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Online Dating From A Woman's Point Of View

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Is Online Dating really hard, and if so why? is it because women are to picky? or is it because the quality of men is bad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqiz2iwhKOo Dante Basco To Buy Some Merch https://www.redbubble.com/people/Solotv84/shop To Cop Some Merch https://www.redbubble.com/people/solotv84 To donate bitcoin 13b9V5Qdn2d5BXZD5fACZFHqxfiXSR315t To donate Litecoin LKMPFhmn1JMVAUgmYfAj9q1N77sJiksYr5 To donate Eth 0xBE32Af11c774Ed3ac430D301c241e6395ABD637e To donate or follow me on social media https://www.gofundme.com/solotv Get $10 Free of Bitcoin When you use this link https://www.coinbase.com/join/59134a5 To Get Exclusive Content That is Not Youtube Friendly! https://www.patreon.com/Solotv84 Follow me on social media Instagram: solotv84 https://www.instagram.com/solotv84/ Twitter: solotv84 https://twitter.com/solotv84 Snapchat: solotv84 https://www.snapchat.com/add/solotv84 For paid Motivation consultations: [email protected] Solotv84 PO Box 22295 St Paul MN, 55122
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Text Comments (247)
Nick Leevathana (1 month ago)
Does Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan have a shot with that white girl??
Blue Blaze (1 month ago)
If women who are hot in their 20s wanted you, you wouldn't have had time to make this video
Solotv84 (1 month ago)
It's hard for me to take you Serious since from your picture you are 4 at best keep trying though with insults.
Michael C. (1 month ago)
"I think, like, the age limit is 30." Pause.... "You're an Asshole." :) Lololololol!
Qui3t Storm (2 months ago)
I'm happy Solo mentioned that a females marriage market value does not equal their sexual market value. In the psyops against dysfunctional women this is one of the most devastating sobering realisations a female can have. It's my go-to for stuck up delusional females.
Benny R (2 months ago)
Grindr is for men who are into other men. Why would these women be talking about grindr? They shouldn't be on there
heyitsablackguy (2 months ago)
These females just need BBC and be done with it!
lovingmontasoccer (2 months ago)
I love that black women!
D.Y. (3 months ago)
8:38 this bitch needs to get her forehead ironed. Or steamed . shes 30 and wrinkle as fuck
Sammie Jones (3 months ago)
What about the women in Virginia? How are they? If anyone has experience with them
scott warwick (3 months ago)
Wake up guys,most of these women have bacterial vaginosis,hiv and herpes
Eddie Brock (3 months ago)
"process that with your forehead." 😂🍺
Tech-shot BLX (3 months ago)
Just bring the A.I already. Lol. Its to much
Bunny (3 months ago)
What's funny is that those very few dudes on this planet that are what these women want, would not even spit on them. They can afford to have high standards since they're pretty much as close to Prince Charming as it can get. And these women's standards are so high it's hilarious. They classify themselves as being a 10 when they're actually not even close.
3165dwayne (3 months ago)
Lol, what the heck?! I've never seen the meme with the guy laughing at the woman crying.
3165dwayne (3 months ago)
This is why I don't try to date women ONLINE anymore. Their standards are just too much, lol. Rejection in real life is plentiful and harsh enough already. When I tried online dating for a few years I've only gotten a response twice. It showed me how one man can have 5 kids with 5 different women. All these women date the same guys. No online dating for me. I'm 5ft 5, black, and I love my Linux box. Yeah, I'm not getting any responses online. The nerdy women want the same guys as well so there's that. I never get women, they complain about having too many choices and isn't Grindr an app for gay men?
Mojito (3 months ago)
Reasonably intelligent is not enough, we need Einstein level intelligence! 😂
ViperChief117 (3 months ago)
I wouldn’t touch those two shallow white girls with a ten foot pole.
Moises Ledesma (3 months ago)
The blondee has been hitting the wall since age 28 🤣
Rigamortis (3 months ago)
Women live on recruit mode
Big Music Agency (3 months ago)
I have already smashed every type of women who look like these hoes. I really dont remember my body count, but I can happily say, I'm STD FREE 🙌🏽
Big Music Agency (3 months ago)
@Solotv84 south cak, but I been in Atlanta for 7 years
Solotv84 (3 months ago)
Where you from?
Bart Pomerantz (3 months ago)
"Reasonably" intelligent...Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.
Solotv84 (3 months ago)
Ha ha
Razz_Al _Ghull (3 months ago)
Truth be told........MOST women already been ran through. The more freedom you give them the more lovers she would have on her resume. Some are lucky to get married but their husbands usually dont know about their sexual past since their wife will lie about and most guys are dumb enough to believe it Living in NYC I ve seen it. Especially with the quiet studious women. That's a disguise. They re the biggest freaks.
Skol TV (3 months ago)
This a pity party Cmon on guys never take her to dinner on the 1st date!!! I'd advise you guys check out the homie AlphaMaleStrategies TRUST ME
Razz_Al _Ghull (3 months ago)
@alb12345672 sorry to hear that. I been there. My date made out with another guy right in front of me. I suggest you get some help from dating coaches
alb12345672 (3 months ago)
@Razz_Al _Ghull I'm upstate (albany) and it happened to me so many times. I make very serious money and end up taking chicks to very expensive restaurants, even buying them things and nothing comes of it. Guess I am a desperate simp. I got some hugs and cuddles. Never once did a chick mention splitting a bill.
Razz_Al _Ghull (3 months ago)
@alb12345672 of course if you re offering to simp and pay for everything. A lot of women will take advantage of that just for a free meal
alb12345672 (3 months ago)
Must be so easy to get dates in NYC for any guy.
XnF_TheBigRocK (3 months ago)
i like how she said that's for people who just wont to hook up bitch y u on the platform then haceplum men stop being dumb and getting cuoked if she attention seeking she is not for you be real with your self damn that' just disrespectful men and female standards are to high for most men out there cus they think they deserve prince charming all the time and there use to it maybe we should just treat like the normal humans they are get that men there not goddess nor they deserve that tittle
Grady Cofer Jr. (3 months ago)
Hey Solotv84, these two women are the future "cat ladies" in the making!!! Solotv84 even as a 6'1" tall man I would say forget these two superficial American women and go overseas for much younger foreign ones instead!!!
Ichsuka (4 months ago)
MV Master (4 months ago)
lol she thinks she could be in the bachelor? nope to old to ugly
Asssquatch (4 months ago)
- Funny - Reasonably intelligent Yep, that's exactly what men are looking for. Nothing else. Almost makes you want her to hit that wall, the way she's thinking.
Youb Cbr (4 months ago)
Watching this and reading comments At least my job is secure till I retire By the way I work In a physic hospital and 80% of patients are divorced or single female ruined by depression
Silver Man (4 months ago)
Their voices, fackin hell!
Johnny St.Louis (4 months ago)
What's the song at the end?
McRomR (4 months ago)
8:09 LMAOOOOO Age limit, hahaha
Alexander (4 months ago)
dating scene in houston is absolutely horrendous.....such a huge city with snobbish and stuck up people.. such a shame... so many sistas moving out here but wont pay you no mind unless you're famous or something. H-town is a let down
Solotv84 (4 months ago)
really? I heard Houston was filled with dimes though. shame that they got attidude
mary downs (4 months ago)
Haha don’t know why I love watching this as a girl Haha but honestly that girl was prettier then a lot of the bachelor Girls, those pictures were definitely photoshopped extremely
TommyTooTone (4 months ago)
Im not gunna mention his name but it's a guy named,,,, LMAO
Jason Michael (4 months ago)
You ain't shit for this Solo 08:10
Solotv84 (4 months ago)
nigga dont be mad at me, be mad at her face LOL
Trav (4 months ago)
Hoes gonna hoe bro. Only time I actually listen to them is for a recipe.
Solotv84 (4 months ago)
ha ha
scott haywood (4 months ago)
I had a car that required me to heat up the spark plugs on the stove before it would start.
Jack Dingler (4 months ago)
The blonde just got a -4 charisma modifier.
Solotv84 (4 months ago)
Jack glad to know you still hear
Will Learn (4 months ago)
One thing that some of the 30+ woman forget is that it's much easier to pick up the 22 yr old version of them...
Solotv84 (4 months ago)
not always but you're right the 22 year old version is 9 times out of 10 gonna be better than the 30+ version
Mgtow Saved My Life (4 months ago)
The bitches point of view: Eeewwww. He doesn’t have six pack abs Oh my god he only makes $45,000 a year? What a loser He’s only 6’2??
Kings_Domain 18 (4 months ago)
Wats the name of the outro song?
.OBS. (4 months ago)
The recicled laugh is so cringe at this point
Solotv84 (4 months ago)
Thank you for watching the video
surrealg (4 months ago)
Age limit is 30... HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Tiff's Right Ear (3 months ago)
@Moises Ledesma ding ding ding!
Moises Ledesma (3 months ago)
Wrong,age limit is 25 🤣
Souli (4 months ago)
Where did you get that video from, I wonder?
Souli (4 months ago)
@Solotv84 actually It wasn't this video that I skipped the intro from. I just didn't register the information.
Souli (4 months ago)
@Solotv84 My bad I skipped some of the intro to the good stuff cus I didn't have much time.
Solotv84 (4 months ago)
If you listened to this I mentioned at the beginning of the video where i got it from
nanah p (4 months ago)
This is the truth about American women. Their expectations are too high.and have nothing to bring to the table.
Amy 75206 (4 months ago)
What makes you think most women want marriage?
I Smokes the meats (4 months ago)
Because most women want to get married
Melanin Magdalene (4 months ago)
I have an idea for an interactive dating app.
Melanin Magdalene (4 months ago)
I have an idea for an interactive dating app.
MrBysiorek (4 months ago)
I am almost 7 feet tall and some women are afraid of me :D
Kaloop Spring (4 months ago)
You could be 6ft and women would still be scared of you.
Kallus Garnet (4 months ago)
Dating sites should be illegal, it's more of a pimp (the website) hoe (the women) relationship.
Nick (4 months ago)
That blonde better strap up quick. The wall is about a week away 😂
Victor S (4 days ago)
Nick - doesn’t matter, some simp will consider himself lucky
lowratehitman (4 months ago)
I am at the point that I believe this scenario is a manufactured lie. Neither one of these ladies need online dating and more than likely already have several men revolving around them.
lowratehitman (4 months ago)
@Solotv84 no doubt... then in their profiles they admit being run through the mud by "boys and how she only wants a real man, and dont expect to meet the family anytime soon. I've asked a couple before how that was reasonable that she plowed through a ton of fuck boys and a "good man" has to pay the price
Solotv84 (4 months ago)
You bring up a fair point but I'll bite in certain scenarios in Real Life 1 the women have been ran through in their Social Circle meaning that they have fucked all the guys and they know guys who arent willing to take them serious or two the girls are extremely picky and hypergamy has them curious to see what that they can snatch online
marsulusprime (4 months ago)
When you look back even on the bachelor only a few have actually stayed in their relationship.
Thomas Wright (4 months ago)
That laugh gets me every time
EMR80 (4 months ago)
All this picky shit here, kills me time to reevaluate yourself guys.
Joey Lopez (4 months ago)
Those chicks are at the scene of the crash. They just don't have the magic that young girls have anymore. They need to get a clue fast before it's too late.
Candy Kane (3 months ago)
Joey Lopez ——Oh so now the wall has moved from 18 to 25 to 29? Do you see a pattern here? It’s getting further and further away and almost non existent 😂😂😂AGAIN women are settling down at 27/30+ in the west and highest birth rates are from those 30+. Most successful, powerful and famous men SETTLE DOWN with women 27+ with most being in their 30’s. YOUR OWN personal experiences doesn’t dispute what’s actually going on 😴☕️💅🏽 it’s as simple as that looool.
Joey Lopez (3 months ago)
@Candy Kane No they might just be acting like their settling when they are really waiting for someone better. I also never said the wall was 25. It's more like 29. I used to have an older chick too when I was broke, and I left her when I got my money up and I needed someone younger that was more fertile. Besides even if they do take these cougars seriously, the dynamic has changed where he becomes the powerful one. I'll give it to you that plastic surgery can buy you more time. However men are biologically programed to seek out fertile females the same way females are programed to seek out men with resources. No artificial wombs or surgeries is gonna beat biology. So instead of getting mad and believing you have all the time in the world, you should be settling down with the best man you can get right now before you get any older. All this talk about artificial wombs and robots are just pipe dreams. Not to mention that it's also disfunctional. Do you know how people will talk about you if you go to a sperm bank? Your child needs a two parent home, not to be just another casualty of the single mom culture.
Candy Kane (3 months ago)
Joey Lopez —— Nope. Most men settle down with women 25+ 😂😂😂😂 in fact. 27+ is the age women start getting married in the west (USA) & get this. It’s 30 in the UK. Let that sink in ☕️😂😴 So where are the married 19 year olds 👀these men have all these 19 year olds to choose from yet are you telling me it’s not enough for them to be giving birth at a higher rate than the older ladies? 🙃 Lol after all, statistically birth rates are declining for those in their teens - 20’s but rising for women in their 30’s. https://amp.livescience.com/62592-birth-rate-declines-2017.html Something isn’t adding up sir 😂😂😂 That wall is further away as the year goes by and it’s only going to get worse. Once the artificial wombs hit and sperm banks become cheaper/ more popular like cosmetic surgery is now. It’s a wrap fellas 😂☕️😴💅🏽
Joey Lopez (4 months ago)
@Candy Kane No men don't really care if he's only trying to get sex and doesn't want anything long term. Once a men actualizes he wants a younger girl that is still fertile and still has a few years before she hits the wall. You might see older women at nice restaurants and that just means that man is probably beta.
Candy Kane (4 months ago)
Joey Lopez —— Most men aren’t hung up on the wall. It’s only these trolls online. Look at real life. Go out on dates. What women do you see the most at nice upscale restaurants? Usually older. No 19 year old is there. How old are the women that celebrity/rich/ powerful men SETTLE down? Again usually above 25+ mostly women in their 30’s. ‘The wall’ isn’t a reality for most women. Men are very generous in the sense that as long as they are attracted to the woman and she has a nurturing nature they do not mind 😴 I mean... where else do you think their ‘delusion’ comes from?☕️
OutLawStar (4 months ago)
Chad, Brad, Todd, and Tyrone may keep that blonde chick. Those ladies will never learn.
Alfred Pasly (3 months ago)
I,m sure they all had their turn with the blonde chick.
ray r (4 months ago)
Those wrinkles on your forehead say your 30
Gerard Stevenson (4 months ago)
Well if this is the current future of online dating........You can fuhgetaboutit.
Mario Mendoza (4 months ago)
The guy who push started his car, was probably working on his business and saving money, and now he's established and rich. And he doesn't want a"cute" 39 year old... I mean Gin Blossoms is from the 90s, at least Asian friend can pass for younger.
Malcolm M (4 months ago)
All of those dating apps are hookup apps and these females think they're going to find a husband smh lol
Victor S (4 days ago)
Candy Kane - you’re gonna get dumped after 3 dates or 10. If you’re not for keeping, you’re back to the app, wondering why. Lol
Candy Kane (4 months ago)
Malcolm M —— There are always ways around that. You will know what a guy is after usually after the first date or 3 dates at most ☕️ remember it can be a hook up site all it wants but a woman determines whether that will happen or not 😴
Mon3y Mik3 (4 months ago)
what is the song in the outro cause it goes hard???
Gabriel Letcher (4 months ago)
song at the end??
MegaGearX (4 months ago)
The Asian woman "Sheryl" has far more sense (other than that credit thing) and it sounds like she dropped her sky high expectations, found a man, stuck with him through tough times and is still with him. She didn't call "Angelo" my ex or anything like that. Contrast that with the white chick, who has slammed into the wall and STILL keeps those haughty standards.
Warren Mazengwe (4 months ago)
The two stigma's that women need to leave alone, is men that lije to play video games and men that love Sports. It's 2019 and most men like one or both of those things. To have that as a deal breaker, is pretty shallow. You will turn down a lot of potential partners. That's why I long for nerd love sometimes.
Mad Chatter (4 months ago)
I convinced a few of my female coworkers to play d&d. They really got into it
Michel Hanson (4 months ago)
Mr Memper (4 months ago)
Dummies. Grindr is for the gay, trans and bi community lol
-COSMIC WARRIOR- (4 months ago)
One thing people never think about. We often complain about the fact that women have so many options so they don't have to be modest when dating but there are several dudes constantly perpetuating the same message(especially PUAs) to keep going out and flirt with as many women as possible. Nothing will change.
Mr Memper (4 months ago)
8:29 bro yo killin me. I’m rewinding that shit
Shawn Krokcer (4 months ago)
Decent video but one thing i dont think is true" the older the woman gets, the less likely they are willing to compromise for dating" i know for a fact alot more woman are more willing to compromise as they get older.
EightFrancs (4 months ago)
Slores get 50+ messages per day and bitch about it. They can go fuck themselves.
Jason MacDonald (4 months ago)
Its not Yellow Fever at all. It never was. Its that Asian women worship white male's because asians are the race most obssessed with status, it runs deep in their culture and upbringing. White guys ha asian fever because asians literally kiss the ground the walk on whereas white girls expect white guys to jump through hoops with them. Also, with modern makeup techniques Asian women basically can have white features very easily ie. big eyes, more prominent features etc. Its just to much work to bag a white girl when dozens of asian women are drooling over themselves to do anything you want. Asian fever can be summed up by asking yourself this; You have a choice of multiple 6-7's who are easy and literally worship you OR 1 8 who you have to put a bunch of hard work in and would be hard to replace if she dumped you. For most guys the answer is obvious and thats why yellow fever exists.
GodMode (4 months ago)
She's ugly. No cap!
Takman Klan Killa 187 (4 months ago)
That Becky looks more worn out than 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass 🚗
bla blahblah (3 months ago)
I never wanted to call a white woman Becky before (even women named Becky,) but that bitch is a fucking *BECKY.*
Takman Klan Killa 187 (4 months ago)
As long as hookers can blow my head gasket and swallow my stress......life can be GREAT!!
Sir Brucie (3 months ago)
@Spirit of Yusuke 008 I see them as prostitutes (and most are...i proved that recently). What i dislike about them is how full of shit they are, and they are extremely stupid. Like the dumbest women you will ever meet. Only good for looking good and believe it or not the prettier a woman is the more boring she is intellectually and sexually. Welcome to the future my friend, nothing but Instagram whores as far as the eye can see. Good luck to all the so called ''good men'' looking for wives. Teach your sons to lock women down from a young age. If i had a mentor with my knowledge at that age i would have locked down a virgin girl back in high school so i wouldn't be stuck in this dating bs. Nothing but whores, idiots and sluts out here...but on the bright side atleast now its exposed, none of that hidden crap.
Spirit of Yusuke 008 (3 months ago)
@Sir Brucie ig models are shallow plus they can't pass on an offer to show off their vanity.
Spirit of Yusuke 008 (3 months ago)
Takman stays saying funny shit.
Takman Klan Killa 187 (4 months ago)
@Sir Brucie 👌
Sir Brucie (4 months ago)
@Takman Klan Killa 187 My problem is how clean are they. I know this IG who would fly out to come fuck me , she is good looking well kept with a nice booty but thats as far as id go where buying sex is concerned lol. Hookers just give off a ''unclean'' vibe''. Plus i aint paying money for nothing XD, with the IG ''models'' I just offer to take some photos or edit some videos and they will book. I tested this out one morning and it fucking worked LOL. Either im not as ugly as i think or i have some weird magical powers.
KassyArts (4 months ago)
‘’Never help somebody buy a car’’ lol, did that just today 😂 (no worries tho I 100% trust him)
Jack Dingler (4 months ago)
I gave car buying advice once, and they did the opposite of everything I said. It was the same dealer I went to a few months before. Their car payment was $150 / month higher for a similar car. And it was repoed a few months later. It was sad because they were always broke, the husband worked his butt off, putting in long hours in a factory job. Without a car he had to bicycle to work. she sat on her butt all day and spent all of his money on drugs. Later they got divorced, and she tried to talk me into divorcing my wife and marrying her. Said she always do anything I wanted... She at least knows a meal ticket when she sees one... I turned her down (more than once...).
KassyArts (4 months ago)
Solomon Jones Channel my futur husband! We are saving up money for the wedding 😊
Solomon Jones Channel (4 months ago)
I hope it's your father or husband :-)
Yashar’Al MGTOW (4 months ago)
I’m tired of women thinking their tits, ass, and vagina will cover a relationship in exchange for her shitty uncultured personality. If you don’t fw me on a personal level like trying to gauge my interest I don’t want your shriveled up pussy. I’m out
Davey Silvers (4 months ago)
Moving to Minnesota soon, anybody know what the women there are like? I use to live in New York, New York and couldn't get a single date/match there, when i was in Georgia before that women were nicer and it was so much easier to at least be given a chance, cant move back though cause my job is bringing me elsewhere but at the same time my sex life is non existent, advice??
shinkoo (4 months ago)
Just to let you know, there are tons, I mean tons of feminists, sjw, liberals, etc. women in MN.
Solomon Jones Channel (4 months ago)
Minnesota is a lot easier than New York
Faechi Art Awake (4 months ago)
That black chick in the line up is getting cut for sure! Unless she’s a light skin,I’m sorry to say but it’s hard to complete with a bunch of fine non white chicks unless he has a dark skin fettish
Equipois3 (4 months ago)
@ 8:00 This is why I see a Solo vid an Auto like (checking out the Merch)
Jaanu Gul (4 months ago)
An old man at my bus stop told me while i was leaving class to board the bus, women are like the bus. They come every 15 minutes, your career, your dreams come once. Focus on those. I keep telling guys I know to stop focusing on them. Sadly they never will, they'll make them a definite priority. You have to know one thing guys, impressing them and the chasing isn't worth it. You lose your value. Get off of the apps and just make yourself a priority. Respect yourselves and build something out of yourself. I'm on my way to dental school to become an orthodontist and I'm about to publish my thesis in neurogenetics studies. I'm only 21 and I see the picture Solo has been painting and he makes sense. Women especially modern women have that so called luxury to alternate being a feminist and being a lady. We don't. Ever wonder why many men have just took their ball and went home. Social media may have given most of them a platform to feel liberated by seeking validation but it actually has had a detrimental affect on them too. It has gotten them to believe they are the prize, and are deserving of better. Wrong. You are.They have a wall. We don't. They'll be crying once they can't find someone to settle with and will have to compete with younger girls. We won despite whatever bullshit movement says otherwise. We always have. Drop the apps completely and drop the chase in general. You'll see what I mean. Giving in makes you a beta simp
Bide (3 months ago)
@Jaanu Gul That organ between a woman's legs is an extremely strong drug for most men
Jaanu Gul (4 months ago)
@Caeda Lowell wonder why they don't listen?
Caeda Lowell (4 months ago)
I always tell guys the same thing. Facts 😎
Day Night (4 months ago)
she thinks she has dating options ....Correction......Her Vagina has options.......for about another year..........
Taurus Takes (4 months ago)
I laugh at women who look for relationships on tinder. They think they can change the reason why the app was created. Its a hookup app, plain and simple.
unlimited971 (3 months ago)
that's why grindr went better than tinder.
Elliott Morris (3 months ago)
@Clayton Bigsby #Facts my brother.... POF is straight fucking 🗑 🗑 🗑
Sir Brucie (4 months ago)
@Clayton Bigsby I met a nice tall blonde grey eyed cutie from pof. She is christian. God owes me that much for all the fucking escourts spammimg my inbox with their fuckery. Its like they migrated from backpage.
Clayton Bigsby (4 months ago)
nicole phillips naw pof is full of girls who sell pussy, want a full blown relationship, or already got a dude and just want meaningless conversations
nicole phillips (4 months ago)
I assume pof is the same
arbitrary PasTime (4 months ago)
The women in Cali are short, fat, narcissistic,SJW and single moms. Simps give thots too much validation
Brandon (4 months ago)
I can't stand these chicks out here. They walk around like they are the greatest shit ever.
EldrenOfTheMist (4 months ago)
I'm a broken record at this point but I'll say it again. I've had so many Girl Friends, so many lovers, and 3 Fiancees. Over 20 in all. And I'm just through with this shit dating game. All women play. what's the point of looking for love. if your lovers. Keep leaving you. Most women these days(Not including moms. moms are awesome. ) Have no commitment. And without commitment. No relationship will last. period.
Muhammed Majeed (4 months ago)
@Sir Brucie in that case too many people want to be empty vessels
Sir Brucie (4 months ago)
@Muhammed Majeed like people who re not smart, empty vessels. Random quote: Drake '' You ask for the boss and they sent me dawg..''
Muhammed Majeed (4 months ago)
@Sir Brucie wdym empty vessal?
Sir Brucie (4 months ago)
There are some good women out there, ive met many. You just have to find one who understands you and you share a connection. Empty vessels make for boring partners.
thelegend27 as (4 months ago)
Bro could you give me tips on how to approach women. I cant talk to them like a bitch
Mollof (4 months ago)
Good I have low standards, or more like diffrent standards.
t100base (4 months ago)
You're everywhere
Rapper Doh (4 months ago)
Grinder is a gay tinder
crosses101 (4 months ago)
I swear that fucking beat is SIICK😎
SkullAngel002 (4 months ago)
Yeah I recently got my head bit off from several female relatives about this topic. I told them when you reduce the formality of physically meeting people to swiping left, you open yourself up to illicit behavior (hook-ups, etc.) because you're virtually eliminating the accountability/no consequence factor when you reject someone from the comfort of your own home and not have to worry about an embarrassing scene. - You also hit the nail on the head, Solo. I'm pretty sure more women would give guys a second date chance when they realize the good qualities (e.g. kind, funny, car, career, house, etc.) far outweigh the negative (1-2" short of 6', eats cereal with his mouth open, plays Dungeons & Dragons, etc.) upon meeting the first time.
Melanin Magdalene (4 months ago)
Kind your way into the good graces of weemen
Marcus Witt (4 months ago)
The fake blonde wants to be on the bachelor... Ha ha... Ha ha. She has black roots with her fake blonde hair; serious wrinkles on the forehead; serious bags under her eyes... and yet she wants a guy to be a 9 or a 10. Ha ha...wake up Delusional female. To him, women like you are a dime a dozen.
S H (4 months ago)
Sounds like the women at my job
tje2607 (4 months ago)
Any advice on starting a YouTube channel
Solotv84 (4 months ago)
Post everyday, find a niche, be willing to fail
Gra ber (4 months ago)
i disaggree with you on that poitn, that the girls you showed are more beautiful then her. it is up to guy's preferences. to you every girl you showed is more beautiful then her, but to me that older girl is very pretty and naturally beutiful, and not, as the girls, make-up beautiful...
EightFrancs (4 months ago)
Simps gonna simp.
Gra ber (4 months ago)
yes, its right. im not english or american, so thats why my english is not taht fine
Solotv84 (4 months ago)
To each it's own
Paulo Chan (4 months ago)
Jesus, what a couple of worthless cunts.
Derick Perez (4 months ago)
Listening to them talk makes me wanna reap my ears off.
Spirit of Yusuke 008 (3 months ago)
RIP them off like piccolo did in the lord slug movie.
Fasting Is Life (4 months ago)
Derick Perez 😂🤣😂 it probably got you hard like a police baton lol
Marcus Witt (4 months ago)
Yes, there are men that have an Asian female fetish. But there are a lot of Asian women that have a white boy, with blonde hair and blue eye fetish...too.
chris palmer (3 months ago)
Juicing Factor absolutely. I’m white and my girlfriend is Chinese American. ALL of her Asian female friends, and there a lot of them, have white husbands. Except for two, and they’re into black guys. Not one of them likes Asian men.
Juicing Factor (3 months ago)
Fact is western raised Asian women hate Asian men. Less than 30% would date an Asian man. These womxn would even marry the absolute ugliest white men, because they're white.
Razz_Al _Ghull (3 months ago)
Bide (3 months ago)
@SkullAngel002 You most def dont want to be in Sweden
KingOfOneSelf (4 months ago)
Dope video btw, what song is that at the end??
metivs (4 months ago)
yo, use the SHAZAM app on mobile phone, it reveals name of the songs. "fidytoo" :-D Even Solo got super excited on the YT comment section of the song :-D
Jim Belushi (4 months ago)
The song is "trey 52 compton"
Solotv84 (4 months ago)
if you watch it until the end. I mention who sings the song playa
Mimos2000 Argyros (4 months ago)
the editing-skills is on point and funny af
Cello Tomas (4 months ago)
Bruh the shaq one killed me
TiggerNyeah (4 months ago)
I think she is quite attractive but, I have always been attracted to women from 30 to mid 40's, rarely attracted to young women.
Candy Kane (4 months ago)
TiggerNyeah —— but ask yourself. If those women didn’t want those men then. Do they really chase or want them now? Women move on most of the times and never look back (men ALWAYS contact their exes in the future. Women very rarely as there are more options to explore whereas men go through a dry phase) and this is even more so with the men that hurt them or men that they didn’t want in the first place. So It’s just not true. Very rarely will a woman all of a sudden WANT a man she didn’t want to begin with (unless he became famous or got rich or something) but I’ve NEVER heard of it. But I can guarantee that every woman has had ALL her exes attempting to hit her up again though 😴 from the sounds of it ‘The wall’ sounds like hope for rejected men 😂 so that they can feel better...Of course that never happens though because as I said women rarely return unless you were some way exceptional and stood out from the rest (like the only guy to take her on holiday, send her flowers every week etc) everything else we could care less about because were like a company with many job applications. How does your application stand out? You know? 😴☕️💅🏽
Candy Kane (4 months ago)
stealthycinderhella —— Most men aren’t hung up on the wall. It’s only these trolls online. Look at real life. Go out on dates. What women do you see the most at nice upscale restaurants? Usually older. No 19 year old is there. How old are the women that celebrity/rich/ powerful men SETTLE down? Again usually above 25+ mostly women in their 30’s. ‘The wall’ isn’t a reality for most women. Men are very generous in the sense that as long as they are attracted to the woman and she has a nurturing nature they do not mind ☕️😴
ALT3REDB3AST (4 months ago)
Older woman are easier, thats for sure. They are desperate for attention and validation due to them being older.
shinkoo (4 months ago)
I know for a fact, a lot of older women know how to suck and fuck better cuz they have been ran thru, lol!
EightFrancs (4 months ago)
Blondie already looks like she's given up. That's the best she's gonna Look for the rest of her life. It's not impressive.

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