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Northwest outdoor gorilla glue Northern Lights(2)

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Kiara Lacey (20 days ago)
No gg4 there.
Очень даже хорошо ☝️
PURPLEFISH (2 months ago)
Check my shit out. https://youtu.be/AMPkOln-gsE
A. K. (2 months ago)
fan outside....?!!ha ha...use a little bit of brain there. but it is obvious you really take care of these babys and you certainly should be proud of them.congrats
stringline2 (2 months ago)
Looking good out there bro I’m fixn ta start my yearly outdoor season soon checkout my videos and sub I’ll sub ya back thx, keepn it real hippie jimmy
Happy Grower (2 months ago)
You don’t lollipop outdoors. The sun is -plenty strong to reach lower buds. Try to leave more lower growth next time. You’ll definitely increase yields.
redeyesamurai420 (2 months ago)
Just gets kinda sketchy when the temps drop so much , I'd don't think I've ever got to let one finish properly because of cold humidity, but I'll keep pushing
30 сек (2 months ago)
brooks townsley (7 months ago)
Proud papa
Moonrock High (7 months ago)
Damn bro where to start...? First of all those fans are really useless and defoliation is really not necessary in outdoor ( I mean that much) you got a pretty great greenhouse that I would LOVE to fill up with some mendo style trees... dont think I m hating buddy I’m just saying.✌️peace bruh
redeyesamurai420 (7 months ago)
Just tryna smoke good like ya'll Thanks for The positiveness
Staying Shmacced (7 months ago)
So beautiful
Kill Bill (7 months ago)
They look very good to me Sir great job and the haters well you no they don't even count😂😂😂
WildLikeGanja (8 months ago)
Just subscribed. Dont forget to sub to my channel and comment some suggestions
D.Nasty Fishing (8 months ago)
Enjoy that crop
Jack Frost (8 months ago)
Are those auto flowers? Pretty small. When did you plant those?
redeyesamurai420 (8 months ago)
Only one month prior to video, maybe a week of outdoor veg.
Jean-Ian Simard (9 months ago)
Wrong soil. Wrong food. Wrong technique. Look like the weed I used to grow being my dad's house when I was 15
Okuma (2 months ago)
You have never smoke pot noob
Daniel Panszczyk (6 months ago)
And can’t believe they are that small after being lollipopped
Daniel Panszczyk (6 months ago)
Jean-Ian Simard good pots though but no yield, also lacking nitrogen
George (7 months ago)
+redeyesamurai420 looks fine mate lol
redeyesamurai420 (9 months ago)
Jean-Ian Simard. Show me some real shit pro... To bad you didnt get to try it, cleanest smoke, tasty and free.👍
James Butterson (11 months ago)
Yes sir 👍 GROWERS LOVE 🍁💚
iGo4Pie (2 years ago)

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