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Here's to me embarrassing myself and plugging my Redbubble shop for 25 minutes. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE this video! Art + Design / Fashion Design colleges I applied to that are mentioned in this video: -Parsons School of Design at The New School -University of the Arts London {Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion} -Kent State University -Drexel University -University of Minnesota {for my mother} xx, Eva INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/eva_phan www.instagram.com/evakphan BLOG: www.eva-darling.com REDBUBBLE: www.redbubble.com/people/evaphan/shop TWITTER: www.twitter.com/evakdarling PINTEREST: www.pinterest.com/eva_darling SHOP + PORTFOLIO: www.evaphan.com
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Artemis Azarath (6 months ago)
I really really reallyyyyyy wanna go to parsons I just don’t know the requirements because that school is so competitive but I really wanna go to that school🤗🙊
양수아 (8 months ago)
are you all apply BA ?? and you accepted all school?, sorry i m not good to use English
Eva Phan (7 months ago)
양수아 Yes, all BA except for CSM, which I applied Foundation. Accepted to all!
Kiki N (9 months ago)
Thanks so much for this!
Eva Phan (7 months ago)
Kiki N Thanks for watching!
vinylflower (9 months ago)
also love how classy your designs are!
Eva Phan (7 months ago)
vinylflower Thank you so much !
vinylflower (9 months ago)
that arabesque at 5:05 🙀 do you still dance at all in nyc?
Eva Phan (7 months ago)
vinylflower Haha thank you! I do a lot of dance modeling and commercials here in NYC, but I haven't performed at all

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