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Top 10 Wheel of Fortune Fails

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Today we're counting down the top ten most hilarious Wheel of Fortune fails of all time! Make sure to like & subscribe for brand new Top 10 Videos every day! Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section, and to like, subscribe, and share this video. Top Ten Daily brings you daily top 10 lists on a wide variety of subjects, including Pop Culture, Celebrities, Movies & TV, Sports, Comics, Anime, Gameshows, Fails, Wins, Stolen Valor, Feel Good Moments, and more! Leave a like if you enjoyed the video, and we love to hear from you in the comments. Be sure to subscribe for more great weekly videos, and hit that bell for a notification whenever we post a new video! Top 10 Memes of 2018... So Far ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-eNqmaU_8s Top 10 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Are Actually True ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj2DdsXhjHU Top 25 r/Tinder Hilarious Conversations ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CghysvlI-1M Top 10 Bachelor Villains ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgBTzz8dwhg Top 50 News Bloopers ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qO8B7IBhBo Top 10 Most Epic Oscar Wins of All Time ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GkLAsvdTeM Subscribe ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRtQDkL_op8jPzM2K9aT0Vw?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (8988)
Jordi7174 (7 hours ago)
"A group of pill pushers?"
Randy Jordan (11 hours ago)
I wish I had a popsickle bise.
Michael Hammer (11 hours ago)
"A group of pill-pushers" Sorry, this is wheel of fortune.
Joe Plaszewski (17 hours ago)
A group of pill-pushers
Brianna C (17 hours ago)
😂😂 fish love 😂😂
Miss Amanda's world (1 day ago)
Naked vs named is very little and understandable mistake with letters given
NotMe, (1 day ago)
N!!! amm.. No "N"...
Boozey Heals (1 day ago)
WOW Clam Digger WFT???
Mike Stevens (1 day ago)
7:27 that was actually a great guess lmao
Liam Lancaster (1 day ago)
So easy
IAMASELENATOR92 (1 day ago)
"No N..hmmm" I CAN'T
0:31 south park
Farles Barkley (1 day ago)
A group of pill pushers impressed me actually
Minnesota Nice (1 day ago)
No N
Zuko Urquhart (1 day ago)
If you want to see a Win!!! Check out Wheel of fortune raymond!
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Regis Fillman and Cathy Ripa
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Pat Sajack
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Grumpy doc bashful
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Huneo suckle Bush
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Magic wand
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Clam sesh
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Corner cario Cabinet
Becki Terry (1 day ago)
Mike Maxwell this this is hilarious .
Boukeyt (1 day ago)
1:23 I can tell that the host was trying to make him feel better, but he was just thinking "I meet the dumbest people on this show."
coryc0213 (1 day ago)
Fish Love is fuckin killin me right now ahahaha
hobby gamer (1 day ago)
3 12 o comeon its not THAT BIG a deal
hobby gamer (1 day ago)
2 30-2 44 WHY did pat hve to do that ?
hobby gamer (1 day ago)
hobby gamer (1 day ago)
Fluffy Fwaff (1 day ago)
Even he couldn't say the 'n'-word
Auburn Books (1 day ago)
2:20 Dude, people already think Americans suck at geography. Ya ain't helping matters lol.
I love u neffty (1 day ago)
This show is racist *think about it* A Japanese person go there *His gonna fuckedup*
andrewesquivel (2 days ago)
So I guess if you have an accent you can't win...
MrTommy4000 (2 days ago)
The officers IQ hovers just above absolute zero. Good to know that our country is in safe hands.
William Roach (2 days ago)
Guackamole nigga penis
CheckOutMyPokemons (2 days ago)
You had me at popsicle bike
WCC Studio 7 (2 days ago)
0:33 awkward...
Darth Binks (2 days ago)
Where is Randy Marsh’s “Something that annoys you” Answer?
ZeidGho (2 days ago)
*FISH LOVE* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anthony G (3 days ago)
The worst thing is we have to share the road with these people.
Lobster Telephone (3 days ago)
No N, sorry
Never Youmind (3 days ago)
That’s bullshit discrimination. Phonetically Ripa can be said many ways. In fact I’m quite sure the name Ripa would be pronounced “Reepa” in Italy
Matthew Everhart (3 days ago)
Cringe at 5:00
Latest Property (3 days ago)
There's one more from the Achilles puzzle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npgzz42IEiE
7:27 a group of pill pushers 😆😆
Jason Shields (3 days ago)
Master of the Donkey Punch is my cb handle
MSA 454 (3 days ago)
A million lost because the college student couldn't pronounce Achilles.
A group of pill pushers
The and looks so....and
Chris Gargano (4 days ago)
Magic wande
Kaylee Hrehorovich (4 days ago)
1:20 *that and looks soo.... and-y* 😂😂😂
Wenwen (4 days ago)
I really thought "a group of pill pushers" was the funny one because when I used to work at the nursing home and gave out the meds, the patients used to jokingly refer to us as the "pill pushers" that one brings back memories, lol
Sam Samson (4 days ago)
Who's watching the amazing new DreamWorks SHE-RA on Netflix?
- nobody (4 days ago)
I love 'A group of pill pushers!!'
Matt L (4 days ago)
6:47 was the best omg I'm dying
Drstrangelove910 (4 days ago)
California Bear (4 days ago)
😑N? Really Nigga?!
Nadir Green (4 days ago)
7:00 😂😂😂
JMGRICH (4 days ago)
Do we still get it?
Matthew LaMacchia (5 days ago)
dklyde (5 days ago)
I can’t believe that guy said N. UNfreaking real.
ibecho (5 days ago)
Miners and who's lol
Tristan Chriesmon (5 days ago)
Who the duck is hls
Nelson Campos (5 days ago)
Sedric Lisbon (5 days ago)
Go Navy!
Danny W. (5 days ago)
Fish Love
Irk Me (5 days ago)
Willie Varner (6 days ago)
No "N" 😂
B T (6 days ago)
I’d like to solve, “bone with the wind?”
Stephanie Rodriquez (6 days ago)
Ugly pedoz and lame skinny hags
EssKay (6 days ago)
Had to pause at 7:34 just to write: Hahahahahahaaa
GG Howlin Beatbox (6 days ago)
The poor magic Wand guy lmao
Mr. Soul '69 (6 days ago)
Pat Sajak honestly enjoyed seeing people lose...
MaxFranklinVlogs (6 days ago)
Clam Ni××er! 😂😂😂💀💀💀
mockingbird187 (6 days ago)
3:39 Nice play.
Sam Lutfi (6 days ago)
Miners and Hos
Fabio Flowzales (7 days ago)
NO N...mmmmh hahahah
Jere Fred (7 days ago)
1:38 On a hot summer evening, Barry and Melinda often enjoy a nice refreshing *POPEYSICKLE* *BISE*
anticemetric (7 days ago)
Hahah “fish love” XD
Greg Nelson (7 days ago)
I enjoyed how smart this made me feel
Independence In Mind (7 days ago)
I’m sorry I’m still laughing at minors and hoes and a group of pill pushers
Enzo Rocha (7 days ago)
So...no donkey punch? ;)
Greg Moore (7 days ago)
How the fuck do these people's brains generate enough power to keep their legs moving?
Jose Juanjo (7 days ago)
Stupid lame humor Of the useless and dumb merican retards
Aurum Daystar (7 days ago)
Let’s not forget Naggers omg lol
Arlen Roth (7 days ago)
The "N" moment may be the funniest thing in the history of TV...and Sajack's "No N!" answer is just too hysterical! Amazing....
Elka Synthex (8 days ago)
Neither wonder they have Donald Trump as the President, how dumb can people get?
Beejeezaay (8 days ago)
microkosrae (8 days ago)
llamaface (8 days ago)
Fish love lmao
Misty K Nesloney (8 days ago)
i must say... You shouldn't punish someone who mispronounces a word, because that means they read it.
*d_nk_y pun*
NEO (8 days ago)
Most people are really stupid. This video proves it.
michel madaire (8 days ago)
7:27 a group of pill pushers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
michel madaire (8 days ago)
0:35 N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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