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ASMR Hot Instagram Girls Sucking Banana 2019

3479 ratings | 335036 views
Hot Instagram Girls Sucking Bananas 2019. Comment below your favourite :D ! ASMR: Something relaxing to watch :). Don't forget to subscribe.
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Text Comments (350)
Aaron Devlin (18 hours ago)
ELConpa H viz (2 days ago)
Al let my girl at 1:00 eat my dick clean
L Oliveir (4 days ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Carl Decorse (5 days ago)
Love bananas
DRIFT CULTUREZZ (7 days ago)
This is why i dont eat bananas
Kocher Andy (8 days ago)
Ja als Mann muss ich dir sagen kannst dich ja gut war mit deine Banane man sieht ja richtig geil aus
Shala Lala (9 days ago)
Are they porn or what xD
Gaming By Dusk YT (10 days ago)
Whoever can tell me the name of the first one, I will give you over $100
Gaming By Dusk YT (3 days ago)
+David Araiza im calling now
Gaming By Dusk YT (4 days ago)
+David Araiza alright tell her to check it when she can
David Araiza (4 days ago)
here phone is dead
Gaming By Dusk YT (4 days ago)
+David Araiza well I texted her and she didnt respond, I'll try calling her tomorrow
Gaming By Dusk YT (4 days ago)
+David Araiza I'm kinda busy can't call rn, but Imma shoot her a text
Cláudio o Santos (10 days ago)
Quero que vcs fazem em mim delicia quero gozar
Brandy Adams (10 days ago)
I’m sure their fathers are so proud!! Lol 😂
Kakakaka Kakakaka (7 days ago)
+Brandy Adams thats what im talking ab😂
Brandy Adams (7 days ago)
lol or bananas 🍌 🤷‍♀️it’s very important to make your bananas feel good about themselves
Kakakaka Kakakaka (7 days ago)
they can make daddy feel good😂
eduardo espinoza (10 days ago)
Name firts?
Wojtek Szlachta (10 days ago)
domingos hilarino (10 days ago)
chupa o meu 29cm
Вы все охунно сосете
J O (11 days ago)
anybody can tell thats a man,with a sharp ass jaw line .
SqueezeMyCheese (11 days ago)
1st one looks like a dude...wtf?
اووف منو تكدر هيج تمصلي عيري
Ronaldo 17 (11 days ago)
The 1st ones a dude
Ivan Ivanov (11 days ago)
Аот такая блядва рождают УБЛЮДКОВ, и эти УБЛЮДКИ продолжают дело собственных матерей проституток и они называються ЬЕЗРОДНЫЕ ТВАРИ...💪💪💪👊👊👊👊✊👊✊👊✊
Danilo Pereira (12 days ago)
Aí chuponas do caralho
Danilo Pereira (12 days ago)
Essas mulheres são profissionais no sexo oral vem chupa meu pau
wilton marcos (12 days ago)
Se fosse na minha rola já tá com a boca lotada de porra quentinha
Rob Bot (12 days ago)
@ for the 1st girl
vro (11 days ago)
janjan pereira (12 days ago)
Daniel Kleinmeier (12 days ago)
Thought that was a dude.... yikes
R Truth (16 hours ago)
It is...
Bret Marks (13 days ago)
I like the first one who are you that was great sucking just how it should be ya ya you should have keeped going
Privat Account (13 days ago)
I Need Head Phones
Lucia Lujan (12 days ago)
Manuel Dope22 (13 days ago)
Yes baby, get right to it.😍😍😍
Patrick Élégant (13 days ago)
David Farmer (13 days ago)
I love her
Natthan Matthews (14 days ago)
The first girl is best
José Henrique (9 days ago)
The first one is a dude...
Mark Vegan (14 days ago)
YouTube must think I'm a prove lol guess eat they right oops here we go
rackerhot rackbody (14 days ago)
Like they say, it's never bad.... But a couple need little more work there great ending.
Death Fafara (14 days ago)
yeah.... but why ?????
james brook (14 days ago)
0.40 she can get the dicky
Mohamed Zabin Dani (14 days ago)
Abdullah Al Mamun (14 days ago)
i like it
1348 (15 days ago)
Ho my dick
Fion Calme (15 days ago)
Mais 😂 ASMPute
gabriel denny (15 days ago)
The first girl had a play station 4 on n the back ground
Ed Andrzejewski (15 days ago)
Yea them women love to SUCK the BANANA !!!!!
Barou Diaw (15 days ago)
Abdirahman Maulid (15 days ago)
Wow she knows
Midwest Countryboi (15 days ago)
Well damn they been learning then?
唐宇 (15 days ago)
Azul Uzumaki (15 days ago)
Just eat the fcking banana.
Alfonso Maldo (15 days ago)
Que bien chupas la banana...y otras cosas?
jose Luis Rodriguez (15 days ago)
Nice an perfect all for me 👍 exotic 👌 good sucking 👌
이하빈 (16 days ago)
0:00~0:51 is the best
Natthan Matthews (14 days ago)
She got me hard
rolando palacious (16 days ago)
Malika Mad (17 days ago)
Jamie Mullins (17 days ago)
number six straight hair asian sucking banana I like on six heart head
William Carrasquillo (17 days ago)
Waooo que rico tu lo ases echate mi popo y asle asi princesa que ricura
luiz carlos (17 days ago)
Nena Marques Silva (17 days ago)
RAMASSAMY JEROME (17 days ago)
Bonsoir jolies ravissante di moins tu veux bien faire une excellente belle pipe m'a jolie preinsse tu me sucer ma grosse queue et je te lervheu réponse moins vite
ننن ننن (17 days ago)
بنات مشتهيا +905377710984
mohammad torabi (18 days ago)
this is not asmr...
Genius King (18 days ago)
The first girl would make it impossible not to bust a nut 😅😦😏😍
Genius King (16 days ago)
Well it dead ass looks like a female no cap.WELL DAMN
Johnathon Smith (16 days ago)
That was a dude.
Genius King (16 days ago)
+itsMeGuys BRUHHH😐😨😧
itsMeGuys (16 days ago)
That's a dude
Steven Reubens (18 days ago)
The best time to kiss a woman.
Cleverson Melo (18 days ago)
Aisi 😲😲🍌👌
Paulo Silva dos santos (18 days ago)
Gue delicia de chupada
Ilon Mask (18 days ago)
Какие профессиональные девченки 😁
Luis Barahona (18 days ago)
estava viendo tutoriales de como llegar a heroico y nose como termino aka 🤣
Mark _ (18 days ago)
Ah shit here we go again *unzips*
Alex Silva (18 days ago)
Manda seu zapp aí
Alex Silva (18 days ago)
Chupa meu pau a sim BB que eu gozo na sua boquinha 😋😋
Alex Silva (18 days ago)
Vc já tem amanhã de chupa em
Chry Ar (18 days ago)
They are great, they work really hard
julianzolo (18 days ago)
First girl is gold What's the name?
R Truth (16 hours ago)
Got em lmao
Johnathon Smith (16 days ago)
Yeah his name.
julianzolo (16 days ago)
Yeap, knew there was something wrong
Altava (16 days ago)
Its a guy no joke his name is Eddikka youngs
Jose Martin Matarrita (18 days ago)
Que rico
KHarvick Fan1 (18 days ago)
If reincarnation is real ima be a ig girls banana.
Jesus Villegas (18 days ago)
La maman riko
GUnot33333 (18 days ago)
0:59 marry me
I legit came for the ASMR, no cap
Jorge Abalos (19 days ago)
.. Wye
Jorge Abalos (19 days ago)
Jorge Abalos (19 days ago)
Duane L Johnson (19 days ago)
I wish i could have the banana the first girl was slobbering all over. 😁😁😁😘😘
His Overlord Upon High (19 days ago)
The woman at 2:52, very cute.
Roberto Panciocco (19 days ago)
James Banes (19 days ago)
Ooo my God
Genival Justino (19 days ago)
Parece que nasceram pra isso!! Imagina o fazem,kkkk
Wuan Gotti (19 days ago)
Dam da first 1 sucked da shit outta dat mf OMG🍆🍆🍆I'm loving all thy skillz💯
Trouser Trout (19 days ago)
Who wants to suck my banana
Brian Hunt (20 days ago)
That's guy
The Dude (18 days ago)
elevatorman013 (20 days ago)
LOL...It's a fucking dude !
douglas ferrufino (20 days ago)
Hola nenas creí ustedes que con mi platano de 23 CM Jueguen así de esa manera tragándoselo todo chao besitos
zlTRYHARDlz (20 days ago)
The third 😲 she got my eggplant all hard n shii
Duane L Johnson (20 days ago)
Lucky Bananas.
juca bala bala 38 (20 days ago)
juca bala bala 38 (20 days ago)
Essa deve chupa gostoso
Lori Csipor (20 days ago)
Danny Lee (20 days ago)
Their practicing for the real thing ! 😋
The Dude (20 days ago)
Kabron Cete (20 days ago)
Uy pero que guarrillas
Rogelio Romero (20 days ago)
Que rico lo chupan
Que tesão nossa que delícia
Paulo Silva dos santos (18 days ago)
Ai vou gozar

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