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Cocteau Twins - Sea, Swallow Me

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Music: Cocteau Twins - Sea, Swallow Me from: "the moon and the melodies" http://www.discogs.com/Harold-Budd-Elizabeth-Fraser-Robin-Guthrie-Simon-Raymonde-The-Moon-And-The-Melodies/master/4496 Pic: EVA GREEN FROM "white bird in a blizzard" - Gregg Araki http://www.facebook.com/WhiteBirdInABlizzardFilm
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Text Comments (24)
Elysa Sartore (2 months ago)
Traducida x favor!!! La amo!
DerDrache707071 (4 months ago)
sashi k (8 months ago)
Beautiful film with a very great choice of music. Thanks to Gregg Araki I've been coming back to this magical song each morning. 💖
Arthur Baião (11 months ago)
Sem dúvida , uma maravilhosa obra- prima Musical .
Lawrence Bottorff (1 year ago)
Whenever someone here on Earth plays this song, at 1:47 all conversation in Heaven stops to listen. Respect, envy?
Tony Coleman (1 year ago)
Great film, soundtrack from the immortal Cocteau twins with the only goddess.
Paul Hanson (1 year ago)
intensify this sensation, this bloc of sensation, rip a shard of the virtual
kiwi_xo (1 year ago)
i wish i understood the lyrics.
Stephanie Erazo (1 year ago)
if its a Cocteau Twins song, no one understand them!
Alessio Ballerini (1 year ago)
Oh, lyrics... Whatever you want, honey!
royal nass (2 years ago)
one heck of a song
Grithron2 (3 years ago)
This is one of those few Twins tunes I have a problem with - that slight touch of "Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer" in its phrasing!
vance wright (2 years ago)
James (3 years ago)
This is the Moon and The Melodies, which was collaboration of Harold Budd and The Cocteau Twins - Very Mislabeled Here
Vucumprá (2 years ago)
I knew that. It was also the best track on the record.
Gaetan Giambarresi (4 years ago)
j'ai adoré le film ....super ....
sn0m0ns (4 years ago)
Thank you White Bird In A Blizzard for introducing me to Cocteau Twins
ryan dawson (2 years ago)
Check out Cocteau twins track ; Frou-frrou foxes in the midsummer fires
sn0m0ns (3 years ago)
+Leo Ferres I was born in 75, I miss the 80's too.
Leo Ferres (4 years ago)
+sn0m0ns you should try Some of the other Gothic type groups in this Sound tract. Awesome Sound track. Of course I alive during that time period. Use to visit a club that reminded me of the club they first met. And yes when AIDS was first discovered people (homosexuals) were petrified to be with anyone. Then their was an outbreak in one major city where they shut down a reservoir because of bird feces. It was reacting with the HIV virus and causing it to speed up the incubation process. Look that up though to get the accurate info on that. But I did see a documentary on parasites I think it was called The Monster Inside Me or something like that. Or just research Cities and their water supplies.
Polet Acosta (4 years ago)
Yeeeeessss, thank you!
Zobeida Bolden (4 years ago)
This song is Everything
stumps03 (4 years ago)
Don't you just love Elizabeth ... simply the best
Dr. Reagan Boone, PhD (2 years ago)
the bitch sho nuff sang her ass off but it mysterious grew back! 😁 diet Pepsi...............uh huh!

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