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Behind the scenes of Preme's 1st Music Video "TANGO!" Check out the official music video: https://youtu.be/mDjbpjRnyoM Artist: Preme - [[P Reign]] Producer: Canrad Director: Meg Gamez 1st AD: Roberto Ahumada 2nd AD: Santiago Valencia Director of Photography: Salvador Lleo 1st AC: Mitch Boyce 2nd AC: Tiffany Null TechnoCrane Op: Israel Trulin Cinematographer Greg Arch Production manager: Alina Ly Electric Team: Kevin Paul Lawrence, Tyler Rousseau, & Ariq Hannan Grips: Michael Blevins, Brennan Rojo, & Andy Villalobos Set Medic: Eldad Sharon Production Designers: Andres Cubillan, Eduardo Durao, Amanda Campanaro, & Evan Newman Prop Master: Edmund Lloyd Hair & Make up: Renae Goodhew & Teddi Prior Costume Designer: Raquel Anne Production Hustlers: Andrew Drayton, Jordan Carmer, Hector Galindo, & Jen Sadler Set Photographer: Mark J Buckley Badass Talents: Wacko, Polo, & William Knight Behind the scenes cinematographer: Shot & edited by David Romeo OVO RECORDS SUGARPOP PRODUCTIONS
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