother tongue's sounds. Then, when you have made a very crude and basic relation between simple Russian alphabet's sound and the sounds you already know in your mother tongue, start listening to easy stories like this one. She's going very easy on you, she's repeating questions in many order and from many point of view. All you have to do at first is get used to the words's sounds. Eventually, after a few watch, you will be accustomed to the sounds and won't have to record those anymore, you will already know the sounds. What you will have to do next is start paying attention to what she is actually really saying, trying to relate which words means what in English. The story is there to help you as a mnemonic. Since you will know the sounds, you will more easily define where words start and end and what they relate too, restaurant, giraffe, shark, friends, eat and so on. Eventually, after a few watch more, you will know the story quite well by then and will then be able to pay less attention to sounds, words, and more attention to their relations and the grammar because not all words are exactly in the same order as in English. It's a long process but also a progressive one, you will have to train that brain muscle of yours, do not despair, keep at it. Also, Maria is funny at it :) Watch this video one or two times everyday for seven days and tell me you make no progress AT ALL and I won't quite believe it ;) Just lay back, pay simple attention, enjoy your time, let it sink slowly but surely. Make a few google translate search if it can help you and write down the words in a scrapbook if you really want to put effort into it. Qui scribit bis legit (who writes reads himself twice). Also, doing it before sleeping can help, it'll be the last thing you hear of the day and your brain will process that info in your sleep more easily. Keep it up Maria and all !
Marcos Dias (2 years ago)
perfeito, a dinâmica nos ajuda a fitar a atenção ... muito bom... parabéns e, com certeza, todos devem estar adorando... felicidades e obridado...
где видео
Dylan K (2 years ago)
Ah, i only got Russian subs, time to try this on my laptop.
Guilherme Duarte (3 years ago)
I'm from Brazil and I would like to learn russian. Could anybody teaches me?
Natalia Nilsson (3 years ago)
Какой кошмар! Что за дурочка???
mstipich1 (1 year ago)
Каква некултура звати некога глупим без образложења.
Easy Russian (3 years ago)
Очень приятно познакомиться, дурочка) а меня Маша зовут))
Stephanie P (3 years ago)
Please add subtitles to your videos. I am an absolute beginner and cannot understand anything yet, so English subtitles would be good for me as someone who is getting used to the sounds of the Russian language. Russian subtitles are good for intermediate students who are working on their listening skills. Keep up the good work! :)
Arosculesei Andrei (3 years ago)
i have one question. You said in one of your video to write down a phrase and learn it. Can you add an russian subtitle?
Viper CHanel (3 years ago)
Ты русская ?! Ты не произнесла не 1-го британского слова в видео будто этак!?!?!?!
PRA Kill (3 years ago)
Ахах, смешная наркомания :)
Edward Potereiko (3 years ago)
Your descriptive comments state, "This is the #18 Russian language lesson for beginners of how to speak Russian language for beginners. Learn Russian with "The Easy Russian"!",  yet the title reads, "Russian language lesson for beginners | Lesson 2 | Learn Russian with "The Easy Russian".  Is this lesson 2 or lesson 18?
ArvidiusMC (1 year ago)
Video 'Lesson' 18, but Lesson 2 as in this series (with the giraffe and shark) for beginners
Ты смешная)) Приятно глядеть твои видео, видать, что стараешься) С чего такая задумка пришла снимать видео о Русском Языке для иноземцев? Как издавна этим занимаешься?
Easy Russian (3 years ago)
Спасибо) приятно созидать в комментах сограждан, которые поддерживают продвижение российского языка для иноземцев. Чуть меньше года вспять я столкнулась с аналогичной неувязкой, изучая британский стиль. Какие способы действуют на меня - такие я продвигаю для исследования российского языка. Все испытано  на для себя)
William Bauer (4 years ago)
Skoben2000 (4 years ago)
"И у акулы снесло крышу". = Фразеологический виток? ;-)
Andy Nolan (4 years ago)
Hey, so lesson 1 had English subtitles, this one only has Russian subs. Can you apply English ones to them? or am I missing something in the settings? (I only speak English at this point unfortunately). Oh and thank you all the same for putting in your time to make the videos.
Andy Nolan (4 years ago)
+bubo1 Oh wow. Thank you very much bubo1, I did not pick up on that tiny 'translate captions' cmd button. That works great! Meanwhile I have been putting time in on the alphabet memrise which has been a great learning tool for some basics. Thanks again.
bubo1 (4 years ago)
If you are watching youtube on your PC, to get english subtitles, 1) click the "settings" button at the bottom right of the video window. 2) Click on the drop down box where it currently says "russian". 3) Click on where it says "translate captions" 4) In the little box that pops up, select your language of choice and click OK. Russain will now be translated into english automatically. Note, this works for any video on youtube that has subtitles enabled in some form i.e. if it has subtitles in ANY language, you can translate them into ANY other language using this method, and the translation is usually very good. This only works on PC youtube, I don't think the option to translate is there if you are watching on a tablet or mobile phone. BTW, don't click on "Russian (Automatic Captions)", that will enable youtubes speech recognition engine which will try to translate the sounds in the video into subtitles and will override any subtitles the creator has made. Sometimes though this is the only option if there are no subtitles at all, and it is better than nothing.
Jingyuan Wu (4 years ago)
Can you teach in Chinese langue 
Evie M (4 years ago)
These videos are great. :) do you think you might be able to put both Russian and English subtitles together on your video?
pamet (4 years ago)
нехороший крышка ) и чьи игрушки эти? :Д 
antonio dattrino (4 years ago)
ochen trudno for beginners,,,,
Roman Artemyev (4 years ago)
That's too too difficult for Beginners, so many excess/unnecessary words
Mohhamed Abu (4 years ago)
I starting understand many words and phrases!!! Спасибо огромное!!!
John Smith (4 years ago)
Haha!! Crazy shark)))))))
Kuznetsova Evgenia (4 years ago)
Russian`s energy!!
2tz02 (4 years ago)
Забавная история =) Чем больше я смотрю, тем больше понимаю :) Maria, you are the best!
Easy Russian (4 years ago)
Спасибо большущее!!! Мне весьма приятно!!! =)
Brain320 (4 years ago)
This is driving me crazy. I'm from Croatia and understand like maybe even 80% of the words(I understood the story of this clip entirely but not all words), however I can't read Cyrillic letters and of course I loose a lot of the words I don't understand which is a shame because I totally understand the context. It's tough, all the clips on YT and elsewhere are either using Cyrillic letters or are made for English speakers now I do speak English extremely well (native speaker level) so I can follow but it makes no sense to learn Russian which is VERY similar to Croatian by taking lessons for English speakers and then translating them to Croatian. It goes Russian -> English -> Croatian for me which is silly because in start I understand a lot of Russian by similarity with Croatian. So can you PLEASE add the subtitles in Latin letters? I think it might help me pick up more words and complete my comprehension.
avq5 (4 years ago)
When viewers of these types of lessons ask for English subtitles it only makes the lessons less effective for those who have put in the effort to learn Cyrillic. If you keep associating the spoken word with the wrong alphabet it will slow your progress. 
Pearl (4 years ago)
+Brain320 YAY! Don't worry, you'll master it in no time ;) Удачи/Udachi!!!
Brain320 (4 years ago)
You are not mean you are right and actually, I found the Russian Cyrillic alfabet online on one Croatian site and am now learning it :)
Pearl (4 years ago)
+Brain320 I don't want to be mean or anything but seriously dude, learn Cyrillic! It's really not hard at all and it's so much easier to read Russian that way and anyways if you want to be fluent in Russian you WILL have to know the alphabet, so why procrastinate???
Brain320 (4 years ago)
+The Easy Russian Točno to! ("Exactly that" - in Croatian ;) ) Although I see you don't write exactly like you pronounce like we do but following the video and with Latin letters I think I might be able to detect words that I don't know and comprehend them from the general context. This could help a lot of us from South-eastern Europe as we all have (to some extent similar languages). I don't want to bother you so if it's too much extra work I will understand, I can still get a lot from these lessons :))
Mateusz Mirkowski (4 years ago)
пожелание из польши. :) Waiting for more :)
Purple_dinosaur (4 years ago)
благодарю огромное. Я обожаю твои видео))
Easy Russian (4 years ago)
благодарю огромное за такие теплые слова! Мне весьма приятно!=)

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