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Military Jackets\ How I Style

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"MILITARY JACKETS" & OUTDOOR SUPPLY. We offer low prices on camouflage clothing, military Jack's,military apparel, public safety uniforms, outerwear, camping, survival gear, bags, packs. http://militaryapparel.7p.com Ph: 888-219-2307 Fax: 580-939-2264 22" Bandanas 15 Camouflage, 10 Solid Colors, $18.00 Per Doz. Per Color $ 1.50 550 LB. Paracord 100' Available In Ten Colors. $ 6.95 Adventurer Survival Kit Knife Fish Line, Hook, Sinkers, Band-Aids, Mirror, Compass $ 20.49 Aluminum Canteen And Cover G.I. Type With Lined Cover And Belt Hooks $ 7.49 Army Digital Camo T-Shirt Sizes XSmall to 4XL. $ 7.49 B.D.U. Combat Shorts Available 5 Solid Colors And 9 Camo Colors $ 19.99 Backpack and Stool Available In Olive Drab Or Woodland Camouflage $ 28.99 Black Military T-Shirts Poly/Cotton or 100% Cotton $ 6.99 Bladder Canteens Genuine G.I., U.S. Made, Available In Olive Drab Or Black $ 5.49 Boonie Hats Poly/Cotton, Available In 17 Colors. $ 8.49 Brown Military T-Shirts Poly/Cotton or 100% Cotton $ 6.99 Camo 2 Man Trail Tent Woodland Camo Or Army Digital Camo $ 53.49 Camo Dome Tent 3-Man Tent, Large Rear Window, Zipper Door With Rainfly $ 89.99 Camo Outdoorsman Rucksack 2 Side Pockets, Heavy Shoulder Straps $ 22.99 Camp Cots Aluminum Tubular Legs, Weight Limit 250 lbs. $ 59.99 Canteen With Belt Heavy Web Pistol Belt, Plastic Or Aluminum $ 8.99 City Camouflage T-Shirt Sizes XSmall to 4XL. $ 7.49 Classic Messenger Bag Available In 6 Colors. $ 21.49 Desert Digital Camo T-Shirt XSmall To 4XL $ 7.49 E.M.T. Pants Available In Black, Navy Blue Or Midnite Blue $ 29.99 Extra Long Fatigue Shorts Available In 7 Colors $ 21.49 Folding Shovel G.I.Type Folding Shovel $ 6.49 G.I. Plastic Canteens Available In Olive Drab, Black Or Coyote Brown $ 3.29 G.I. Style Jungle Boots Available In Olive Drab Or Black. $ 26.99 Jungle Hammocks Elevated Shelter, Coated Roof, Heavy Cotton Canvas Floor, Colors: Woodland Camo Or Olive Drab $ 48.49 Khaki B.D.U.'s Polyester/Cotton Twill, Pants Or Shirt $ 24.99 Khaki Flightsuit Front Zipper, Leg Zippers, 10 pockets $ 36.49 Kids B.D.U. Pants Available In City Camo Or Black $ 14.99 Kids Flightsuits Available In Olive Drab, Black, Woodland Camo Or Army Digital Camo $ 33.49 Kids Violet Camo T-Shirt Polyester/Cotton $ 6.49 Military Adjustable Fatigue Caps Available In Woodland Camo, Black, Olive Drab Or Army Digital Camo $ 5.29 Military Jungle Hats Available In 10 Camo & 3 Solid Colors $ 7.49 Military Physical Training T-Shirts Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Colors; Grey Or Olive Drab $ 7.49 Military Physical Training Tank Tops Army Or Marines $ 7.49 Navy Blue B.D.U.'s Polyester/Cotton Twill, Pants Or Shirt. $ 24.99 Parachute Cargo Bags Available In Olive Drab, Black, Navy Blue Or Coyote Brown $ 19.99 Pink Camouflage T-Shirt Sizes XSmall To 4XL $ 7.49 Public Safety T-Shirts Police, Security, Sheriff, SWAT, EMT $ 7.99 Safari Outback Vests Available In Khaki, Olive Drab Or Black $ 49.99 Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarfs Available In 8 Colors $ 9.99 Short Sleeve Uniform Shirts Available In Khaki, Navy Blue, Light Blue, White Or Grey $ 24.49 Side Zipper Duffle Bags Heavyweight Cotton Canvas, 3 Sizes, Colors: Olive Drab Or Black. $ 20.99 Travel Vests Available In Khaki, Olive Drab Or Black $ 34.99 Vintage Cargo Shorts Available In 5 Camo & 3 Solid Colors $ 26.49 Vintage Woodland Camo T-Shirt Sizes XSmall To 3XL $ 8.99 Womens Fatigue Caps Available In Pink Camo, Woodland Camo, Black Or Pink $ 5.49 Womens Pink Camo Raglin T-Shirt Cotton/Polyester $ 7.49 Womens Vintage Fatigues Available In Stone, Olive Drab, Black Or Brown $ 29.49 Woodland Camo B.D.U.'s Polyester/Cotton Twill, Pants Or Shirt. $ 24.99 Woodland Camo T-Shirt, Made In USA Sizes Small To 3XL $ 7.99
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No fuckin way (1 year ago)
Army print t-shirt at reasonable price bit.ly/2jm0uRj
Its not important but the jacket at 2:40 is a pregnancy blouse lol, the button tabs on your hips are so as the lady in the military gets bigger from pregnancy she can open up the blouse more.
I got to this video from looking up actual M65 military jackets.... I have come to far. -_-
genesiscorrea1 (5 years ago)
Patricia (5 years ago)
Favorite candy is Nimm2. :) thank you
Mitra Limbu (5 months ago)
Hi I want
Jezreel Delgado. D (5 years ago)
Willy wonka rope :)
FadooNikku (5 years ago)
Sydney Sullivan (6 years ago)
My favorite candy is Kit Kats by the way :)
Sydney Sullivan (6 years ago)
Love your style! Gained a subbie :)

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