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Body & Soul - Drum & Bass Mix - Panda Mix Show

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Drum and Bass August 2014 Mix Subscribe ➔ http://pda.io/SUBSCRIBE_NOW Download this mix ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbEgj Share ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbC8o | Tweet ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbDZU Prev ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbEgn | Next ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbEgu Follow Body & Soul ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbDJn Follow Mainframe Recordings ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbDZL Panda Mix Show — Episode #178 Panda Drum & Bass — Episode #79 Get this release ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbBBn ✖ Follow Panda ✖ Twitter ➔ http://pda.io/16vhENA SoundCloud ➔ http://pda.ioXz5k8T Podcast ➔ http://pda.io/TZdt4P Facebook ➔ http://pda.io/11JO9Jq Google+ ➔ http://pda.io/118oPa8 Newsletter ➔ http://pda.io/176tXRf ✖ Follow Body & Soul ✖ Twitter ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbDJf Facebook ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbDJn ✖ Follow Mainframe Recordings ✖ Twitter ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbDJv Facebook ➔ http://pda.io/1sJbDZL ✖ Tracklisting ✖ 00:00 - Body&Soul feat. MC Daxta – Just A Story (Mainframe) 02:08 - Body&Soul – Iridiscent (Mainframe) 04:17 - Naked Fish feat. MC Delight – Better Day (Body&Soul Remix) (Mainframe) 06:25 - Optiv & BTK – Tapout (Dispatch) 08:34 - Body&Soul – The Puppets (Mainframe) 10:42 - Body&Soul – Neighborhood (Mainframe) 12:51 - Body&Soul And Fourward – Carnage (Virus) 15:00 - Body&Soul – Chemicalz (Nasca) 17:08 - BTK – Drop It - Optiv & BTK Remix (Dutty) 19:17 - Mindscape & Sleeper Cell – Epidemic (Nasca) 21:25 - Body&Soul – Stir Up (Mainframe) 23:34 - Fourward – Street Knowledge (Audio Porn) 25:42 - Body&Soul – Auto Sequence (Mainframe) 27:51 - Body&Soul – Rebirth (Mainframe) 30:00 - Body&Soul – Thing On A Spring (Mainframe) 32:08 - Body&Soul And Camo&Krooked – The Big Rush (Nasca) 34:17 - Mindscape – Ultrasonik (Mainframe) 36:25 - Body&Soul – Pop Some (Mainframe) 38:34 - Body&Soul – Under The Radar (Mainframe) 40:42 - Body&Soul – Hydraulic (Mainframe) 42:51 - Body&Soul And Defilla – These Side (Mainframe) ✖ Bio ✖ The D&B duo Body & Soul have been dedicated to the dance floor-smashing beats their audience loves them for since their introduction into the scene many years ago. For Body & Soul though the ability to keep crossing musical (and mental) borders, experimenting with different musical genres and throwing in new sounds to create something just a little different from your usual drum and bass anthem is essential. The outfit has become known for their versatile and unprecedented sounds that wow ravers all over the globe and attract new audiences everywhere they go. Since their debut in 2004 Body & Soul have been honing their abilities in creating music that at once both adheres to and subverts the traditional definition of the term ‘Drum & Bass’; a dystopian sound that for all its aggression and energy carries that distinct Body & Soul eccentricity and melody throughout. Having toyed with the idea of an album project for a number of years, the duo are now ready to release their debut long-player Rebirth: the most diverse, free-form and comprehensive exponent of the Body & Soul sound to date. ✖ Be a guest on the show ✖ Tweet me @PandaMixShow or use the form at http://pandamixshow.com/contact ✖ Short link to this video ✖ http://pda.io/1sJbDZP ✖ This video on the website ✖ http://pandamixshow.com/drum-and-bass-mix-2014-body-soul ✖ Tags ✖ drum and bass august 2014 drum and bass drum and bass mix 2014 drum and bass 2014 mix drum and bass mix mix drum and bass mix 2015 drum and bass mix 2016 body & soul body & soul remix body & soul mix mainframe recordings mainframe recordings remix mainframe recordings mix body & soul mix podcast dj mixes remix dance edm body & soul mainframe recordings drum and bass drum and bass mix drum and bass dj drum and bass mixes drum and bass music drum and bass tracks drum and bass podcast drum and bass 2014 drum and bass mix 2014
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Text Comments (18)
Anthony Perez (1 year ago)
I miss these weekly uploads. RIP Panda Mixshow Host....anyone know of any online similar mixshows?
Chris Canberra (10 months ago)
Anthony Perez fuck me too mate im spinnin off me head scrollin thru mixtapes like a fuckin drone, i need me some more fuckin panda mix show broski
Zgierz123 (3 years ago)
Anders Bjarnle (3 years ago)
The "BTK – Drop It - Optiv & BTK Remix" @ 18:30 seems to be a different remix/mashup, does anyone know more about it?
QUE SIGA EL DESORDEN (3 years ago)
soundcloud/rojsick/rojsick-la-tripa ;) esta mierda explota
Linus (3 years ago)
all your downloadlinks are down -.-
CAZP3R M.T.Z (4 years ago)
ill musick ......
Orb (4 years ago)
в целом хуита микс гавно полнейшее не о чем это не кушать настоящий драм это гавно нахуй ебаное, еще один это не драм это хуита
nusense808 (4 years ago)
Solid mix,but yet there's always that one asshole to dislike...
Achoo (4 years ago)
i give 1 like out of 1 really good mix, please continue uploading them.
кайфовый микс .V.
Awesome new mix. :)
ChoKoCoco82 (4 years ago)
11:40 track name?
ChoKoCoco82 (4 years ago)
Just lame...
drperzik (4 years ago)
Darude - sandstorm. ( you might wanna check the desc)
eleve28 (4 years ago)
Amazing mix, best part: first half of the mix. Someone who knows when Iridiscent will be released? I can't find it anywhere sadly... The puppets is an amazing track as well :D
N.D Goeijenbier (4 years ago)
Silvestrs Kante (4 years ago)

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