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Northern Lights - NYX NORDIC FACE AWARDS 2017

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Text Comments (168)
Miranda Hedman (2 years ago)
You can now find my top 15 entry on my channel! Voting starts on Wednesday the 10th! Find more information in my latest video! ❤️
Sarah Allegra (24 days ago)
Wow, this looks so realistic!! It’s like the lights really do just hang out on your forehead!! So, so beautiful!!!! 😍💖😍
Milly Monroe (1 year ago)
What is the name of that UV gel that you use and where can I get it because I can’t find it anywhere
Tamara Alves (1 year ago)
You're amazing great job. 👏👏👏
SophieMariaxx (1 year ago)
Miss Mimikey (1 year ago)
Hey, I found youre Channel super awesome, I wish we could collaborate with you one day.... btw I have subscribed to you do you mind support new YouTubers, if you find my channel intersting do you mind to sub for me too✌️🤗peace
Miss Mimikey (1 year ago)
Omg this is soooo amazing!!!! I will Subscribe to you, very creative! If you don't mind would you subscribe to my channel, as an make up artist I found you're material really inspiring :)
Rebecca Blackburn (2 years ago)
One of the best I've seen well done very creative and beautiful !
summertimelovin • (2 years ago)
what type of music is playing in the background? like folk music?
Miranda Hedman (2 years ago)
If you want to see me in the finale vote here! ❤️ http://nordicfaceawards.com/challenge-2-voting/mirandahedman
Eagly (2 years ago)
You are so amazing!!!!! Such an inspiration to me 💕
miranda o'neal (2 years ago)
This is crazy cool! I love it! So talented!
Mary McIntyre FRAS (2 years ago)
This is absolutely awesome! As an amateur astronomer who has photographed the aurora several times, I am totally in love with this make up look and really want to try to recreate it!
Veronica DaVanzo (2 years ago)
This is really artistic...I could never have come up with that! Well done. I will be voting for you!
Megan Vásquez (2 years ago)
this is the best northern lights makeup so far. I can see this in a movie.
Meri Gómez (2 years ago)
YASSS!!! Love it ♥
Vanessa Tatiana (2 years ago)
Omg you are the makeup queen.👌👌
emily o neill (2 years ago)
You are insanely talented omg this look is so amazing😍💓
Elisa In-Uba (2 years ago)
the concept <3 it works very well!! congrats :*
Bo Cath (2 years ago)
Kim Boelhouwer (2 years ago)
Love this look 😍
Brooklyn Ray (2 years ago)
This look is beautiful!!!💗
Addie Musrep (2 years ago)
Miranda Hedman (2 years ago)
GUESS WHAT? I made it to the TOP 15!!! My entry for the 2ND CHALLENGE will be up this weekend. The voting opens for the public on Wednesday May 10th and close on Monday May 29th, so if you want to see me in the finale, make sure to vote for me at www.nordicfaceawards.com :*
Jane C. (2 years ago)
Nail Art Hoe (2 years ago)
Oh my god, it looks sooo good
Septima C (2 years ago)
This look is amazing!
Kylie-Anne Connell (2 years ago)
WOW!!l You are a wonderful artist! New subscriber from Australia xoxo
Ginie Beauté (2 years ago)
Beauty full !! 😍😘
Juliette Hernandez (2 years ago)
my new everyday makeup! thanks 😍
Wendy Bannister (2 years ago)
absolutely stunning!!!!
nice , love it! mucha suerte
nice , love it! mucha suerte
Anacreonte Sogarsag (2 years ago)
flowingimagination (2 years ago)
does anyone knows how to search the uv gel she used at the end? i'm trying to find it but all i can find is the machine of uv light for gel nail polishes lmao
Charlotte Gilkerson (2 years ago)
I love that you added the bit about the fox!!! the mythology adds so much more to the look and the uv light at the end was a great touch!
Kelli Marissa (2 years ago)
This was awesome! Especially the UV reactive paint. For some reason I'm getting warrior vibes from the makeup look haha. Like a winter warrior from a fairytale!
Coalcandy (2 years ago)
This is SO GREAT! Have you been to Midvinterglöd? This makeup would fit in perfectly in their creature contest! If not, consider it for this year :) Anyway, great channel! It was nice meeting you!
Annie O'Toole (2 years ago)
I feel a lot of the other contestants missed the mark and made the theme look more like "galaxy"...but this is spot on. So beautiful!
hungergamessgirlonfi (2 years ago)
you should have connected the stars to make constellations!
hungergamessgirlonfi (2 years ago)
beautiful your take on aurora borealis is way more realistic because of the color choice, I loved evelina's but the colors were too much. well done hope you make it far!
lucia agudo cortes (2 years ago)
sun moon (2 years ago)
this is such a beautiful look I almost cried while watching haha
Scarlet Rose (2 years ago)
You are amazing ❤️I love this
Csilla Salda (2 years ago)
Aiko C (2 years ago)
Mary Universe (2 years ago)
Beautiful look, I love the twist at the end making this a duo makeup look! Good luck!!! 🌌🌟💜💙
Yashe J (2 years ago)
this is really gorgeous I can tell your gonna be in the top 15 because you spicy it up 👍💕 that look really hard to do girl you got skill
RankynTheTurtle 12 (2 years ago)
You sound so much like elli from ellimacs sfx! Good luck btw❤️❤️
shil1234 4 (2 years ago)
i really love this make up look! it's awesome!!! the glowing version is simply stunning! and the contouring, with that blue and purple is just sooo beautiful. i hope you pass to the top 15 because you deserve it! could you please tell me which songs you used at 2:47 and 7:28? i looked for them on epidemic sound but i couldn't find them :(
shil1234 4 (2 years ago)
thank you!!
Kira Szabó (2 years ago)
shil1234 4 medieval myths is the song
Leen MY (2 years ago)
wow I love it!! 😲😲😲
Sofia K (2 years ago)
Incredible! You're so creative! :) I hope you'll win this year! Also, can someone tell me where can I read more about The Arctic Fire Fox and The Northern Lights (folklore and mythology)?
potato (2 years ago)
wow! just wow
Julia (2 years ago)
Holy shitballs. This is amazing, magnificent.
Donita Rose Skaget (2 years ago)
I really admire your creativity, the effect that you used UV light to high lights the northern lights and to link that with arctic fox was magnificent, keep it up and I really want to see more of your videos. You did a great job. As well as you used NYX make up on a proper way that you don't need to waste so much product to acquire this look. I'm here to support you. Just slay through out the way!!
Marlon Publico (2 years ago)
It's very cool, except where the make up does not meet your hairline. Other than that, its cool!
Maham Arshad (2 years ago)
well done
Silveretta_Rose (2 years ago)
Looovveeee it. So amazing. I love Norwegian mythology
Renegate (2 years ago)
This is amazing!
Niamh Duddy (2 years ago)
I really would love to know the name of the music in the background ! every time I go to search it on the epidermic sound website I cant find what it it !! help mee
Kira Szabó (2 years ago)
Niamh Duddy medieval myths is the song
Sean M (2 years ago)
Omg!!!! ✨✨✨✨
Mandy moon (2 years ago)
wow beautiful😱❤
Clara Schmidt Makeup (2 years ago)
You are the best
That UV-gel look thou... <3 very cool!
DeadmanShiro (2 years ago)
wow your version is my favourite! hope you win cutie! 😻
Jenny Izabella (2 years ago)
Så otroligt duktig! 👌🏻😍
therollinginthesheep (2 years ago)
How you manage to do this look without pulling all your hair off your face with a headband summarizes how much more patience you have than I. Great look!
Tess von K (2 years ago)
This is absolutely epic! Great work, Miranda. You're the best. Best of luck with the awards!
Samantha MacKenzie (2 years ago)
Stunning! Great job!
Sh3ikha (2 years ago)
This is beautiful! I like the subtle look of this yet it's still has such a strong concept. Adding the northern lights like your did to your head resembles a crown and I love that. Good work and good luck!
Kysaundra Dawn (2 years ago)
You killed this!!! Your look is by far my favorite look from this round!! Also, I just posted my Nyx Face Awards US entry if you want to support me and watch it! 😊
rika (2 years ago)
B E A U T I F U L 👏👏👏😩😩
Rita Caetano (2 years ago)
absolutly amazing!
Sofia Araceli (2 years ago)
yuseli farias (2 years ago)
wooow I can't believe how georgeous this is💚💚💚💚
Mali Vendriczki (2 years ago)
i have been watching your videos for about a year and a half know but it still amazes me how incredibly talented you are
Amber (2 years ago)
This is amazing! How do you come up with looks like this?
ena nele (2 years ago)
literally amazing
Paris Molloy (2 years ago)
It looks like a northern lights goddess or queen!! This is my first video of yours I've seen and it's amazing!! Congrats xxx
Holly Welcome (2 years ago)
I LOVE it!!!!
Olivia Su (2 years ago)
The look and music all remind me of Ahri in leag lollll. Such a beautiful look thooo!!!! She rocks any makeup look that's crazy
mafe flores (2 years ago)
Omg, this. Is. AMAZING. I'm so impressed with your skills! Keep going I hope you get further in the competition ❣️
Jenny Hernandez (2 years ago)
YOU'RE SO CREATIVE!!! I was so surprised by the glow effect in the intro and I love it
Wow! That's gorgeous! You're a gorgeous Nordic woman too!
heliimara (2 years ago)
Wow im finnish and never heard of this fox story..😁 you're talented artist!😊
Carolina Pi (2 years ago)
Simply amazing! Love you ❤️
Lonely Bard (2 years ago)
Miranda, you're my little goddes of makeup.
varija5 (2 years ago)
I really hope you win, you deserve it so much. You're very talented and your look is so original, I love it !!!
Yvonne Heeres (2 years ago)
That's so beautiful and magical! I love it, well done! :D
Femke Kraan (2 years ago)
Amazing!! I'm in love with this look! Looks amazing great job!!
Victoria Nancy (2 years ago)
Dang this looks so good!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Sophia Alysson (2 years ago)
this is really amazing !! you're so talented
Riri Rehder (2 years ago)
This is soooo amazing You are so incredibly talented I can't even put it into words
Really Mili (2 years ago)
Beautiful 👏😘 Good luck!
plant mom (2 years ago)
You are so talented and I love everything you make!! keep up with the good work 💕
Painkake 63 (2 years ago)
Cecilia F. (2 years ago)
This is amazing, Miranda, cool job <3
Hawasworld (2 years ago)
wow so Beautiful 😍😍
Kyle Egoistic (2 years ago)
Wow. I'm so in love with this. It's not only an absolutely stunning look, but it also has a great backstory with the Arctic fox and all. ♥
hertha herthchen (2 years ago)
it's so so beautiful ♥♥♥
cheerful Chelsea (2 years ago)
This look is beautiful. 💜

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