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Awesome funny story to memorize electrochemical series

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Text Comments (336)
Moni Bhan (1 day ago)
This is soooooo much helpful sir......thanku so much
Saloni Goyal (2 days ago)
Geet Negi (3 days ago)
very nice video sir
anu yadav (7 days ago)
wow sir nice story
Rachit Kothari (8 days ago)
vaishali kadam (10 days ago)
superb man
Rishabh Pathak (17 days ago)
It was really so funny as well creative. Thank you so much sir it will definitely helps me so much .
Mayank kumar gupta (23 days ago)
Very Helpful ... Ty;)
Kunnu Sharma (24 days ago)
Mst sir
kartik 8.10.01 (27 days ago)
Anshu Saini (29 days ago)
It's very useful...I need that.... Thanks sir
Adarsh Singh (1 month ago)
😀😀😀kamal h...very funny trick... thanks
ARYAN SINGH (1 month ago)
Wow ...sir ...mast !!!
Mohd Aamir (1 month ago)
Wah sir kya mind h
Jaspreet Singh (1 month ago)
Sardar ni sardar ji
kalyan vanapalli (1 month ago)
mangalo means
raj shekhar (1 month ago)
Awesome trick ....👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 Quit interesting 😊😊😊😊
Anupam singh3151 (1 month ago)
Nahi samaj aaya
Aliza Kamal (1 month ago)
Awsm, mere ko yaad nai ho rha tha but ab ho gya yaad, thank you
Kartik V. (1 month ago)
Sir it helped me a lot to remember the ECS easily please upload its application also
MADHUSMITA SETHI (2 months ago)
Nice trick sir
AkSHAT Chaturvedi (2 months ago)
nice one man
Ayush Tatia (2 months ago)
26percent help kiya
Manisha Sharma (2 months ago)
superb method Sir
pratham grover (2 months ago)
sexiest jokes be like
Farzana Parveen (2 months ago)
Sir such you are genious
Nikhil Pundir (2 months ago)
Thnks a lot.....Sir g
Rakesh Kumar (2 months ago)
Thanks for video😙😍🙂
Sagar Singh (2 months ago)
Sir...I have better trick to remember then u
Ayush Kumar (2 months ago)
Then comment.............
Kavita Gupta (2 months ago)
Aman Rajput (2 months ago)
Haha mast hai, aaj se hi ye try karunga! Thanks 😃
Aqsa Kibria (2 months ago)
thanking u sir....
Bini Kumari (3 months ago)
Amazing technique😃😃
Explore Malaya (3 months ago)
Fantastic ...
Lovely Kumari (3 months ago)
sir it was awsome
Mahendra Yadav (3 months ago)
Amazing sir
nitesh kumarmeena (3 months ago)
But sir, the order of this series is different from that given in ncert book 😯
ashwani kumar (3 months ago)
Catherine catherine (3 months ago)
Tharki sardaar😂😂😂😂
physics chemistry (3 months ago)
Nice method sir
SK Raheman Ahmad (3 months ago)
love u sir ur tricks is awsm
Ayush maurya (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot sir it very help me
ravi vijapure (4 months ago)
ya helped a lot as I told ur jus great thx for ur efforts
tushar kkumar (4 months ago)
Awesome trick thanks a lot
sanat maheshwari (4 months ago)
Good trick
Sarita Khatik (4 months ago)
NC bro
purvesh gayakwad (4 months ago)
Becoz of u many chide can teach very good chemistry
purvesh gayakwad (4 months ago)
U r doing fantastic job
purvesh gayakwad (4 months ago)
So nice sir
s k (4 months ago)
Awesome kamal hai, puri electrochemical series 1 min mai yaad ho gayi
gurination (4 months ago)
Thank you sir such a brilliant trick. https://youtu.be/1huZhy6fHbk
Zeeshan Ali (4 months ago)
Ayush Ranjan (4 months ago)
Mereko toh apna city ke name se hi yad ho gya
Ayush Ranjan (4 months ago)
2:20 aap aurangabad se hai kya
Vishal Jaiswar (4 months ago)
Sir maza aa gaya superb
Vaibhav Giri (5 months ago)
Awesome sir thank you so much
hemwati kumawat (5 months ago)
Prabha Hai kyo AAI New. Simplify
saytyam kumar (5 months ago)
Sir please make a video on electrode potential
Mangalanand Mangal (5 months ago)
saytyam kumar (5 months ago)
Please make a video on electrode potential
shashank Mane (5 months ago)
Its very interesting &useful for me thanks😊 sir👍
SHANTANA KONWAR (5 months ago)
Rajesh kumar routray (5 months ago)
nishant kumar (5 months ago)
Matlab kuch bhii😈😈
Anurag B. (5 months ago)
This was very helpful ... great job! :)
Priyanka Roy (5 months ago)
Sir it was an awesome trick.. Thank you sir
Ravi Kumar (5 months ago)
Thanks for it
RAM PRAKASH (5 months ago)
Amit Saha (5 months ago)
Sir u are best ....
Helly Soni (5 months ago)
Sir it was awesome.... Me and my friend watched it just once and memorized it..... Thanx a lot for help
jainish patel (5 months ago)
Very easy to learn . Thank you sir . 😊
Jasdeep Singh (5 months ago)
It's really osm to remember it
Shristi Sharma (6 months ago)
Mast hai sirji 😄😄😁
Babita Kumari (6 months ago)
Sir this is most helpful for me aap bahut aacha samjhate ho maine aapka chhanel subscribe kiya h thankyou sir
Rudraani M.K (6 months ago)
Thanks sir..
Sufiya Ashiq (6 months ago)
oXm sir...thnku
Archana Salunkhe (6 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣very funny..but really helpful ...thanks sir👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Janhavi khalatkar (6 months ago)
Thank u very much..... Yes party was really very successful.....
M S (6 months ago)
Superb Sir thanks
Ameer Makandar (6 months ago)
U r nice with a story u r teaching chemistry !! So nice of u and this is very useful for him $thank u 👏👏
Jai Prakash Gupta (6 months ago)
Mst awesome 🌟 awesome 🌟
indrajeet deshmukh (6 months ago)
Awesome trick thank you
Gautam Kumar (6 months ago)
Really very helpful...
suyash rajput (6 months ago)
Really helpful
Genuine Tricks (6 months ago)
Gajab hai sir
krithika Goud (6 months ago)
tqsmmmmmmm bro nyc trick funny
Rana Abdullah Tahir (7 months ago)
its in hindi .........its hard to understand............what should i do now
archna mugal (7 months ago)
Avinash Verma (7 months ago)
Mst h sir ji aapka new trick...
ashutosh kumar jha 001 (7 months ago)
what a creativity!! gjb
stella augustian (7 months ago)
Sir if it was in english it would so easy for others not knowing hindi
Sir,apart from ur videos which are no doubt mind blowing..there is one more thing which is commendable about you...that u always give importance to what we say and do reply to our comments which hardly we are able to see on any other online coaching😊
Shalu Saini (7 months ago)
Sir please give some trick to learn E.N values to solve questions in periodic table elements
Abhishek Nayak (7 months ago)
excellent sir upload more and more videos
Abhishek Nayak (7 months ago)
excellent bro
Akshay Pundir (7 months ago)
nice one sir
Learning Point (7 months ago)
Bs ek trick me yad kre puri Electrochemical series Video acchi lge to chanal ko subscribe kre hmare chanal ko
Swaroop Kusumkar (8 months ago)

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