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SQL JOINing Multiple Tables

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Jamie King of Neumont University demonstrating how to join several tables together.
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HolyWrath (3 months ago)
Oh dear lord thank you so much. I've been working on this homework problem that was very similar to what you did in this video and this helped me so much. Thank you God bless you sir.
User58747 (6 months ago)
Clear and succinct explanation of a confusing concept for beginners.
Kelly Muhindi (9 months ago)
select splat (*) lol
App Dev (11 months ago)
Cant wait to try it out for myself :-) cheers
Jonathan Cook (1 year ago)
Joins always baffled me until i watched this, done a week long MSQL course and watching your youtube videos make more sense.
zakariye daacad (1 year ago)
thanks you jamie king
Martin Steen Nielsen (1 year ago)
Besides the 800x600 resolution. Great explanation
Louise Griffiths (1 year ago)
After wading through many online tutorials and getting nowhere, I came across this which enabled me to do what I needed to do. Many thanks for sharing in a very understandable way. I wondered if you have a tutorial for the following please? After gathering all the information from 7 different tables, understandably some data was duplicated in the result. How do I remove the duplicate data from the joined table result please? Best regards Louise Jean
Scott Smith (1 year ago)
Thanks, for the video, Jamie...nice to see a knowledgeable person have the same niggling typing issues and synapse lapses as I suffer with every time I get on SQL Server. Haha.
Kathryn Morrical (1 year ago)
I'm a jr developer and your videos are AWESOME for refreshing my memory and getting me up to speed (without having to bug my sr devs) thanks so much!
Michael Knox (1 year ago)
Nice one, Jamie
Harold Wright (2 years ago)
holy shit this really helped me (especially the piece-meal, 'break it down' approach). thanks so much.
Ksee (2 years ago)
Wow, Thank you. You actually give real examples why you would do stuff which makes me understand better!
Tyler Chester (2 years ago)
Thank you!!! My textbook was so vague about joins, and you gave me the exact information I need for my project.
Tanner Tucker (2 years ago)
Thank you. This was excellent!
Kay Wiberg (2 years ago)
Hi Jamie. I am .NET student and your videos on C# and SQL have help me a lot!!!!. Keep up the good work!
Shaq Deisel (2 years ago)
what about on a specific date range?
logmein2000 (2 years ago)
Thank you, you made it very easy the way you explained joining multiple tables...
Jenny Carter (2 years ago)
mprabhakararao (2 years ago)
Very Nice video, very easy explanation of the concept
Krzysztof Stankiewicz (3 years ago)
At last I have found a good explanation about joining tables. Good job.
Jhun M (3 years ago)
Thanks @Jamie, so here is the sql query I create which is patterned to this video...COOL COOL Stuff Thanks so much. It helped me a lot SELECT [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Call_Type].[CallTypeID], [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Call_Type].[EnterpriseName], [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Call_Type_SG_Interval].SkillGroupSkillTargetID, [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Skill_Group].[EnterpriseName], [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Skill_Group_Member].[SkillGroupSkillTargetID], [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Agent].[SkillTargetID], [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Agent].[EnterpriseName] FROM [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Call_Type] join [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Call_Type_SG_Interval] on [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Call_Type].CallTypeID=[imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Call_Type_SG_Interval].CallTypeID join Skill_Group on [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Call_Type_SG_Interval].SkillGroupSkillTargetID=[imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Skill_Group].[SkillTargetID] join Skill_Group_Member on [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Skill_Group].[SkillTargetID]=[imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Skill_Group_Member].[SkillGroupSkillTargetID] join Agent on [imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Skill_Group_Member].[AgentSkillTargetID]=[imucc_awdb].[dbo].[Agent].[SkillTargetID]
chaitanya vardhan (3 years ago)
OMG short and crisp u r my spider-man thank you so much........
Chris Fisher (3 years ago)
I agree with HikeEatRepeat! thanks Jamie
Jamie King (3 years ago)
+Chris Fisher Yep!
Muaz Razaq (3 years ago)
Jamie King (3 years ago)
+Muaz Razaq Yep!
Carlos De Leon (3 years ago)
Simple and to the point. Muchas Gracias Jamie!
Jamie King (3 years ago)
+Carlos De Leon You're most certainly welcome!
Trishun Ramgoolam (3 years ago)
your video is helping me for my dissertation. Thank you Mr Jamie King.
Jamie King (3 years ago)
+Trishun Ramgoolam Excellent! Bust a move!
Ross Sharma (3 years ago)
When the video started immediately with "So you can look at Join as an operator..." I knew I was going to love it. So many tutorials out that go through such verbose explanations instead of just DOING something and showing you. Great vid.
Jamie King (3 years ago)
+Ross Sharma Heh, this is one of my older ones. Glad I had it back then. Glad the video helped you.
HikeEatRepeat (3 years ago)
I feel like I need to buy your lunch. I was lost until I watched your video.
EnduranceT (2 years ago)
ME TOO! You're the ONLY ONE capable of explaining this properly. Holy cow! And it's funny because I've learned a lot about C# and C++ from you and I was surprised and happy to see you have SQL as well!
Jamie King (3 years ago)
+HikeEatRepeat Heh. Glad it helped. :)
Rosy Chen (3 years ago)
Thanks for breaking down every step. I finally got to know how to join tables. It was really really useful for beginners!!! Thumbs up up up!
Jamie King (3 years ago)
+Yiru Chen Yep! Glad it helped!
Daniel Santelices (3 years ago)
nice video, i have one question, what if you want to do a Excluding Left join?
Jamie King (3 years ago)
Look at using the except operator.
ValiRossi (3 years ago)
Select splat. I'm using that. Awesome!
Caren Smith (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot! You've been very helpful.
Resul Abbasov (3 years ago)
good job
Lloyd Tatenda Chimanga (3 years ago)
good explanation right there , i get it now
jose fano (4 years ago)
great tuto !
Abhishek Chakrabarti (4 years ago)
why have you put the order details in double quotes
Ben Reeves (1 year ago)
Abhishek Chakrabarti because the table name has a space in it
Robert Parham (4 years ago)
congratulations on being the only video in the entire internet on joins that is in english
You taught me joins
Brian J. (4 years ago)
Good Stuff...thank you for sharing. B
marvelously simple explanation, thank you very much
Robert Ankeny (4 years ago)
Great video - thanks.
Anuj Bindal (4 years ago)
how can we show particular "contact name " with all products related to him only. "NOT ALL CONTACT & ALL PRODUCT NAME". All product names associated with particular contact name. 
Clayton Derby (4 years ago)
Great video. Helped me out to quickly gather my data. Thanks :D *thumbs up*
Matt Graves (4 years ago)
This is a very good video. I went in to learn Join and came away with a bunch more answered questions that were highly needed. Thanks Jamie
Nuha (4 years ago)
Thank you so much =D
Michael Williams (4 years ago)
Jamie how do I set my view results options to give that horizontal split pane for each different query you run.. See 5:35 in your video to see what I want to achieve.  I can only get one pane with the results of the last query that was run.
Geoff Meakin (4 years ago)
Perfect! Thanks!
Lucas Schlottfeldt (4 years ago)
Seth Rogen? Is that you?
Clarence Rodrigues (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for this video. Very easy to understand.
Pradeep Srinivasan (4 years ago)
Please advise on the following query We can obtain the result of Right Join using Left Join if we Swap the positions of Left table & Right table. On doing as above one of the Join techniques seems to become redundant and hence rendered Useless. In an interview I was asked this question and it was very puzzling.
supadox (5 years ago)
thanks jamie your videos are the best
abhineet kapil (5 years ago)
Which category this join belong to ?   Is it inner join ?? 
Jamie King (5 years ago)
Yes. All joins are inner unless they have "cross" or "outer" in them.
V Satya (5 years ago)
Jamie King (5 years ago)
ITCuties (5 years ago)
One of our users pointed us your video. It's great! :) Best wishes for 2014!
Jamie King (5 years ago)
No prob. Share the channel with your tech friends!
Thank you very much... :)
ITCuties ITCuties (5 years ago)
@Raghid Sandouq  We use #Eclipse, it has a lot of great plugins that help a lot with everyday #development tasks.
Hi, just a quick question, what is the best Java development software for windows 7, i used to use JBUILDER which does not work properly on windows 7. Appreciate your kind quick reply :)
ITCuties (5 years ago)
Tell her that engineers rule the world! :)
Jeffrey (5 years ago)
Thanks Seth Rogan, that really helped me understand.
Jared Looper (6 years ago)
I have been trying to figure these things out for a long time and what you did here worked. I think it was a combination of being able to understand you as well as the fact that you went step by step adding a little bit each time. Thanks
Ki Ko (6 years ago)
Thanks dude......you help me so much :)
hatezbaszaras (6 years ago)
Love your style, and the tutorial helped me a lot! By any means please make atleast another couple of hundres of videos :D
kapamagicman (6 years ago)
Very nice
Eric Theunissen (6 years ago)
Haha! Great tutor! funny
Jamie King (6 years ago)
Thanks for all the nice feedback guys.
Tim Karlsson (6 years ago)
You are the best, this is by far the most spot on tutorial about nested joins, I have struggled for many months to get grip of the joins and this solved all my problems. Thanks!
The Jester (6 years ago)
I've been working with MySQL databases for a few months now and I never quite grasped the concept of Join until this video. Clear and to the point while still making it complicated enough to understand big projects. Thank you so much!
Eduardo La Hoz (6 years ago)
One of the best I've found so far. Straight to it, mixing it up, and no bs :D

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