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Mr Jinx - Highland Soldier (Scottish Rapper)

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Rapper from Scotland Mr Jinx from the Scotland Yard Mc's Scottish Hip Hop Produced By S.B Free Download : http://mrjinx.bandcamp.com/album/mr-jinx
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elijah odum (1 year ago)
I came here because I found a great rap representing all major nations in WW2 and it was amazing and sad because it made you think from perspective, if anyone knows anything about this song HMU because my sister (30 years old) threw my phone on the pavement and shattered it... I can still remember the song partially but I can't find it.
young juve (2 years ago)
what do you know bout Scotland? posh
young juve (2 years ago)
posh. lol
POboy18th (3 years ago)
I'm from America but I'm Scott and proud of my Sinclair blood I can't wait to return home
mike smith (3 years ago)
Scottish a race of amazing warriors.
Chris Hunt (3 years ago)
Túlach Árd
C S (4 years ago)
actually the background melody is "The Foggy Dew",
sharperguy (4 years ago)
Wait the backing for this comes from the song "The Foggy Dew" which is actually Irish? Still not complaining :D
reg istry (4 years ago)
Fuckin Aye
MrMrjinxsta (4 years ago)
Big ups all for the kind comments :) FREEEEEDOOOOM
Crash Martinez (4 years ago)
There was a soldier a Scottish soldier who wondered far away and soldiered far away there was none bolder with good broad shoulder he fought in many a fray fought and won won won won won won won won won... Our story begins in 1745 just after the demise of the Jacobites for soon men were to be treated like mice for the sheep and only a fraction of the clans took part in Culloden but all felt what's lost and shall not be forgotten cuz what was to come was just dirty and rotten sheep it shall not be forgotten and just why it was felt was the proscription of our arms and of our tartan and kilt as lowlanders stood by watching feeling no guilt just like sheep and now the bleat is the sound of the hills and it still strikes a nerve cuz they killed and they raped and they hanged and they chased and we ran from the fire and murder they chased and we ran further and further and the sheep took our place 'pon our clans' terra firma truly our neighbors are fiends when hundreds and thousands of Highlanders died for your queen just like idiots got as far as India and Egypt to fight for a throne they don't even believe in and what we returned from them battles to see is our countryman's gone and replaced by the sheep and forced to the coastland to live by the sea to wait for the boats' time to come to set us free plagued by poverty famine and disease we were once great warriors now forced to flee cuz of sheep the sheep the sheep Time's moved on now many of us gone now we left here on immigrant ships to the Western Hemisphere there's nothing left here to make us stay the day-to-day so-called improvement of our land is forcing us away so in 1803 10,000 of us hit the sea driven by poverty eviction and sheep 20,000 leagues deep but many miles across a perilous trek in which many lives were lost on these great trips white-sailed ships no better than slave ships still we carried on and made it to travel on to new lands such as Nova Scotia till the whole world over's felt the presence of this Highland soldier forced to fight in wars in which we should have played no part because we had the bravest heart battles we were made to start wild-eyed and courageous to us our land was sacred but you just had to take it and break it
reg istry (4 years ago)
Sweet as bud
MrMrjinxsta (4 years ago)
Yes mate. U got it word perfect!! Big up
Joseph Pentland (5 years ago)
I've been waiting for someone to do this for so long. This is amazing.
Bob White (5 years ago)
MacFhionghuin was here! 
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Sessions (5 years ago)
They were (are) actual sheep. the crofters were forcibly removed from there homes in favor of hill sheep farming. Google, Highland Clearances.
Nanely Cifuentes (5 years ago)
Who are the sheep? Wales or England?
goldielocksetx (5 years ago)
This song makes me wanna scream fuck those sasinac bastards! I may be from texas but I've got the crest of clan mcduff tattooed on my chest! Good on ya guys!
TeknikAlity34 (5 years ago)
Ya know!!!! Being a proud Scot, I don't care much for rap, but Scots rap, is the shit!!!! WE NEED A FREED SCOTLAND, away from the uk!!!!
Scott Blogs (5 years ago)
yes too independance
Georgio greenvanman (5 years ago)
Quality....I'm so proud of u young guns putting Scottish rap on the map...big UP
Dcsk95 (5 years ago)
Vote yes to independence
Dcsk95 (6 years ago)
@Andy Neilson Certainly sounds like it anyway. Both class tunes wha
Andy Neilson (6 years ago)
anyone know if the backin track is an old dubliners tune called the foggie dew?
MacHarpocrates (6 years ago)
MiL da SeVeN (6 years ago)
love it, had an idea of making a similar kinda song but this is top notch!
Dál Riata (7 years ago)
Den scoth deartháir!
RoryTelferEtc (7 years ago)
This is just fantastic, fucking genius idea. Should pitch it tae the schools.
ShitJitsu (7 years ago)
superbly spat ....with a healthy greener:)
Dál Riata (7 years ago)
Tha sin glè mhath!
GrahamClan16 (7 years ago)
I fuckin' found the song the instrumentals reminded me of! its called The Foggy Dew.. thanks for the response..
GrahamClan16 (7 years ago)
tune makes me proud. the instrumentals sound familliar too, whats that song called??
snackyyyy (7 years ago)
love it!
Scottish Hip-Hop (SOS) (8 years ago)
Zambian Astronaut (8 years ago)
quality.. I feel like ive been educated somewhat too...

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